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  1. No I think it must be him! :) His sister is Patricia..well as for what I remember! :) Heuuu In fact it's MERRETT from

  2. Hi marzipan Iknew a Stephen Merrit I think his sister was Patricia they lived on Deabill street over the bottom crossing down Victoria road but as the houses down there were very hold people were gradually moving away if not there were other merrit families in Netherfield could be his relations

  3. Hi there!

    Mu hub was born in 1950's, he went to Chandos Boy School though, and I think he lived in Burton road...perhaps you ever met!! Family name Merrett, has a sister..

  4. its the best also won fish shop of the year in 2008 lived off oxclose lane fore 32years and used it regularly when working at b/q in daybrook square
  5. try the gedling forum or the robinhood news were going when i left arnold in 2009 for south africa
  6. me too used to baby sit for ronnie haslams sister molly on gedling pit estate in the early 60s
  7. a newbi may 2010 60 ish netherfield born then moved to arnold female ashwell st and carlton girls school educated

  8. aint quite got the hang of this yet not sure if i am doing it right what do you mean luk at your gender as yet although i am on not sure how i got there
  9. sorry about the slip we did a tour of canadian rockies i would say a part from south africa and malta one of the best holiday amazing scenery
  10. my husband roy parnham went there from school 1959 and was still there until his retirement in 2008 then we left uk in feb 2009 to come and live in south africa he would probably known your dad send me his name
  11. the mick mehew mentioned was married to a janet they had 2 children think girls, micks dad was john mehew big notts county people always doing sponsers and fund raisers jackie bells was johns pub they ran it together
  12. settled down well have great neighbours and cant beat the weather autumn now its 30 degrees most days my sister jean is visiting at the moment here for 6 weeksshe is enjoying it are going to uk in september for a visit and then on to malta another of our favorite places it was great to see that photo our mother was not one for saving photos so dont have any from school days am sure you would remember david russon who lived on cooper st he was my husband best man at our wedding 42 years ago still in touch with a few netherfield people by email alan moore graham crowe and dick slattery they all
  13. it was a great place to live me and my sisters went on the methodist chapel anniversary and was sad to see it close about 2007 and spent most of our chilhood in the fields and fishing in the gravel ponds and on what was called muckhills were morrisons was built and lnw terrace was there and i lived there after i was married in 1968 until i moved to arnold in 1976 we enjoyed our life there dispite the summer smell which if you go for a walk now you can still smell the maggot factory on a hot day the viaduct bridge is now filled in with concrete so you cant get but my brother and all his mates
  14. miss placket was head mistress when i went 1956 c stream miss goodrich who became mrs bancroft when she left we had miss howarth who became mrs taylor she was our form teacher for the rest of our school years
  15. lived in netherfield as child and again after marraige left 34 years ago to live in arnold until 18months ago when my husband and i came to south africa for our retirement my husband was a skipton circus sneinton parnham and worked at trent concrete at colwick for 50 years i went to ashwell street infants and juniors and carlton girls school station road carlton and worked at the maypole shops