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    Help needed on grave at Nottingham Church Cemetery

    A few years ago I was after similar information (location of grave numbers in General Cemetery) and I got it from the Local Studies section of the Central Library on Angel Row. They have various old maps and plans showing the locations of the numbers; obviously you can't take them with you, but I took a few photos of the relevant part of the maps.
  2. Cliff Ton

    How's your day?

    Ever considered the possibility that you are allergic to Nottstalgia ?
  3. I'm not sure what this says about current priorities.... This version of Carlton Police Station was only built in the early 90s, but it's already closed down and being converted to apartments. Presumably not enough crime in the area to make it pay.
  4. Cliff Ton

    Top Gear

    In the Clarkson days, Top Gear had by far the largest audience of any programme on BBC2 - in the region of 5-6 million, when any other BBC2 programme would be pleased to get 2 million. And as Brew mentioned, those programmes also generate a massive amount of income for the BBC through licensing deals, programme sales, and merchandising. Top Gear back then was one of the few programmes which put a lot more money back into the BBC than it ever cost to make.
  5. Ruth's link goes to a photo on ebay of a paraffin/oil heater. That's a subject which crops up often in this old thread about outside toilets (which may also be relevant to some schools).
  6. Cliff Ton

    watson fothergill office

    The temporary red barriers have now become solid looking lumps of concrete, and no doubt all lorry drivers will pay attention to the new warning sign.
  7. Cliff Ton

    How's your day?

    Send my regards to your dad....but as I'm sure I've mentioned before it makes me feel very old because I remember your dad as a very young boy (baby even) who lived in the house at the back of us on Clifton.
  8. Cliff Ton

    Nottingham Population 2019

    I think Michael posted this in the wrong thread. It should have been in "A place for all your jokes".
  9. Cliff Ton

    Cotgrave Colliery

    Welcome Cotgrave girl. Dave Spence posted that message in June 2015 and only ever returned to the site for a few days after that, so you probably won't get a reply to your question. But there's a chance that someone else (who isn't Dave Spence) might know something, so don't give up hope.
  10. Cliff Ton


    Maybe I'm Epic.
  11. Cliff Ton

    Who uses

    Does that mean you have to be a paid-up member of Ancestry ?
  12. Cliff Ton

    My Bike rides

    That's interesting because at the moment on the two vintage bike posts, I'm seeing this.
  13. Cliff Ton

    Who uses

    When you get the results back from Ancestry, what exactly do you get ? Without knowing anything about it, I always assumed it would be a bit generalised and not all that useful for taking things any further.
  14. Cliff Ton

    My Bike rides

    Me too. It's that Compo problem which has happened before.
  15. Cliff Ton


    Honestly, the only one I got from Google was Sophistic. It was either that or Pythagoreanism.
  16. Was The New Inn the one which was across the road from Bristol Street Motors (Citroen) at the time ? It's now this and Bristol Street have become Lidl.
  17. Cliff Ton


    I've been accused of many things during my life, but that's the first time I've been called a Greek Philosopher. Now I'm worried whether I might be Stoic, Platonic, Cynic, Sophistic or Epicurean.
  18. Cliff Ton

    Talbot Street

    For anyone who hasn't been in the area recently, the part of Wollaton Street - where it adjoins Talbot Street - has changed. It used to look like this... And currently looks like this...
  19. Cliff Ton


    I agree, but it's always been the case that young people think they know it all anyway, so don't need to learn. It's only when you get older that you begin to realise there are - and were - things to learn
  20. Cliff Ton

    How's your day?

    I've just seen photos from someone who has been in Edinburgh for the last few days. Sunny with clear blue skies.
  21. Cliff Ton

    Car Number Plates

    There are quite a few like that in Nottingham. It helps to avoid detection by cameras. You'll see the actual plate inside the car resting on top of the dash. No doubt the owners will say that "It just fell off and I haven't had time to put it back yet" even though it will have been like that for several weeks.
  22. Cliff Ton

    Alfred Street Central

    You'll probably find the answer here (although the name Providence isn't mentioned) but the place you're remembering may have been called summat else.
  23. Cliff Ton

    Vanished shops

    A few surprises here - Stores which have gone out of business in recent years. Some of these I knew no longer existed, but others I hadn't missed. And Nottingham had several of them all.
  24. Cliff Ton

    Vanished shops

    This is the 1960s, so almost the same thing.
  25. We haven't seen that greeting very much recently carni. We can recognise your posts without even looking at the avatar on the left.