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  1. I can't answer Trogg's question, but thanks to him for reviving this thread. As a result of this, I've repaired the original photo which started the thread back in 2011. It had been blurred by the Photobucket Blackmail Dept.
  2. Ben, there's an old Dreaming thread which you could revive.........
  3. A dark sucker sounds like something you'd buy from the ice cream man when I was younger.
  4. I believe so. I drove past it quite often in its later days and wondered where its customers came from because there wasn't much housing left in the surrounding area.
  5. I will eat almost anything in the category of cakes, chocolate, biscuits, etc etc, but I've never been able to get on with liquorice. One of the few limits I have.
  6. If ever you need a new avatar Ben.........
  7. ....and threads titled 'Broad Marsh' and 'Broad Marsh Centre' could have very different content and not be interchangeable. One thread covering everything could get very crowded and difficult to navigate through.
  8. I guess electric vehicles may get more privileges and different treatment, to encourage people away from petrol/diesel. On the Colwick Loop Road, there are bus lanes which can also be used by electric vehicles.
  9. I've just been watching an episode of a series that falls into the category of 'So bad it's good'. It's called 'Colonel March of Scotland Yard' made in the mid 1950s. The title character is played by Boris Karloff wearing an eye patch, and he's head of Scotland Yard's 'Department of Queer Complaints'. Imagine using a name like that today. The acting is basic, and the script and the plot are hilariously simple. An amusing way to pass half an hour at 2pm on a week day.
  10. I was wondering the same thing. So far, the OP hasn't been back here since she posted the original message, so hasn't seen any of the comments. The other information we don't know is what era is she referring to ? eg 1940s, 50s, 60s ?
  11. Beekay, ask her if she wants to come to the next Meet-up. Tell her Ben will be there, and she'll be definitely be up for it.
  12. This is just pre-war, and there's no sign of anything to come later. The white square is where the huts would be, and the circle where the round shapes would be.
  13. Despite the title of the thread, so far we haven't seen the pub which gave its name to the team. Surprisingly, it seems to still be there.
  14. I hated 'Where do you go to' at the time it came out and I still can't stand it. But its predecessor - which not many people ever heard - is brilliant.
  15. I wasn't sure what car it was until I checked on the MOT site and it's apparently a Corsa. Also described as 'Blue'.
  16. Everyone has different opinions. For instance......I genuinely liked all the singles from Dave Dee & Co, especially Zabadak. They may have been manufactured, but the songs and the production were perfect examples of what a pop single should be. And look at the lyrics for 'Bend it'. It's amazing the BBC never banned it, especially when they could get worked up over something like 'Day in the life'.
  17. Does he have the front plate behind the windscreen, lying across the top of the dashboard ? That's where a lot of them put it, so they can say "it fell off and I haven't had time to put it back yet".
  18. I got the diary from the library a few days ago. I'll let you know if it fascinates me as well.
  19. 'Those were the days' is based on a traditional Russian folk song, and a version of it in that style appears in a 1953 film with Alastair Sim.
  20. I've always thought Elenore is one of the best song lyrics ever. It's irony; sarcasm; sending up the whole "I love you, you love me" syndrome. Probably the only pop song which includes the words et cetera. The next verse is "I really think you're groovy; let's go out to a movie". If that's not tongue in cheek, what is. Not for one moment are they serious. Whereas Pearly Spencer comes across as O-level school boy poetry. (And I've got a compilation CD of David McWilliams material, and he doesn't get any better in his other stuff).
  21. Has that person has ever logged in since they made the post you referred to ? It's the point I've made before about people registering, making one post, and then forgetting what they did or where they did it.
  22. That's my local hospital. I could walk there if I was really desperate, although thankfully I don't have any major problems at the moment. Without being too nosey, did you go as an NHS person or privately ?
  23. I did that a few years ago for a similar situation and got a positive result from the council people.
  24. I don't think Canal Street swallowed up Leenside - more that Leenside changed its name and became the western end of Canal Street. The 'side streets' were the Narrow Marsh area, which was cleared in the 1920s and 30s. The small estate accessed via Shortwood Close was built as a replacement. Cliff Road was always there in some form. Its previous names were Red Lion Street and Narrow Marsh (the road, not the area).