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  1. How often do you walk through Bulwell and people come up and ask 'Are you Rod Stewart ?'
  2. That link doesn't work...and I can't fix it because I'm not sure what it should be.
  3. Despite not having been a Judge shop for many years, the name is still on the wall.
  4. Looking at it again BK, I don't think they're connected to the Nottingham business. Your souvenir shop is called Judges (with an S) whereas the Bakery people never had an S. Seems to be a coincidence of similar names.
  5. Could be various members of a family doing different things, although there's no sign of a link with Nottingham. This is what I found......the bakery side is at Hastings and Tenterden
  6. The building with the scaffolding is the Gaumont Cinema being demolished.
  7. Had a boost this morning. In and out the building in around 3 minutes. Now, you don't even have to sit around for 10 minutes after the event.
  8. Birds are still operating and Judges seem to still be active on the south coast, but I think the others have either closed or been taken over.
  9. Quoting from another thread about Wollaton Street.......... I'd forgotten about Pearts, another vanished name. It seems they were based in Derby, and in the late 90s were taken over by Chaucer Foods, who are also in Derby. No doubt Ben will be along to tell us he once went out with someone from Pearts.
  10. I know where you mean. This shows the stretch of road you're referring to.... You can just see West End Arcade on the right, and the pub on the far left, behind the van (when you use the hover/enlarge feature). And this is the pub today. Now called Vibes, but used to be The Fox.
  11. I always remember that stretch of road because of the Stamp Shop a bit further along on the left....and amazingly there's still a stamp shop there.
  12. There's an old thread dedicated to Talbot Street and that building gets a mention.
  13. Are you sure you've got the right location ? Or was there more than one Lambert House ? The Lambert House which I knew was/is on Talbot Street; it was the place to go for car tax - among other things. The building is still there, but now student-connected. And it would be easy to go from there to the big Co-op.
  14. This is when it was Penny Farthing. It now looks like this; back end of a hotel. Heart of Midlands is now Rock City on Talbot Street.
  15. Do I detect a bit of money grabbing ?
  16. Local connection with QE2. This was the window display by Burtons on Smithy Row for the coronation in 1953.
  17. I can't remember the last time I read a paper newspaper. I used to get through a lot because I had access to them at work. All of my news now comes from websites or TV. But I do read a lot of real books - I can't do novels etc online.
  18. I might even start a new thread............. If the internet didn't exist, what would you be doing now ?
  19. The Mount St burial yard is now approximately under the Casino which fronts onto Maid Marian Way.
  20. If you're in a pub with friends and need to prove a point about something, you can immediately find the answer on your phone. Much easier than taking all your Guinness Books of Records to the pub with you.
  21. If the internet hadn't existed during the various lockdowns, life would've been unbelievably boring and difficult. And I'd miss not having the ability to instantly find the answer to the most obscure question or query.
  22. I wonder if they'll go for Brendan Rogers when he gets the push from Leicester ?
  23. And on the right of those two photos in the background is the same round-ended building on Glasshouse Street which has recently been demolished. It's being replaced by something which appears to be in a similar style - but bigger.
  24. I like egg and chips provided the egg is fairly well done. I can't stand soft, runny eggs.