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  1. This afternoon. I was listening to stuff by Billie Davis. This was a huge fave down the 360. Didn't chart as well as it should have due to a strike at Decca Records. Not an original as it was earlier done by Louis Jordan, Georgia Gibbs and others. Tell Him. Originally by US group the Exciters. I think this was Billie's first UK hit. Angel of the Morning. Also not an original. But by far my favourite. I reckon it knocks the other major hit versions by Merrilee Rush, Juice Newton and even P.P. Arnold.. into the weeds. Sup
  2. My own day was mainly punctuated by my attempts to cut my hair. I used my Wahl 'Beard Trimmer'. I get my kit off and stand in front of the bathroom mirror, shaving away at my beard and my hair. I stand on a towel.... to catch the flowing locks... I'm getting better at it. so that I can now get the 'main cut' of my head pretty neat using a No.3. Last time.. I also used a No.2 to go around my ears..and I messed it up. This time I got it better. Finally.. I used a very close cut to try to create a clear end to my hair at the back. That didn't go so well.. a
  3. Gem, I too am sorry to hear you lost your Mum....and you have my sympathies. I hope you can take some comfort from the fact that your Mum's passing was 'in the order of things'.
  4. I feel a bit cheated because a 'Cock up on the IT Front'.. to paraphrase Reginald Perrin.., means I'm left waiting until 7th Feb... when I should have been jabbed almost a week earlier. However.. although that puts me behind all of my similarly aged neighbours.. it puts me ahead of many in other parts of the country... so I'll take that.
  5. Yep. I've spent part of my day trying to persuade people to get it. A young black lady from the south east was posting on facebook trying to get other black people to get vaccinated.. but the opposition was frightening. The level of misunderstanding among some was appalling. And I should add that I think there are probably as many whites who think the same way. I was reading one quote that 33 people have died in Norway 'from the treatment'. No source. no verification but these people believe this stuff.
  6. Not really a subject for this thread but. Even if I were a conservative.. which I'm not.. I would not vote for this lot again because Johnson sacked or alienated anything resembing talent in his party..over Brexit...which is why the likes of Williamson are tolerated, Patel 'rehabilitated' and Gove kept at a safe distance.
  7. Further to my comments upthread.. I got my jab booked today. I'm going to the St Helens Rugby League Stadium on Sunday 7th Feb. Here in the North West we seem to be doing a little better than some on the vaccine rollout. .. but we are slightly behind the North East. All reports about the 'Saint's' RLFC ground say it was exceptionaly well run in the Autumn for Flu Jabs.. and is the same now for Covid. That said.. My GP Practice put on their F'Book page on Monday that they had contacted 70 year olds. They didn't contact me. I resisted calling them because all ove
  8. What do we mean by 'above' the Odeon? I certainly remember the ABC/Cannon. but in my mind it was just over the road and down a bit from one of the Kardomah's.. and not close to the Odeon..But I have to admit that my memory of Central Nottm fades more every day and isn't helped by all the change..
  9. it happens.. not content with the old frost/ice and the frozen ground of the last cold event.. we have had almost continuous rain for the last day or so.. followed this evening by around 3" of snow.. which is already melting. What fun!! I'm glad we live on a hill.. For us to be flooded, around 99% of Merseyside would need to be underwater. I sympathise with those facing flooding.
  10. Albert.. I definitely recognise the building. Also this posted by Cliff Ton My great uncle Cecil had the Grocer's shop which is just a window with blinds on the left. Left from there would bring you down to the Star Inn, now the 'Moon and Stars'. I think The Black Horse is already closed... on the right. Hempshill Lane runs up to the right of the Black Horse.. The small premises front and centre was apparently a shoe repair shop, where my mate Picko worked as a delivery boy way back. On down Coventry Rd (Straight ahead) would bring you back onto Main Street/Cinderhill Rd o
  11. I have a 78 of John Barry Seven 'Big Guitar'. Sounds a bit naff now to be honest.. but I suppose it was pretty 'radical' at the time. Anyway. JB went on to do some terrific music for lots of films etc... This is better... except for Forsyth... I do believe that's Cherry Wainer on organ with Lord Rockingham's X1.. And our American cousins.. And: I'm diggin' on it!!!
