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  1. Very sad to hear about the death of Butch Trucks, Radfordred, if you would like to hear what the Allman Brothers Band were like, try their album 'Brothers and Sisters', you will find that you have been listening to one of their numbers for years. Duane Allman died in a motorcycle accident, as did Berry Oakley I believe. Gregg Allman suffered what some might consider a worse fate, he married Cher. RIP Butch Trucks.
  2. Hi Smiffy, in the 1989 the Trip was bought by old man Hanson of Hardy and Hanson. His first manager told me that environmental health had visited and had insisted that all of the ancient cobwebs on the galleon were a hazard and must be removed. The manager told the pen pusher about the curse and refused to touch it, whereupon the environmental health officer called for a stool and mounted it. He reached for the galleon, touched it, and fell off the stool and broke his tibia. The perspex case was built round it so that it could be cleaned and moved without it actually being touched. I
  3. We used to have throwing arrows made just as you describe, these gave way to slingshots later in the 50's. these we made from a pair of bootlaces (preferably leather) and the tongue from a boot or shoe, with one of these we could get a stone over a mature tree on the opposite bank of the Trent.


    Ay-up Cranson, welcome to Nottstalgia. Never go to sleep on the pillion of a Vincent Black Shadow.
  5. Zib. Zipser lived on Trent Boulevard, Lady Bay, his son John was my friend in the late 40's and early 50's. Zipser Motors on Radcliffe Road was a Rover dealership, his first showroom was east of the cricket ground near Lady Bay Bridge, he later moved to his second premises closer to, but not quite opposite the cricket ground. There was a Cleveland petrol station opposite the TBI car park, owned by Stan Williamson(?)
  6. The ratting hats were popular among bikers in the early 60's too, Mine was blue and black stripes bought from Flittermans (opposite the Pretty Windows) for 10/6d in '62. Flittermans also sold white sea boot socks for 10/- a pair and ex RAF silk inner gloves, I can't remember how much they were.
  7. I'm relieved that it is not only me that finds the new site unnecessarily difficult to fathom, I don't think I'll bother trying for much longer. It's a shame, I enjoyed reading and contributing to the forums.
  8. When she said 'me duck' it didn't sound quite right.
  9. The guy standing at the back is Allan Lee, still biking and will be at the Skeggy Reunion in August.
  10. Once again BK what you say is essentially correct, but if we are to apply today's moral values to the 1860's, you must agree with me that the North was guilty of horrendous war crimes, particularly Sherman who used murder, arson, rape, theft and mass deportation of civilians as weapons of war. The Lancashire cotton workers had far harder lives than many slaves. This was not because of the altruism of the slaveholders but slaves had monetary value and it was in the interest of the planters to feed, house and treat the illnesses of their 'property'. If a job was dangerous, such as loading or u
  11. Chulla, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer 5 years ago and can tell you that I was told that the abdominal pains I experienced a couple of years later were very unlikely to be related to my cancer as prostate cancer does not spread to liver, stomach etc initially, and that turned out to be the case. A positive attitude is essential and you obviously have that. I hope your treatment is successful mate.
  12. Barrettkeller, once again I agree with your latest post, but I would point out apart that from some New England and Kansas regiments the Northern soldier fought to preserve the union, Following Lincoln's emancipation speech a few months after the battle of Sharpsburg (Antietam), hundreds of northern soldiers of the western armies changed sides or deserted. That speech was a successful attempt to make out that the war was about slavery, this was to embarrass the European governments who were supporting the south. On another point more relevant to the subject of this forum, the Confederate
  13. I agree with most your post barrettkeller. The Confederate government certainly represented the interests of the 'plantocracy' far too much. and this led to many bad decisions, for example refusing to exchange captured Union soldiers who were exslaves, also the refusal to promote the non slaveholding Anglo/Irish immigrant who was the most successful major general in the western theatre and continue with the ineffectual Braxton Bragg and later Hardee. To understand the origins of the war one should read about the Bloody Kansas and the Kansas Nebraska Act, also the antipathy between the North a
  14. I too have studied the War between the States, I call it that because it was not a Civil War as were the English and the Spanish conflicts. They were wars about the system of government the people wished to live under, the American war was more struggle for the independence for the Confederate States. The negro regiments of the North were segregated unlike those who fought for the South where thousands of negros fought alongside the white soldiers. This fact has been suppressed by many historians as it does not fit into the official history that the war was about slavery. Slavery would have
  15. Houses at West Bridgford Grammar were Byron, Musters, Chaworth and Pierrepoint.
  16. Maybe some of the water came from all the comets that crashed into the Earth in the early days of the solar system.
  17. Michael, you are correct in that drugs cause misery and death to millions, heroin, alcohol and tobacco being the main culprits. However, it may interest you to know that there has never been a single death from cannabis overdose, Howard Marks only dealt with cannabis.
  18. Re Sutch, he was quite a character, as well as hanging out with the Mods in the Square, he was a regular with the Rockers at the White Hart in the mid '60's. He had a spell with the Hippies, spending a summer (1966?) sleeping in the sandhills at Skeggy. Later he was lead singer with 'Mothers Ruin', a rock band with White Hart connections. Does anyone know what became of him? I would imagine he would be successful in whatever he chose to do. Another character was Dave Staples, a member of the Aces motor cycle club and a regular at the Toreador in the early 60's. He was a fine dancer, winni
  19. Apologies for being pedantic, but to describe this parasite as Romanian is insulting to Romanians, he is a Roma.
  20. I was given a pedometer from the physio at the local hospital following a triple by-pass at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary earlier this year, I didn't use it at first, but reading this forum has done the trick and I am now a convert. As Babs and Ashley know, my walking was a little laboured at the Skegness Rockers Reunion this year. Now I am walking better I have decided to start using it. Yesterday I did 4100, not very much, but about half of it included carrying a telescope and tripod in a force seven wind, (it's the bird migration season up here in Shetland).
  21. OLDACE

    Denis Healey

    I totally agree with you Chulla, not only did Healey cancel the world beating TSR2, but he ordered all the drawings and jigs destroyed. He was a regular attendee at Bilderberg Group meetings.
  22. There was an Indian restaurant on Arkwright Street, left hand side going towards town, called the Oriental, opened in 1961 or 62. It had an illegal casino upstairs, I once had a very nice win up there (strip deck 5 card stud).
  23. A group of us bikers from the White Hart went to Knebworth in 1975, Floyd were out of this world.
  24. It's a 1950's BSA A10 or A7 most probably a DA10 from 1958. The deep valenced rear guards were discontinued in 1959 I believe.