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  1. I useter have the 78 of that. May still have it somewhere in the loft..
  2. Surely no dancing at the Whistle Stop? As I recall upturned milk churns for seats and just a 'basement boozer'.. though to be fair I never went in in the evening.
  3. For a bit there I was convinced that 'Gossip Calypso' was by Lance Percival.. until I reminded myself that it was.. .who had the hit here.. But further research shows that the song was written in 1943 and has been recorded numerous times since. We MUST get this stuff right!!!
  4. Hempshill Lane. Adventure No. 3. 'There's No Fire Without Smoke' (No motocycles, cousins or wellies were harmed in the making of this adventure.) As I've previously described.. There was the old railway bank..and then 'Sankey's Pad' running pretty much alongside it. Between the Pad and the Cemetary on the ridge, was 'Sankey's Tip'. As I recall it was just a lot of piles of sand/clay or whatever. However lying about, were lumps of solid, clay coloured plastic. Typically these were about a foot across and looked exactly like what they were.. plastic which
  5. Nothing I can do about that Margie...
  6. This afternoon. I was listening to stuff by Billie Davis. This was a huge fave down the 360. Didn't chart as well as it should have due to a strike at Decca Records. Not an original as it was earlier done by Louis Jordan, Georgia Gibbs and others. Tell Him. Originally by US group the Exciters. I think this was Billie's first UK hit. Angel of the Morning. Also not an original. But by far my favourite. I reckon it knocks the other major hit versions by Merrilee Rush, Juice Newton and even P.P. Arnold.. into the weeds. Sup
  7. My own day was mainly punctuated by my attempts to cut my hair. I used my Wahl 'Beard Trimmer'. I get my kit off and stand in front of the bathroom mirror, shaving away at my beard and my hair. I stand on a towel.... to catch the flowing locks... I'm getting better at it. so that I can now get the 'main cut' of my head pretty neat using a No.3. Last time.. I also used a No.2 to go around my ears..and I messed it up. This time I got it better. Finally.. I used a very close cut to try to create a clear end to my hair at the back. That didn't go so well.. a
  8. Gem, I too am sorry to hear you lost your Mum....and you have my sympathies. I hope you can take some comfort from the fact that your Mum's passing was 'in the order of things'.
  9. I feel a bit cheated because a 'Cock up on the IT Front'.. to paraphrase Reginald Perrin.., means I'm left waiting until 7th Feb... when I should have been jabbed almost a week earlier. However.. although that puts me behind all of my similarly aged neighbours.. it puts me ahead of many in other parts of the country... so I'll take that.
  10. Yep. I've spent part of my day trying to persuade people to get it. A young black lady from the south east was posting on facebook trying to get other black people to get vaccinated.. but the opposition was frightening. The level of misunderstanding among some was appalling. And I should add that I think there are probably as many whites who think the same way. I was reading one quote that 33 people have died in Norway 'from the treatment'. No source. no verification but these people believe this stuff.
  11. Not really a subject for this thread but. Even if I were a conservative.. which I'm not.. I would not vote for this lot again because Johnson sacked or alienated anything resembing talent in his party..over Brexit...which is why the likes of Williamson are tolerated, Patel 'rehabilitated' and Gove kept at a safe distance.
  12. Further to my comments upthread.. I got my jab booked today. I'm going to the St Helens Rugby League Stadium on Sunday 7th Feb. Here in the North West we seem to be doing a little better than some on the vaccine rollout. .. but we are slightly behind the North East. All reports about the 'Saint's' RLFC ground say it was exceptionaly well run in the Autumn for Flu Jabs.. and is the same now for Covid. That said.. My GP Practice put on their F'Book page on Monday that they had contacted 70 year olds. They didn't contact me. I resisted calling them because all ove
  13. What do we mean by 'above' the Odeon? I certainly remember the ABC/Cannon. but in my mind it was just over the road and down a bit from one of the Kardomah's.. and not close to the Odeon..But I have to admit that my memory of Central Nottm fades more every day and isn't helped by all the change..