  12. Yesterday, Tuesday.. all of my neighbours started reporting that they had been sent texts asking them to book Vaccinations. (We have a neighbourhood WhatsApp Group). First was nextdoor. He's a few months older than me and has a 'stent'.. but has never had a heart attack (I have) and doesn't have Heart Failure. (I do).and hasn't had a stroke.. (I've had two..) but he's with a different surgery. Next up, a 70 year old couple got theirs sorted. He has a lot of issues.. she has none that I know of. Then a 73 year old with Diabetes and Asthma.. fair enough.. though how she
  13. Think I may have mentioned that I accidentally ruined my poshest specs by getting spray paint on them, which took off the coating on a lens. Anyway... I had a lot of hassle with Boots Specs who tried to tell me that I HAD to have a new prescription. I told them I didn't HAVE to have anything on their say so. A couple of hours later when I'd calmed down I called again and politely requested a copy of my existing prescription via email... they must have been forwarned because it was mailed to me without further issue. I used a company on the Wirral, Spex4Less or similar. I can che
  14. Was it called the Gaumont Theatre at some point? I remember going into a place very much like it for a 'schools' performance of a very much abridged 'Great Expectations'. I could swear it was called the Gauont and I think the Playhouse had by thenn moved to the new modern premises.
  15. Unless I've missed it there seems to be no commentary about the death of Phil Spector. There is much debate about whether he should be 'RIP'd, since he was convicted of murder, and also was known as a bullying and abusive character. Although no excuse..I think it should also be noted that he had a lousy upbringing and a lifetime of mental issues. Genius and insanity? My view is that to deny the amazing music he created not only denies its place in the pop music canon, but also dismisses the talents of those who performed it. rather than trot out the usual suspects. Baby I Lov
  16. Jackie was the first to record Needles and Pins but she didn't write it. Sonny Bono wrote it.. and if I'm not mistaken thats him to her right in the vid I posted above.
  17. Indeed. Fingers crossed. Meanwhile... in our street.. a couple who are both 70, my neighbour who is a little older than me and another neighbour of 72 all got their jab appointments sorted out today. As yet.. I've heard nothing at days short of 72..and another neighbour who is 75.. has heard nothing. Hmmm.. On the upside.. a local Cab firm is offering free Taxi rides to and from the Vaccination Centre.
  18. Honestly not one I recall. Their big hit was 'Tell Me When'. I'll have to look up your suggestion.
  19. Not much after 1970 appeals to me.. but there are a few classics.. This has to be one of the most iconic 'pop' videos of all time. Sadly, Donna passed way too soon.
  20. But Ben you just knew that I was going to have to post the original... Jackie was a lousy dancer and performer... but a great songwriter. One of my favourites of all time..
  21. I never knew what happened to that Lizzie, so any info would be interesting.
  22. There is nothing for most to fear from most jabs. Flu jabs have never given me more than a slightly sore arm.. much like you'd get if somebody punched you hard in the upper arm. Some can be a bit more vicious. I recall a female colleague getting one of the 'foreign travel' jabs.. Maybe Yellow Fever or some such. She had it done at lunch time. came back into the office and promptly went green. I've never seen anyone look so ill and still be alive. But she lived.
  23. Easy. Go to Google Maps. Find where you live.. either leave it as a map, or select 'Satellite'. Home in on the bit you want to show. Copy the URL from the Address bar and post it here... Here's the house I useter live in in Nottm.. which is no longer nything to do with my family:,-1.1758293,59m/data=!3m1!1e3 And if you pick up the little yellow figure bottom right and place him on your map.. you can then move his view about.. which is how I got this:,-1.17597,3
  24. I mentioned a number of road and farm names. If you zoom in you will find them. However.. I also took a lot of photos with every intention of posting them... but late last evening we realised that the house was getting a bit chilly... It turned out there was a fault on the CH boiler so that we had hot water.. but no circulation through the radiators. Typical... coldest night of the year. So I spent a lot of time trying what little I know about boilers.. to fix it.. to no avail. I also had to drag a couple of ancient fan heaters out of the garage to give us some heat... Spent mos