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  1. The death of Jeff Leadley was more recent than I thought; it only happened in 2010. I remember the Fine Cars showroom. And it seems to still be a car dealer.
  2. How did you actually post those images ? You seem to have been using a website called Either you've moved your originals, or Tops have messed up their system.
  3. How come nobody's made a film about your life Ben ? Who would you have to play the title role ?
  4. Looks like that is what's happening. The number of cases in the UK is falling rapidly; down 44% over the last week. Colly is obviously one of them.
  5. I wonder how many other people here will remember you ?! Just checked and your last posts - prior to the return - were Spring 2017.
  6. I'd never heard of them before, but reading their website they seem to be living in extreme cuckoo land. Their naivety is alarming.
  7. Yes, I agree that you remember the name of the product - or service - which is being advertised, whether you like it or not. You can't control what gets stuck in your brain or memory. But that doesn't mean you will like or have any sympathy towards it. As a result of those adverts (whose names I remember) I would not consider donating to any of those organisations..
  8. Not the greatest photo you'll ever see, but this is Maud Street (or part of it).
  9. The people behind those adverts don't seem to understand human nature. The more often viewers see an advert which annoys them, the more they will be against whatever is being advertised. It's counter-productive. I would have been indifferent about giving money for water aid in the Sudan (or whatever), but now I wouldn't even think of it...thanks to their adverts.
  10. I've worked out the angle on the photo. The pub is now a shop.
  11. I think notty ash is correct. Two photos from Picture Nottingham show the same distinctive spire with four mini-spires.
  12. Purely a guess, looking at the buildings in the background, somewhere Radford/Hyson Green/Forest Fields ?
  13. I've was picked up as having high blood pressure several years ago. I was prescribed tablets which fixed the problem and I've never been high again since. It's never been suggested I have any kind of monitor; I just go to my GP once a year for a check-up. and they tell me the figure has stayed reasonable. The tablets seem to work, and I don't vary.
  14. And if you did watch it, you'll have come away smiling.
  15. If you have nothing better to do, the Forest v Arsenal - FA Cup match is on live, free telly (ITV) this afternoon with kick off at just after 5pm.
  16. There's an old thread about Margarine and Butter.....Ben's specialist subject.
  17. I've wondered about that. Is anyone updating the blanks ?
  18. Bear in mind the 1921 Census for the UK is currently only available on Find My Past. They have an exclusive deal with the National Archives. You can't get it through Ancestry.
  19. The clue about it being a fake is in that link. It starts with // That is nothing to do with the genuine NHS site.
  20. If you do the thing of hovering your mouse over the sender, where has it come from ?
  21. I've had email contact with Ben. He's perfectly ok, but has decided to take a short break from Nottstalgia. He assured me he will return before long, and continue where he left off.
  22. I can see he's logged in on FB even as I write this.
  23. I can't stand the way they talk They have an accent unlike anyone else I've ever known. Although everyone in the films on Talking Pictures TV - especially the women - sound very similar to the royals.
  24. You've got through medical things before and come out the other side, so.........
  25. Clifton Grove was - and probably still is - a good place to nearly kill yourself or receive serious injury. Most of the Grove is a very steep bank - almost a cliff face - which kids would climb/fall up and down. And at the bottom of that bank there’s the River Trent. The bottom of the cliff almost goes directly into the river, with nothing to break your fall; and in many locations you can’t see where the ground ends and the water begins.