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  1. Paulus, I looked on your profile but couldn't find an actual address, so I just used the link to send you a message. Not sure if it worked though. I do hope to hear from you though, really interested in learning a little more about my Granddads time in the desert and beyond. Phil :-) !!
  2. Mick, yes I am, lived all over Nottingham as a kid, Gedling, Arnold, Mansfield, City Centre. Left at 17 though and joined up, still in (19 years later). Will probably never live in Notts again as we've bought elsewhere, but still have family there.
  3. Paulus, my Grandfather was also a Gnr with the SNH, captured at Knightsbridge. I imagine that they spent some time together in the camp in Italy? I would love sight of the book to see if my Grandfather (Ched Turner) is mentioned. I know from other veterans that he took his squeezebox to war with him, and put on weekly shows in the camp for the other POW's. Drop me an e-mail on ************************ Cheers, Phil