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  1. In all the years I was buying LPs (and I had 100s), I've just realised for the first time that I never looked to see if there were any record stalls on Vic Centre market. I remember at least a couple on the old Central Market.
  2. I had a vague memory at the back of my mind about the subject of Friesland in Radford. And there was indeed a thread on that topic.
  3. You might've missed my update on my previous post. I think I've found the photos you're referring to.
  4. Pepys got around a bit. I've read a version of his diaries. His reference to the pox indicates how he spent a lot of his time - when his wife wasn't looking.
  5. Can you provide a link - or reference - to those photos. What are they titled on PTP ? Ignore that, I think I've found them. They're actually on PictureNottingham, here...........
  6. If it was Plot 1088, they would probably refer to "the Bobbers Mill end" for anything in the opposite direction from Churchville - not necessarily anywhere actually near Bobbers Mill. @letsavagoo I think I'm correct in remembering that area became the John Player Packing Dept, until Players left the area and the site was then used for housing.
  7. Have you considered the area of land to the west of the church - Plot 1088 on this map ? The lower end of it opens on to Churchville.
  8. People of a certain age will remember Tiswas.
  9. Welcome to Nottstalgia ELitch. I think you're referring to posts made by mikede. He hasn't logged in here since October 2018 so you may not get any response, but if you have any information on the subject of Mapperley Tea Gardens we'd like to hear it.
  10. That may explain the whole problem. In the Somme thread there's a post from Jill S which includes a link to an insecure site (Sherwood Foresters). Your original warning is probably caused by something similar in the Basford/Bulwell section, where there will be an accumulation over the years of dozens of links to insecure sites.
  11. I can't see any obvious reason why the link should refer to that part of Nottstalgia - unless it's just a general warning about Bulwell.
  12. That seems to be the ultimate in contradictions ! Like saying a black box is white. I've looked at Nottstalgia on my main computer (iMac) through three different browsers - Chrome, Firefox, and Safari - and I don't get any warnings. I've also looked at it on my phone - Android with Chrome - and I don't get any warnings. It will be interesting to hear if anyone else gets a similar message. And for reference, this is what you see if a site is not safe.
  13. Which browser and software are you using ? When I look at Nottstalgia I get the padlock symbol indicating that it is HTTPS and safe. The warnings you have received may be the equivalent of people who ring you up to say that your computer needs fixing.
  14. Here. And with colour photos.
  15. It's from Sanderson's '20 miles around Mansfield' published in obviously surveyed a few years before then.
  16. More complicated than I thought ! And I completely don't remember ever posting the Huntingdon Street photo on the other thread. No idea where I got it from.
  17. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think Stuart.C's post and The Pianoman's posts have crossed.
  18. Wait till Ben sees that. Forget the bus, there's a Marsden's in the background.
  19. And hello from someone else as well. I've already posted this in another thread somewhere on this site, but you'll see it's an advert _ probably late 40s - early 50s - for Truman's dealership. The ad says Mansfield Road, but as other Malcolm has mentioned, it was on the corner of the two roads so is probably the same place you mentioned.
  20. Welcome Tony S Lorna Carling (who started this thread) has never logged in here again since June last year, so you may not get a reply....although I hope I'm proved wrong !
  21. Interesting to see a majority of positive opinions about Dyson. It seems to prove the theory that people who post opinions on websites only do so when they have something to complain about. Those who are happy and have nothing to complain about don't bother telling anyone.
  22. For anyone who may not have seen it, there's been a big spike in Leicester and they've been locked down again.
  23. Does anyone have anything good to say about Dyson ? Never owned owt by them, but that's partly because I've never seen any favourable comments on Dyson products. They seem to have a working life of around a couple of years - if you're lucky - then they self-destruct or become unrepairable. Dyson seem to trade on being a fashionable name for people who buy designer labels without considering the real world. All the evidence seems to indicate that the cheaper products by other manufacturers are better.
  24. I think I remember a JJ being there. Hindleys was there for a long time before being Bradleys etc. See pics No.11 & 19 in the NEP link further back. Still an empty space. Used as a private car park for nearby buildings.
  25. The first post in this thread ? (complete with a Photobucket strap across it).