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About Me

I am 67.

I was born in Nottingham and left around 1970.

I was raised initially on Glaisedale Drive Bilboro, but moved to Bestwood Estate around 1951/2.

I went to Henry Whipple Primary then High Pavement Grammar School and was a near contemporary of Harold Shipman.

From 1968, to 1971.ish, I was a DJ at the 360 Club Bulwell, as well as covering the Carlton Hotel, and many other venues.  This was 'proto Northern Soul'

I am married and have two daughters.  One is blind, married and has two children.  She is a Graduate Linguist and works in HR.

The other is a Fashion Designer and works for an Indian owned, Hong Kong based company designing clothing and knitwear which you will see in Primark, Zara, JC Penny, Top Shop and many other stores.

My wife is a Linguist and Translator.

I started work as an apprentice engineer, but was always held back by my appalling Maths. I later qualified as a Careers Adviser via a degree in Politics and a Diploma in Careers Guidance.

I am interested in all sorts of things.  SpecificalIy, I like music and posh hi-fi kit.... we all need a hobby. I also like gardening, photography, walking swimming and lounging about in the Sun.