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  1. That's sounds a bit dramatic Lizzie. Hopefully you'll be back to normal ASAP. And I've learned something new today because I'd never heard of Mohs Surgery until now.
  2. Re: Scooters at Canning Circus.......... Last weekend I saw an arrogant/stupid idiot riding one of those scooters up Derby Road - coming from Lenton towards Canning Circus - on the wrong side of the road, oblivious or ignorant to what he was doing. He's still alive because the traffic was swerving and slowing down to avoid him; he just assumed that everything would get out of his way. That seems to be the attitude of everyone who gets on the things.
  3. Being a consultant is a job for people who aren't very good at whatever it is they talk about. If they were really good they’d get a proper job and earn money from it; but they can’t, so they just talk about it. The same principle is used for musicians. If you’re any good you make records and sell them; if you aren’t any good at that, you become a music journalist.
  4. There are marked 'Parking' areas for the things all over the city. Sometimes the customers leave the scooter in such a place, but often they are just abandoned anywhere. As an example, here's one at Canning Circus, completely empty.
  5. There are several videos of St Annes posted in the Video Section of Nottstalgia....scroll down a bit.
  6. They moved from Willoughby Street area to Grimston Road around 1936-37. That would've coincided with my mum hitting secondary school age. Cottesmore was obviously very close to Willoughby Street so presumably she started there as her nearest 'local'. If they'd moved to Grimston Rd earlier, maybe she would've gone to another school.
  7. No, she went to Douglas Infants & Juniors - living around Willoughby Street, Lenton, in those days. In Secondary years she went to Cottesmore.
  8. My mother grew up on Grimston Rd, and was married in the church down the road.
  9. I know you aren't a member, but this is the kind of subject which Facebook does very well. There are FB Groups for probably every school in Nottingham (past or present), and also FB Groups for specific areas of Nottingham. Thanks to them, I've been in touch with many people who I last had contact with 50+ years ago. And there's always someone who has photos to prove what you looked like back then.
  10. I think I've seen that being used on earlier episodes of 'Wheeler Dealers', although they're obviously working on older cars.
  11. Yes it was them. Lenton Times yet again comes up with the evidence.
  12. Precisely. And if someone doesn't like a post, just ignore it and move on to the next. No need to make a song and dance about it.
  13. Even if we wanted to get rid of it, that can only be done by someone with Admin powers, and they are thin on the ground these days. A Dislike button has always been available in the software, but has never been activated. You can imagine the aggro that would cause.
  14. Imagine the reaction if a shop did that today. The windows would be in, and Human Rights lawyers involved.
  15. And the end result doesn't look too bad; the new is in a reasonably similar style to the old....even if it is full of students.
  16. Only something like 188 days to Christmas.
  17. I know some people find him difficult/unreadable, but I'm a big fan of Dickens. Read them all, several times.
  18. Get the Map/View you want. In the top left, click on the three white dots. Then click on Share or Embed Image. Paste that reference into your post here.
  19. I often do that when I'm watching old films & programmes. It's surprising is how many actors died relatively young. A few I've come across recently...Rupert Davies (Maigret) 60; Alexander Gauge (Friar Tuck in Robin Hood) 46; John Gregson 55;
  20. One of the best things on the box at the moment - Mortimer & Whitehouse gone fishing. Two late-middle-aged men faffing around, talking any old rubbish, and generally doing nothing in particular. It shouldn’t work, but it does.
  21. PDSA again. Not only were they at Dunkirk in the old days, I'd forgotten they're still there now.
  22. I don't remember it, but apparently there was a PDSA in the area. Scroll down a bit..........
  23. I'm not aware of any flyover at Dunkirk before 68-69 - and Lenton Times don't mention it either.
  24. Things have changed a lot on that site in the last 12 months. It's now home to a development of apartments which are almost completed.
  25. It was in this thread PP The conclusion was that there hasn't ever been a lake there; the name must originate from some other reason.