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  1. Yes I do feel as if I've had enough sleep. I have even tried going to bed late, staying up reading or if there is a good film on watching that to the end and then going, its no good, I'm awake again after the four hours are up. I was over emphasising on the vacuuming and dusting part. Sue x
  2. cor you can send Albert round, but then again hubby wouldn't like it. Sue x
  3. Does anybody else suffer insomnia as bad as I do? Was wide awake again early today. Is it that my body clock is faulty, maybe new batteries are called for? I’ve tried all the propriatry branded night time drinks but they don’t help any, all they do is make me put on weight. Anywhere between three to five hours is all I need and then I’m buzzing about the house vacuuming, dusting and washing any dirty pots that we were idle enough to leave at supper. Since knocking the night time malty drinks on the head we have started to have the odd glass of wine, but even that dosen’t exstend the perio
  4. Has you say you might as well turn radio on because apart from CSI, NCIS, the Mentalist and Numbers there’s nothing else worth watching. But I feel I must pull you up here Ashley, those people who do the signing for the deaf and dump aren’t deaf or dumb themselves, they are very highly trained people with many years exsperiance in that particular field. You might find if you re-read the manual there should be a button to press that will take the comentry off. sue x
  5. Broxtowe is my council not where I live Owdtite luv... I've explained in a previous post that I refer to my partner as Hubby. The habit of calling my partner 'Hubby' is something that’s been engrained into my subconscious and is now a normal response whenever I’m asked am I married. I didn’t petition for divorce he did, he saw in a younger version of me something of his mother. If photo is necessary to prove my identity then I will post one when I have learnt to do so but until then you will have to be patient Owdtite and while away the hours/days/weeks/months/years/decades by counting t
  6. I wouldn’t say I was brave but thanks for the compliment. The sting I received was painful and unexspected but that wasn’t the only time I’ve been stung. I sat on one once, who can blame the creature for retaliating. Nobody likes being stung least of all me, my philosophy is, if you don’t bother them they won’t bother you. But there’s always the exception to that rule isn’t there? We were at a birthday party the other Sunday, if you recall it was warm and sunny here, it was decided to hold the celibrations out of doors in the apple orchard, big mistake, as the afternoon meandered by the w
  7. The above has been done or should I say the holes in the airbricks have had paper pushed in so as they cant enter or escape. The nest is below the floor joists ground level.. Sue x
  8. Well what a coincidence, two people who went to the same school as I in roughly the same time frame too 62/65. Yes the deputy head was a Mr Horton and he was, like Bip recalls responsible for dishing out punishment. what happened to Bip? I would love to have a word with him. Nottstalgia isn't what its all about. Sue x
  9. Read on the internet today that there could be 30,000 wasps in our nest, wondering how many vacuum bags full would that be. Hubby been out vacuuming again today, the other evening I came home, past the air brick where they are entering, felt something crawling on my lower leg, went to brush whatever it was off and got stung. not a nice experience I can tell you. Sue x
  10. I believe too he was a member of the TA, worked his way up from being a cadet to gunnery sergeant but that’s about it, we lost touch many many years ago. Not sure about the connection to the hair dressing side of things but there could have been one, might explain why his hair was always perfect. Sue x
  11. Simple salution to problem, turn sheet around and tape to side of chimney breast. sue x
  12. Is that an actual place name Rog? if so i shall send him off with vacuum, will he need an electric extension lead and if so how long will it need to be. Sue x
  13. Very near Christmas for several years I would nip to Redfern’s factory on Highbury vale to stock up on pop and the like, I knew a lad who’s uncle owned or he might had known the owner of said establishment, anyway, it was a long time ago now and my recollection skills are fading with age. It’s a long shot but I’m wondering is this lad still living in Nottingham, the last I heard he was married, no children and living on Hemseldale estate his name is Alan Croome. Sue x
  14. I too remember the smell so vividly but it wasn’t the smell so much that made your mouth water it was as the vinegar hit the hot chips that made your eyes water.. Sue x