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  1. WOOOOW!!! Just what Arnold needs (I dont think) Remember though when I was working as a subby joiner on a new site at Snapewood (Wimpy were building next to us) I worked on my first Aldi in Notts, and shopped there when it was finished and I was very surprised by the quality of their own brand goods at the prices they charged.
  2. Agree with you again Stu, that side of Mansfield road from Byron St. to Oxclose Lane is non existent now that the laundry and white heart has gone, thank goodness Salop St. is still on the map. The other side has not fared much better as only the I. R. Morley building, Home Brewery bulding, almshouses and church have survived. As I have said before I do not know much about Redhill but do remember that we used to refer to arch bridge, can you enlighten us on that?
  3. Just how I remember the Coronation building, even back in the 40s, hey I even had a Hillman Imp once!!! The picture of the derelict houses is very poignant as the one to the right of the rear entry was the home of my friend back then, his dad drove for Be-Ro. Even the oat field was there, minus the fence so little changed over the years up to 1970.
  4. Thanks again Stu, all three names are familiar to me from way back in the 40s, and one of my grandmothers sisters married a Hammond.
  5. Stu, yes remember Ceribos vaguely but not when it first appeared, also that was Worral Avenue and I past it on my way to school and the post office was just down the road. Know nothing about the farm except that it was in the 1800s. Another great mind jogging map Cliff Ton.
  6. Well we are expanding the western side of our corner of the city and a big thanks to banjo48 for starting the topic, hope he is pleased with the result, also Cliff Ton. I mentioned the Roxy so if I cross the road to include The Vale that starts the southernmost boundary of Mansfield Rd. I remember the shops at the corner of St Albans Rd. and the factory behind them, an unimpressive white painted building that was Clamore or something like that I think. I am very much looking forward to Stu taking us to the most northern part of Mansfield Rd. as I do not know much about Redhill even though i
  7. Spot on Stu, the chipy was rather small and there was always a queue as it was so popular, if you had just bag of chips you could always ask for some batter bits as well, Billy Wings motorbike shop was on the corner of Morris St. and I bought my first bike from there (BSA 250cc C11G). Remember Byron St. and the beer-off and the row of shops on Mansfield Rd. that it was part of. Think the National Savings Bank and Starbucks the butchers were there but memory fades on the other four or five. On reflection I remember that the next nearest chippy was on the corner of Sherbrook Rd. in Daybrook Squ
  8. Thanks Cliff Ton I could have been sitting here until new years day and it would not have come back to me!!!! By the way I hope members will not get the wrong idea when they see the rubber works on the map!!! It was Homerton retreads, a large corrugated iron building.Hey the wasteground at the side or it was the place we had our large communial bonfire on the 5th of November, great memories.
  9. Yes Stu that is a good site and I visit it often. Was a pal of one of the drivers at Be-Ro back in the 1950s, they lived on Sallop St. and there was a wood-yard half way up on the right but the old gray matter will not bring back the name of the next street up, the one with the beer-off owned by the Wild gusts (knew the two daughters, youngest my age) perhaps someone will remember it and let me know.
  10. Better late than never!!!! Glad Compo got sorted, nice to know there are good folks here that will help others if they can. Like piggy and babs I too have a scanner, Plustek Optic 7300, bought it in 2008 and use it regularly. Never really been a photographic buff but when I did use a camera I wanted to do it myself so I bought all the kit and developed, enlarged, printed all my films and slides (still have it all), buying B/W and slide film in bulk. Results? Sometimes good, sometimes bad and sometimes indifferent but the fun of doing it was the thing. I even had a cine-camera in th
  11. Hi banjo! I still have mums old Be-Ro book too and remember their factory up near Daybrook station. Apparently they wanted to call themselves Bells Royal when they started but the powers that be would not let them use the word royal, hence Be-Ro but at least they had the by royal approval logo. My mum and dad moved to the old brickyard from Church Drive when the bungalows were built there. Hi!! To Cliff Ton too, must have a look there as I was a Daybrook lad from 1945 till I got married in 1962 and moved to Carlton.
  12. Glad my “two peneth” was well received. Yes Stu I agree with you and I do remember it well and it was an impressive building. Spent a lot of time in the fifties just round the corner in the baths but that is another story that I will post sometime. Sorry about the mistake Babs, in my book though that makes you an honorary resident of owd Arna. Wife and I moved into a new house on the old Robinsons rose nurseries off Westdale Lane and my dad did a stint at Carlton fire station (probably in the 50s).
  13. The prodigal returned to the area of his forefathers in 2005, something to do with elephant graveyards?!! after leaving in 1962 when married and moved to Carlton. We moved to Daybrook, that bit tacked on to Arnold before you get to Sherwood!! from Mapperley when my farther became the retained fireman at the fire station after returning from London where he was posted to help in the “Blitz” I have to say that when I now walk Front Street I could almost cry at the changes since my youth, but I suppose the needs of new generations in Arnold/Nott’s is the reason for this “ so be it” (deep, deep
  14. 55444 and hey! here is a secret, the CO-OP is the only store that I know that gives you cash back for bying ciggies via it's card
  15. Blankley's was a chemists and it was definitely there in the 60s as my future wife worked there before moving to John Lees in hockley (the row of craft shops)