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  1. After a gap of several years here's another version of the Central Avenue garage, but this time with Esso petrol. I'd guess mid-70s.
  2. I haven't had Shredded Wheat for many years, but when I had it in my younger days I could only eat it when it was softened in warm milk; I never wanted it crispy and sharp. Which I suppose was totally defeating the whole point of it.
  3. There's a bit about Marsden's in Mansfield here. And a photo which Ben could've been in. And a Marsden's in Mansfield Woodhouse.....
  4. I agree that Homo Sapiens leave a lot to be desired, but that doesn't change my opinion of Canada Geese.
  5. I'm not a fan of Canada Geese; they seem to multiply every week, and they've ruined the footpaths and grass areas along the Embankment. They peck the grass down to the soil, so in many areas there actually isn't any grass. And their droppings completely cover the footpaths along the riverside and it's impossible to walk along there without treading in the mess.
  6. Nice to see a few signs of life. You know things are a bit dull when the highlight of the day is 'Keep One Drop One'.
  7. We seem to be operating on the basis of 'one week on, a few days off'.
  8. Cardiff have appointed a former Forest manager - Sabri Lamouchi. He's their third manager this season, and he lasted around 18 months at Forest. .
  9. I've always thought fishing is on a par with watching grass grow..........but I really like the Mortimer/Whitehouse programme. Their discussion of medical problems is an interesting sideline......especially when I realised they are both several years younger than me.
  10. Going into anorak mode, my previous post was not totally accurate. I thought the photo looked a bit too old for the tram conversion. That photo is from the late 70s when the original central span was demolished for safety reasons, and a replacement section was installed. Then in the early 2000s that replacement was enlarged to accommodate trams.
  11. Never seen that one before. Wilford Toll Bridge being 'converted' to take trams, with the Toll House just visible on the right. That's till there today and operates as a cafe.
  12. What was the 'Sun' item on the left ? Some kind of drink ?
  13. Having read that, I looked out of the window to my left, and there it was - in full view.
  14. Almost all the shops on all the estates look like that these days. I remember those at Clifton when all the units were occupied, and with a deliberate mix of butcher, newsagent, grocer, hardware, etc etc.
  15. I would've been there - when I was old enough to be aware of what was happening - from the early 1960s till 67-68. We visited my grandmother during the school holidays, so it would've been during that time.
  16. The in-shop smell I most remember was the one I experienced in Wealthall's greengrocers on Radford Boulevard/Grimston Road. It now sells used washing machines........ but back in the 60s I went there many times with my grandmother and there was an overwhelming smell of fruit and veg which I've never encountered anywhere else.
  17. @BeekayComing over the bridge towards Clifton (travelling left to right in the photo), just off the right-hand edge of the photo the road curved right towards Clifton; as Stewart C says, there was nothing going to Nottm Knight for another 10- 15 years. The road going under the bridge on the right side is Wilford Lane, which is still there but somewhat realigned. On the map you can see where it joined with the road off the bridge. @MRS BThat would be Landmere Lane which is still there today, albeit a modified version.
  18. I can just about remember the early days of Clifton Bridge. It's now grown beyond anything which could've been expected back in the late 50s; but the bridge in that photo is still there, surrounded by multi-lane multi-level additions.
  19. I assume it's the same kind of thing, but we had a copper in our kitchen in Clifton in the 50s and early 60s. A 3-legged circular grey object which was the early version of a washing machine.
  20. One point immediately struck me about those adverts - Because there were only 3 channels (BBC1, 2, and ITV) there was no need for a remote changer (and probably the technology hadn't been invented yet) . You had to get up and press a button.
  21. We never had a TV at all for many years and that was a bit of a novelty in those days; people couldn't believe that anyone didn't have a telly in their house. When my parents eventually took the plunge, the television sets we had were rented, and I'm sure it came from Rentaset. In fact the first TV we had was a 625-line set with BBC2. That was a big novelty because I didn't know anyone else in our area who had such a thing; everyone else still had a 405-line set with just BBC1 and ITV.
  22. I have a toolbox which belonged to my late father and it contains a large number of odds and sods items which he bought over the years, including most of the items on this page, and I still occasionally use them. I don't know when he bought them but they are probably all older than me, and in good condition like me.
  23. We went for a week's holiday to Margate in 1964 and I have photos to prove it. Not a bad place as far as I remember, although I suspect today it will be rather run down, like many other seaside resorts.
  24. Nice to see normal service has been resumed after the outage a few days ago.