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  1. This might help a bit. It's mid 1950s and you might be able to work out your path through Radford Mill.
  2. This link about the Nottingham Canal was posted by Notty Ash as a general thread, but much of the text and photos refer to the Wollaton section of the canal. I've just finished reading it and learned a lot.
  3. I hadn't considered the possibility of high-mileage foodies
  4. Had a reminder for car service. In the last 12 months I've done 2,000 miles. That's more than I expected, and I suspect a lot of people will have done much less.
  5. Nice to see a post from you carni. You'd been a bit quiet lately, presumably lost for words to comment on Ben's stories.
  6. In the foreground of the photo you can see a row of small shops, one of which is a Maypole. I'll bet Ben knew someone who worked there and tried to go out with her.
  7. ...and the big Gee Dees toy shop towards the bottom end.
  8. I'm not sure how to react to this on ebay. I wonder exactly what you get for your money.
  9. Art is surely just a personal opinion and judgement. Nobody is right or wrong. I like Banksy's material and think he's clever and original, but I don't understand why people will pay millions for Van Gogh or Cezanne or Matisse or Picasso. I don't rate them at all.
  10. Re: shared facilities in Radford. My aunts in Radford didn't have bath or toilet in the house; they only had a toilet in the outside yard which was shared with other residents. No idea what they did for a bath. And I remember the stairs were very steep, accessed via a door in the kitchen which looked like it was just a cupboard.
  11. I’ve absolutely never understood the mentality of Jehovah’s Winesses or any other religious group who go round knocking randomly on people’s doors and expect to be welcomed or listened to. Does anyone have any figures on their success rate ? (if it can even be measured). Has anyone anywhere ever listened to them or given them anything - apart from abuse and blank looks ?
  12. I can remember it in its original (and much more sensible) location. The main advantage of that original position is that as well as seeing it from ground level, it could also be viewed from above, which is probably a better angle. Having said that, in those days I was always underwhelmed by it, because it never did as much as I'd expected it to. I was looking for more dramatic action, bits flying around and zooming off in different directions. The reality was just a few pieces sedately going round in circles.
  13. 6. Bottle Lane was the Queen Elizabeth.
  14. That reminds me of several things. My grandparents moved to Grimston Rd in the late 1930s, so were at least the second occupants. Now you mention it, I remember them having a cupboard with mesh sides in their scullery. We always used the word pantry at Clifton (built early 50s) for the place where food was stored. It was effectively a large cupboard with a stone shelf at waist height for cold items , and then several wooden shelves above.
  15. I think there's a point but I'm not sure what it is.
  16. 5. Dog & Partridge......Original Dog & Partridge.
  17. As the clock is in the Vic Centre, is it ultimately owned by or under the control of intu ? As intu are currently in administration I assume there won't be much happening with the clock - or anything else there - for quite a while.
  18. If you're into old-school technology, a few weeks ago I got a 2021 diary for £1 from The Works. An almost identical item is WHSmith was around £4.
  19. A lot to read there, but certainly worth looking at. Somebody took a lot of time putting that together.
  20. Students again.
  21. The word scullery is interesting. The only person I ever heard use it was my grandma in Radford, and she never used the word kitchen, even when she visited our house at Clifton. When did sculleries disappear ?
  22. On a full-screen desktop, I'm seeing this in the bottom left corner.
  23. I know the layout you mean, and that was always a bedroom at my grandparent's house. It remained 3-bedroomed as built, whereas yours was obviously 'modernised'.
  24. Now you mention it being there......I am seeing it !! Previously I wasn't looking there; when Margie first mentioned it I assumed it was somewhere else (although I''m not sure where).
  25. The only person who I remember doing collar changing was my grandad who lived at Grimston Road, Radford. I was always fascinated by that because I never came across it anywhere else. And to tie in with the other point, in all the time they lived at that house never had a bath or a bathroom. I believe they had a portable tin bath - but I never actually saw it.