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  1. On the subject of Booker T & The MGs, guitarist Steve Cropper has changed somewhat over the years. Two photos of the same person.
  2. Getting rid of a few surplus high-earners.
  3. I bought Soul Limbo as a single when it was first released - before it was adopted for cricket purposes - and I still like it today. But I always thought Time is Tight was dull and boring.
  4. I don't understand the technicalities of it at all, but it looks impressive whatever it is.
  5. Just when I was getting used to the new type of weather, I've had to dig out clothes which I thought I wouldn't see again for a few months.
  6. Big excitement yesterday. I drove my car through a car wash; first time I've done that for at least 25-30 years.
  7. It produces the FB message saying that it can only be seen by certain people - those who may be friends of the person who originally posted it. It can't be copied around to anyone and everyone.
  8. That's rather a condescending attitude towards others; and also a very politically-biased statement. (And I'm definitely no great supporter of the current Tory Government). Some people - although not me - would say that those 'Tory machinations' are exactly what the country needs at the moment. They fully understand what is being said.
  9. I don't see any point in getting worried. You can find whatever you want to find if you think it's there, and you go looking for it. It depends on your political/social views; something which worries one person is the sensible, obvious solution to someone else.
  10. I've learned something new today. I also remember 'All things bright....' from school days, and remember seeing that the writer was Mrs C.F. Alexander. But fully spelt out, she was Cecil Frances Alexander. I never knew that Cecil could be used as a female name.
  11. Slightly awkward to locate that today. Haydn Court - on the right - is 286 Hucknall Rd; and Townsend Court - on the left - is 294.
  12. I knew the song really well, straight away, but realised I couldn't name the singer. I've never heard of Jerry Keller. Obviously a one-hit wonder.
  13. I had one of those as well. I thought it was really cool, and used to pretend it was like a throttle on a motorbike.
  14. It reminded me of this Monty Python sketch.
  15. Were you banned from the FB Group (ie. Admins for the Group) or by Facebook - the corporate thing ?
  16. The prices certainly seem more sensible and realistic compared with what they previously wanted. The ultimate problem is still that the name of the place doesn't match what people expect to see.
  17. I've just clicked on it and it worked for me. Have another go !
  18. It's finally re-opening, at slightly sensible prices.
  19. In a strange coincidence, I'm reading Nonna's post during the warmest, sunniest day we've had in Nottingham so far this year. And I also see that another consequence of the Italian floods is that the F1 Grand Prix has been cancelled because of the conditions in the area.
  20. Ben hasn't posted for a while but he's been logging in here (and on FB) so he's probably just busy chatting up a few ladies. Albert Smith, on the other hand, hasn't logged in here since January, which is concerning.
  21. The only car lock I ever had - many years ago - was one of these....which clamped over the handbrake and gear lever.
  22. It's also surprising that the Lost Pubs website doesn't even mention the New Town Inn at St Ann's. ...although it does mention the version at Bulwell.
  23. To complicate matters, there was also a New Town Inn at Bulwell.
  24. I don't know anything about it, but the New Town Inn seems to have been on the corner of Northumberland Street/Great Freeman Street.
  25. Re: the first photo. A feature of school photos from that era (it definitely applies to Clifton) is that there's usually at least one boy wearing a bow tie.