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  1. For the whole site. My other favourite.. ...just passed 3 million posts a couple of days ago and currently has over 30000 members worldwide. I've been a member on there since 2003 and the site traces its origins back to well before that. Like many sites.. its original purpose, which was to provide a forum for discussion of all things related to music, and home Hi-Fi, as well as a platform for the owners' second hand record business.. has somewhat broadened over time. It now includes lively discussion of photography, music, audio, DIY Audio, Vintage Hi Fi etc..
  2. Good point Kev. Also.. I've been trying to find some basic info such as 'Total Number of Posts'.. but I can't.
  3. If I ever get back home.. I'll give it a try.
  4. Indeed. Good to hear. Responding to Kev's point above about reducing numbers of regular posters.. It seems to me that there are many possible reasons. First off.. every product/service etc.. follows a 'bell curve' in which popularity rises to a peak then falls. I've seen many websites rise and fall way quicker than NS. Second. Competition from F'book and others has increased since this site started. Third. There are only so many times we can go around the 'Sweets from the past', 'Old TV Progs', 'Things yer granny used ter say', etc
  5. I've tried that Margie but without much success. It seems that pollen doesn't have to move from flower to flower.. but just within the flower, as flowers have both male and female parts.
  6. Here's an interesting tip I found online. My Tomatoes are producing flowers..but not many are setting fruit. I investigated and it seems that Tomato flowers are self pollinating, but can fail to do so for 'mechanical' reasons..because the pollen can be prevented from moving due to growing conditions. It seems that Bees can help the process simply by buzzing about near the flowers..when the vibration of their wings can cause the pollen to move. Or... you can use an electric toothbrush..held to the flower stem. I've just tried it and it has caused some pollen to drop out of t
  7. Hooray!!! Chap just turned up and collected signs and barrierws. We can now use our own drive after 6 days. And UU have still not responded to my complaints. All of the workmen involved have agreed that UU are completely out of order in not bothering to warn me or communicate in any way. I daresay they'd be communicating quickly enough if I missed a bill payment.
  8. Two more blokes just turned up and seemingly finished repairing the hole which was blocking access to my drive. However, they have left their barriers and signs in place, so access to my drive is STILL blocked ..for the sixth successive day. I have fired off a second message to UU 'Feedback', despite not yet having a response from the first one. If their barriers etc..are not gone by the end of today I will be calling them in full on Meldrew Mode to inform them that they can collect their hardware from the field at the bottom of the street.
  9. This is just about Daybrook related, as I believe former Dukes of St Albans..and their royal guests used Daybrook Station on their way to Bestwood Lodge pre 1939. I can't recall which brewery had them all, but all of the 'new' pubs in the Bestwood area were, quite rightly, named in reference to the local area being part of the former Bestwood Lodge hunting estate, originally gifted to the son of Nell Gwynne by Charles II. Said son being of course fathered by Charles II. So, first off was the Deerstalker..the only pub built on the original and genuine Bestwood Estate. I watched it being
  10. It seems to me there was little point in stopping people in the UK from travelling locally, whilst our borders were open to international travel until way after major outbreaks were known to be running wild
  11. Nope.. it isn't WW. I did like his version of Wimoweh in sort of masochistic way though..and I once saw him walking down Shaespeare Street when he was playing Nottm. Apparently he is buried in Stockport Cemetary.
  12. @benjamin1945 'Hey Baby' has to be one of the top 10 pop songs of all time. Incredible atmosphere generated by Bruce Chanel's voice and that wistful harmonica. For some reason.. probably to do with school.. this one always goes with it..
  13. Progress on my 'Hole in the Ground'. Progress. Two blokes just turned up in a huge wagon. They scooped up the contents of the hole.. filled it with some sort of aggregate, wackered it down to a depth measured with a measury thing, fitted a 'chamber' and lid over the stop cock, reduced the number of barriers from 5 to 4, brushed up a bit and left. I'm now wondering whether the re-surfacing will be done by a single crew.. or whether it will involve one visit to deliver tarmac, one to put it in the hole, one to level/finish it and a final one to pour a bit of tar
  14. I don't really know myself Nonna. This time, the method I used last time wouldn't work for me. Basically though, I right clicked on your link. Chose option. 'open in new tab', which took me to Postimage and gave me the option to share your pics. Maybe you are missing a step.