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  1. Hello am back again.. sorry I havent been on here for abit but briefly to grab the ancestry info u put in for me. Thank you. ... but my research still goes on! Tony
  2. Hello I have been in touch with them and they replied and they do have some info of interest.. so will follow it through! Tony
  3. oh I am 100% sure they were not sent.. I have the shipping records ! Is that court house still there? bet the dungeon have some stories to tell!!
  4. Hello Babs thats interesting stuff... the time frame I am in is 1803 - 1818 , My ancestor was a Cordwainer in Drury Hill. They may have known each other .. who knows!!! Thanks Tony
  5. Thanks for that! It was His Father who is James was born in Notts in 1810 and his Grandfather also James!! worked in Drury Hill. this is one of these hard to get info!!
  6. Hello I have ancestors who lived in Count street of Nottingham .. I found out was in the Slum district.. I am wondering did they have schooling or any form of education? Cheers Tony Australia
  7. How'd u be! lol I have sent out a request for some records if available of my ancestor who was there..if I find any thing in there looks bad I know who to come back to!!!! lol Actually 3 family members of the next generation did come to Australia for better life .
  8. Hello..

    I am interested in the History of Drury Hill and Count street as its where my ancester Lived and worked and jailed!

  9. Crumbs!! I hope my ancester wasnt this extreme with a young family!!!
  10. Thats not a problem ..I am open to suggestions!! What local knowledge do you have ?
  11. Hello Listers I have a Death certificate of Mary Ann RETCHFORD died 1839 at 36yrs old, at the Union Work House in the Parish of St Mary. She died with Inflamation of the Lungs, A Barnett was the Master of this place of this time period. Can any one tell me where she could have been buried and is the any info available of this place and any paper trail of her time there etc? ANYTHING!!! Thank u! Tony Australia
  12. Hello Listers I have a Death certificate of a lady ( I think is related to be confirmed) Ann RETCHFORD died in 28 May 1843, On the certificate This Lunatic Asylum was in the Registration District of RADFORD in the Sub district of Snenton. Thomas POWELL was the occupier of this place. Can anyone help out on any info that maybe available on her and the Asylum. Thank you ! Tony
  13. Hello Thanks for the welcome!! No I am not a member of
  14. Hello and wow!! great pics and info! and ugh what a terrible condition to be living in .. how ever its gives us an insight of the lifestyle they had...
  15. People whose ancestors come from this area of Nottingham should consider how lucky they are to be here at all.If just one of these deaths was in your family, yourGreat Grandparents, Grandparents,Parents and yourselves might never have been...The odds were stacked against you. I have one child who died .. I suspect couple others did to be I cannot find anything...My ancester James Retchford who died in Birmingham in 1848 71yrs, his cause of death was living in that area would have taken its toll big time. his son who was born there 1810 died 1847 in Reditch.. he had Consu