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  1. Not the Maze, I know that and it's not the place. I think my mystery Wine Bar wasn't as far up Mansfield Road as that.
  2. I remember a wine bar (but not its name) which was on the lower end of Mansfield Road, approximately opposite the end of Woodborough Road, or a bit further up. It only existed for a few years in the 80s. The entrance was a door at street level, and the rest of the bar was upstairs on the first floor. I didn't like it much, but never liked wine bars anyway. This place isn't mentioned on Moz's website, but it might've been Vino's.
  3. Nice to know you're still here carni. I assumed you were still having problems with your new laptop, which you'd mentioned earlier. Obviously it was something much more serious, but yet again you've beaten it !
  4. Manfield - and others - on Long Row. Seems to have actually been called Manfield & Sons.
  5. I can remember playing on the wasteland before they were built..
  6. This is interesting, and I agree with its opinions.
  7. My memory of them is that they were always this two-tone colour; blue and black.
  8. That sounds like it might be somebody making up his own rules and putting things in his pocket !
  9. It isn't even mentioned on Moz's site about the history of Nottingham pubs and clubs.
  10. Never heard of Erics before. Who/what/where were they ?
  11. I remember the name, and maybe even went in it. But I can't remember its location, and it doesn't appear anywhere on the internet.
  12. In the first lockdown last year, the lack of traffic in roads was the thing I noticed most. The roads have never been that quiet again since. And the other thing is the clear blue skies with no jet trails. In the past, a clear blue sky was a rare thing because it was always full of white lines.
  13. I think there was a shoe shop called Manfield (without an S).
  14. .....although there's no mention of him at all on the Wikipedia page for Paper Lace.
  15. I'm totally the opposite of that. I can't stand the arias and solo singing; massive men or women bawling their heads off in an incomprehensible language..............and yet I like most of the music and choral stuff in operas. The only verbals I like in opera are in Gilbert & Sullivan.
  16. There are very few places to go and buy anyway. As mentioned in another thread, the area south of the Market Square - down Albert Street, Lister Gate, Broad Marsh - is a total ghost town. There are virtually no shops still trading in that part of the city centre. The only area with any life is Vic Centre and the streets near there.
  17. I think it will be best to avoid almost anywhere for a few days; everywhere will be packed and crowded and manic. I'm not going to even think about having my hair cut until at least the following week.
  18. PP last logged in on Tuesday, less than a week ago. Maybe he's just having a break - or can't find anything interesting.
  19. Time to start queueing for tomorrow morning.
  20. I suspect that if Philip could see the coverage he's getting (and maybe he can), he'd be the first to make a sharp, sarcastic comment about it being a waste of time.
  21. The three main channels BBC1, BBC2, and ITV, are all showing endless Phil for the rest of the day. Possibly a bit OTT.
  22. That'll be Chris Ashley. He figures in quite a few threads. I couldn't stand listening to him.
  23. I always quite liked him. He said what he thought and didn't speak like most of the other royals.
  24. The finished item which sits on your plate never looks remotely like the illustration on the packaging, for any product.