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  1. That same photo is also here...with the additional information that the pub closed in the 1950s.
  2. This one.
  3. Re: the miniature railway on Valley Road near the Five Ways. As with many things, there's an old thread which includes the subject. (scroll down a bit)
  4. There's an old thread on the subject with a lot of photos.
  5. The road bridge over the spur is still there.
  6. I've got into Dad's Army in the last couple of years, it's always being repeated on BBC2. Back at the time, I was aware of it but thought it was 'about old people, for old people'. I now think it's intelligent, clever, and funny. And it hasn't dated through time; it didn't depend on anything fashionable or contemporary.
  7. Re; the railways in that area. There were two lines around Sherwood/Mapperley/Woodthorpe, as well as a few connecting industrial branch-lines. There was the Great Northern Line which went from Nottm Midland out towards Netherfield, then turned up through Gedling, past the Colliery, under the x-roads at Mapperley Top, and ending up at Daybrook. There was also the Suburban Line which went out through Sneinton, past Thorneywood, parallel with Porchester Road, through Woodthorpe Park, and joined the other line at Daybrook.
  8. Same tunnel on the last occasion a passenger train went through it.
  9. It was indeed off Kings Meadow Road. And Pegg Terrace next to it.
  10. The Runner was a decent place in those days. In recent times it's gone sadly quiet; it only opens if there's a band on (not very often) and it seems to be badly advertised anyway.......and that was before lockdown. I remember the name the Jewsons but never saw them. ABK I saw on many occasion at Jaceys (corner of Heathcoat St/Parliament Street). That stopped being a pub many years ago and is still empty.
  11. I can honestly state that I haven't done anything towards fixing things. I have no power/authority to do it, and haven't attempted anything in the last few days. If owt has been done, it was without the knowledge of anyone here....and that wouldn't surprise me. I'm genuinely amazed that it still works at all.
  12. LL, Nice to know you're still there and battling with the technology. There are a number of people whose computer/tablet/phone won't function correctly since the update, and it seems there's no-one around who can solve the problem or do anything about it. If I could I would, but I've given up trying.
  13. I'll second that, trogg. That philosophy has also kept me going on a few occasions over the years. You've had more than your fair share of medical misfortunes, but you're still posting, so keep on with it !
  14. Carni, you and Chris have battled - and come through - more medical conditions than most people will ever see, so I have every confidence that you will be winners yet again.
  15. For anyone who wants to battle their way through the adverts, this is it.
  16. Without giving away any secrets, can you explain what you did to enable your return ? Did you find you were doing something wrong ? The information might be useful in any future cases.
  17. Similar to how I felt with my mum and Parkinson's. In the last couple of years it was like talking to an intelligent 4year old. I couldn't decide if she was happy in her naive innocence, or if she was frustrated at not being able to do what she used to do.
  18. It's all a great mystery to everyone. It seems as though each user has a different set of problems and symptoms, so the answer to one is useless to another. What are you using ? eg phone, laptop, desktop etc At least you are seeing the bell for notifications - that's more than some people ! As for the email thing........ if you can get your avatar top right > click on it > Account Settings > Other Settings...Notification Settings > See if you can make changes there. But I can't guarantee it will work.
  19. Possible explanation is that those houses occupied a large plot of land and they front-and-back onto two roads, so there are several where the 'front' is on Vivian Avenue and the 'back' is on Pelham Road (or vice-versa). I reckon that's the same place I linked here. It faces onto Clinton Avenue and Hamilton Road.
  20. My mother had Parkinson's. I learned a lot about it by watching the way she changed over a number of years. The strange thing is that whilst you - the observer - are seeing her change, it's increasingly difficult to know or see if she realises she is changing.
  21. Well done AlexH. You've resurrected a thread which was 10 years old and I don't think I'd ever noticed it before.
  22. I wonder if there's an enumerator/transcription error there. I can't find any sign of a Hamilton House on Pelham Road, but there is one on Clinton Avenue which is the next one up.
  23. Welcome back Bendigo. You are not the only person with this kind of problem, but unfortunately, there are very few - if any - people who can solve it. Keep watching, but it may be a while before anything happens. Have you tried re-registering under a new name and using a different email address ? It might work (but I can't guarantee it).
  24. Welcome to Nottstsalgia Paul. You've already posted in several threads and I hope you continue in many more. You put your email address in the post above, but I've removed it because it might result in you receiving unwanted communications from all kinds of sources, human or artificial.
  25. I agree it's annoying hearing people start a sentence with 'So', but in the last few months I've seen a lot of examples of people using it in writing. They're typing it out as well. Posting on forums or messages and texts; they all have an unnecessary 'So' at the beginning of them.