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  1. We didn't live on Bilborough, but my dad also had a motor-bike and sidecar when I was very young.
  2. I found Charles H Staples, born circa 1868 in Codnor. In 1901 census he's living with wife Elizabeth at Ainsworth Terrace in the Meadows. There are also apparently several other members of the same family born around that time. They all end up living in various parts of Nottingham.
  3. Do you know his first name ?
  4. One possible explanation is that they are named after local dignitaries, politicians, businessmen and high-fliers who were well known at the time. 150 years later no-one remembers them.
  5. The NHS have (at least) two different systems which can't talk to each other ?! Why does that not surprise me.
  6. I'm one of the 60 million. I'm pleased for her and she seems a likeable person, but I'm just not interested in tennis.
  7. Apparently more than 9 million people were watching Channel 4 last night.
  8. I was looking where the place is - and it's here..... It's very different to what was there in the early 20th century. The numbering is odd in that location. Quaser Elite is number 22 Cranbrook Street. But the houses on the other side of the road are also even numbers, 32 - 38.
  9. My previous car - Toyota - had Stop-Start (but not an auto). I got used to it after about 15 mins and never gave it another thought, and I never had any technical problems with it.
  10. I liked him when he was at his peak. He was a good, charismatic player. In recent years he's turned into a foul-mouthed moron, and been banned from several places/organisations/tournaments for being a gobby idiot.
  11. It's odd. I know he's well known - and I should have some knowledge of his output - but somehow I've completely missed everything he ever did.
  12. Some interesting scenes on there. It's a pity it's a copy-of-a-copy and someone's cropped the edges; half the captions have disappeared off the edge. There's obviously more than we're seeing.
  13. To me, Zoot Money is a strange case. I remember being aware of the name Zoot Money and his Big Roll Band back in the mid 60s, and his various other activities since then. But I can't name anything he's ever recorded, and I wouldn't recognise him in a photo from any stage in his career.
  14. Emma Raducanu and her parents have lived in the UK since she was 2 years old. That makes her British enough by my standards..
  15. I saw Wishbone Ash at the Albert Hall in 71. We were probably in the same place at the same time.
  16. Do you mean the photo at the top of this thread ? This is it. You can buy a print.
  17. I'd like to add that going back 20 years or so, I was a smoker, but I never did that thing of hanging around outside the doors at work. It just seemed desperate and stupid. And smelly.
  18. That was something which really used to p* me off wherever I was working. If you suggested the person took a 15% wage cut, it didn't go down very well.
  19. Fascinating to see the names of people who worked there.
  20. On the right up here.
  21. Unfortunately Firbeck who made that post in 2009 is no longer with us, so you won't get a reply. However, that photo and many others can be found via an internet search of Black Boy Nottingham.
  22. As far as I can see, the only expense many GPs are incurring these days is that their phone bill may have increased. Most of them no longer see patients in person, but ring them during the day.
  23. It's here.
  24. It's not just Ben........we now have another Nottstalgian who has a past connection with ladies, and they all come back to find him many years later.