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  1. You missed a business trick there. You could've been the person who started Subway.
  2. I dropped in to the Lidl at the bottom of Carlton Road about 6.30pm yesterday evening. Surprisingly few people; no queues; everything seemed to be available - no massive gaps on shelves; they even had plenty of "reduced-because-it's-today's-date" offers. I think the panic-buying madness is over.
  3. Look at the posts from October/November 2018 earlier in this thread.
  4. If it was round the corner, it must be on here. This is looking up Pilcher Gate; The Windmill is the white building on the far right.
  5. Was the shop actually on Fletcher Gate, or round the corner at the bottom of Pilcher Gate ?
  6. The pub opposite the Cross Keys was The Windmill.
  7. Piling the letters on top on each other like that adds to the confusion of what it might be. Should it be read N A I or is it perhaps N I A. And the N might stand for National.
  8. A lot of photos on this site have disappeared for various reasons. Can you confirm which Robin Hood garage you're referring to ?
  9. Feeding the ducks whilst in self-isolation. (Not mine - I borrowed it)
  10. Russ Abbott can still be seen on 'Drama' in the later episodes of Last of the Summer Wine (weekdays at 7.20pm). By that time the series was on its last legs, but he was one of the better things in it.
  11. A bit more to read on the subject from the St Anns website.
  12. Welcome GrahamR. Meakmogs (who started this thread) hasn't logged in here since the end of November last year, so they may not see your reply....unless they come back here at some time in the future. However there are other people here who may be able to answer your question.
  13. I remember reading about the same thing after 9/11. There are also images showing how much pollution has dropped over China in the last few weeks.
  14. Another view of the positive side of things...... We've had a spell of really nice weather the last few days and I realised that the blue skies were extremely blue and clear...and the reason is because there aren't any planes flying so there are no vapour trails. None of those wiggly white lines across the blue sky; it's all clear uninterrupted blue. That used to be very rare - or almost impossible.
  15. What I meant was "do you have any problems with viewing any other websites...not necessarily posting on them". Does the problem only appear on Nottstalgia ?
  16. I've just been out for a walkabout (not too close to anyone) and the biggest problem I encountered was that it was much warmer than I expected. Overdressed for the occasion.
  17. I think at the moment all the normal rules of everything are suspended
  18. Dark this something which only happens when you are on Nottstalgia ? Do you have problems looking at any other websites or posting anywhere else ?
  19. I'm seeing a lot of these (or variations) posted in the front window of many houses.
  20. I've now fixed the map and it's visible again. It was blurred thanks to the blackmail department of Photobucket.
  21. And thanks to Tim Berners-Lee, the man who invented the internet. It's resulted in people being able to talk to others anywhere in the world for reassurance and advice and hope. If this outbreak had happened 25 years ago, there would be a lot of people feeling rather cut off, left out and not connected with anyone anywhere. Yes, there's fake news and malicious rumour, but at a time like this digital communications have been a big help.
  22. If you want a bit of relief from current events, on BBC4 last night there was a documentary about the programme Ready, Steady, Go....which I suspect quite a few Nottstalgians used to watch back in the 60s. And that was followed by a programme showing excerpts from old episodes of RSG.
  23. And I'll add Roy Hudd who passed away a few days ago which seems to have been missed in amongst all the other news going around.
  24. Back to Albert for just a minute. I've met Albert several times at Nottstalgia events over the years, and if someone showed me that photo without any clues I'd definitely recognise him even 70 years ago. He's changed a bit, but not too much.
  25. Just read on the BBC News website - China has reported no new cases in the last 24 hours. The first time that's happened since it started.