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  1. If you'd like the complete history on this subject, let me know

  2. During the 1970s The Cadland became famous for the Christmas parties held in Chilwell, Long Eaton and surrounding areas, due to the ever increasing numbers that wanted to attend. Dick & Tony Widdowson Lenny Stevenson Roy Foulger Alan Richards Louis Francis Cliff Harvey Ben Alan Frank Kim Terri Fisher Carol Catherine Greasley and so many others. These parties grew in size year after year and bigger venues were needed to accomodate all who wished to play. I always fancied BARBARA YOUNG from Long Eaton/Sawley, wha
  3. Cecil Gee, if you were invited (or gatecrashed) always gave the best Christmas parties in town, staring the legendary Cadland lads,friends and staff the parties became legend. Fantastic memories....