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  1. Ohh come on... It's not a patch on the Lime Kiln!!!
  2. But it has to be done Lizzie! Wingrave Eh? Proper posh that.. I lived for a while in High Wycombe. in pursuit of the lovely Holly... who escaped me. Almost. ... I loved Bucks... a beautiful county.
  3. Yes, because the numbers of cats is far higher than it would be if they were left to fend for themselves. So those of us who claim to be environmentalists, yet keep Cats.. which we let out everyday on a killing and shitting spree.... might want to think that through....
  4. I've said this before on here but it bears repeating. Grey Squirrels have very 'dirty' mouths, full of bacteria, along with sharp teeth and strong jaws. A friend of might caught a sick one on our local fields when we were in out teens. It did no more than sink its teeth into his finger, actually cracking the bone and setting up an infection which almost cost him his finger and could well have cost him his life through septicaemia. As it was, he was off work for months. I was once given a lift in a wagon and I noted a squirrel in a tree. The driver cursed and told me that a grey squirrel had bitten his young son.. who died of septicaemia. Grey Squirrels also carry a virus which is killing our native Red Squirrels. Apart from the above.. .they're fine by me.
  5. Potassium Permanganate is an oxidising agent. I've never used it with sugar but very much doubt it would spontaneously combust. You'd need to light it. However.. PP with Glycerine ( Glycerol) DOES spontaneously combust. It's good fun and if you put a bit of Glycerol in a container it really isn't visible, so you can amaze your friends/Grandkids by putting a bit of PP into an apparently empty container.... adding a bit of PP and waiting for the results. Potassium Permanganate is also a very good disinfectant. When my kids had Chicken Pox I used it to give them relief from the scabby itchy phase. Put enough crystals in lukewarm bath water to turn it pink. You really don't need much.. maybe half a teaspoon in a four inch depth of bath water. Let the kids bathe in it, but keep out of eyes. It is very soothing and antiseptic. Do not get any crystals on clothing or other things you care about, because it will cause dark brown stains.
  6. We used to go to watch the Stock Cars. Mostly to Long Eaton.. but we also went to Belle vue, Brayfield and Brandon My favourite was Alf 'Tiger' Griffin.. who had a beautiful car with something like a Chevy 7 litre engine. Others I recall are Neville Duke and Ellis Ford. I have some old photos somewhere.
  7. I was a slow starter. My first flight was from Manchester in a Boeing 720B ( A sort of stretched 707) in July 1979. We were flying with Tjaerborg to Crete on a package. Once we left a cloudy Manchester.. we didn't see a cloud for 2 weeks. As we cruised over the Alps... I was fascinated to see vehicles moving on roads far below. Little blue lakes stood out in the landscape. Somewhere before we got over what was then Yugoslavia...... I watched in amazement as far below us.. four fighter jets moved up behind a 'tanker' and did an inflight refuelling exercise. Quite astonishing. I noted how the landscape changed from green to brown as we approached the Eastern Med. Flying in over Crete was amazing.. Plato's 'wine dark sea' ..white rocks.. sandy beaches.... Loved it.
  8. Or more accurately.. his alter ego.. Cosmo Smallpiece. These two... always a high point on a show full of high points.. pushing the censors to the limit in a different age.. Not so much a catch phrase as a whole new language "Oooh 'Ello Mister 'Orne.. lovely to varda yer jolly old eek agen.. Don't just stand there. troll in!!"
  9. Best known here for 'Barefootin'.. Robert Parker also had this simple but effective dance tune. And this .. complete wit loony dancers They are compulsory on US music vids... 360.... Miss those days so much...
  10. Judee Sill had a terrible life.. involving drug abuse.. criminality and prostitution.. But she wrote this.
  11. Thank you for that insight Mercury Dancer. I remain steadfastly unbelieving in the 'magical miracle' aspects of all religions, but I'm very open to the power of human interaction.. the removal of fear through familiarisation and understanding.. etc. I recall a Sikh chap who lived in our street on Bestwood Est. in the late 60s early 70s.. He would go into my local pub the 'Deerstalker' on Sunday lunchtime and have a half. or maybe a couple. He would mostly sit alone. but always had a smile for everybody. I didn't know how to engage wirth him back then. but often wish I had.
  12. Bought a pair of Bower's and Wilkin's ( B&W) PX7 'Bluetooth' Headphones a couple of weeks ago. £349 They do 'noise cancelling' and so on.. can also be used 'wired',.. will interrupt listening if their app detects an incoming call on my phone.. etc.. I love all that.. but mostly they sound way better than my previous 'phones. I'm currently listening to Anna Moura.. a Portuguese Fado singer.. from an album I bought in 2006.. now resident on my ( Portuguese built) Innuos Zen Mini Mk 3 Music server and controlled via my Samsung tablet. I am really 'diggin on' all this tech. when it's done right....
  13. Today I spent mostly on returning the Grandkids to their parents in their new home.. followed by putting up curtain poles and so on. On the way there, I called at youngest daughter's to sharpen a couple of knives for her,and also show her the simple trick of using the back of one knife as a 'steel' to burnish the edge of a blunt knife.. Also showed her what I had Googled about getting her microwave out of 'demo mode'...something she also could have done. For a talented designer who uses IT all day long for design work and communication.. she can be remarkably dim at times. Or is is just easier to get Dad to do it?
  14. I'm guessing late 50s.. or even possibly early 60s. Now I've guessed I'll have a look in my trusty Guinness book.. You'll have to trust me to be honest.... OK. It entered the UK chart on 30th Jan 1959 at No.3 and stayed on the chart for a total of 15 weeks.