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  1. Androcles the Stylist.. I like it!! I have to admit to being barefoot (and many other parts) all day in the garden. Beautiful sushine.and an excuse for doing nowt all day since I overdid it yesterday.. ( It's official. Mrs Col said so..) Around lunchtime I found a Post Office card through the door.. "We have delivered your parcel to your neighbour at:' Then handwritten.. 'through side gate'. No date, time or other details. Checked my side gate. Nowt. Asked neighbours either side..Nowt. Tried couple opposite.. Nowt. Finally tried to call local sorting o
  2. Frankly Jim.. yes.. I think you are missing the point. I too know bugger all about footie.. but I recognise corporate greed when I see it. The idea is to set up a league on similar lines to American sport..which is entirely a commercial enterprise...with no real 'hazard'. It seems the vast majority of footie fans here are also appalled by the idea. The whole point for them is the constant hazard.. will we get promoted..relegated? Will we win any silverware? etc. (Not my thing.. but 'Hey!') Sadly.. I think those fans were left behind decades ago when clubs started to b
  3. They have a similar saying up here in the Grand Duchy.. 'If you can see the Welsh mountains it's going to rain. If you can't see the Welsh mountains.. it is raining....'
  4. Blimey Chris!!! Here's me moaning about a bit of knee pain and you've been dealing with that. Please look after yourself and get well soon..x
  5. I have a Black and Decker Workmate which converts into a sack truck of sorts.. but that's not the real issue. It's the kneeling and bending involved in laying the pavers. Much as I hate to admit defeat... I think I'm going to have to 'get a man in'.
  6. As it goes, my much stronger, younger and fitter second son in law..who doesn't smoke or drink.. helped me to move the rest of the slabs and they have stayed where they were put ever since. ..awaiting laying. Today.. after a week of very little physical activity I could stand it no more and set out for what I know to be about a 5000 step walk. I started off steadily enough but I was forced to curtail it to a bit over 2000 steps and have been in pain since. I couldn't even get up enough speed to raise my heart rate. This is really depressing. I need to exercise for my ticker...but my kn
  7. Let it roll for more of Joan and Mimi. Beautiful and talented sisters. RIP Mimi.
  8. Nonna.. in earlier times, Beekay would have crossed the alley from the entrance to the pithead baths.. and into the Bestwood Hotel... otherwise known as the 'Clubbie'. It was used as a morgue after pit accidents . By the 1950s it was pretty much a normal pub, although it had non standard opening hours to suit the miner's shift patterns.. I believe. My Grandparents.. Arthur and Doris ran it from sometime around the end of WW2, to the early 1960s. It's still there.. converted into flats.
  9. Thanks Jim.. Then I assume the words were lifted and worked into the film by the screenplay folks. I'd imagine Shakespeare was just about out of copyright by then.. Also.. I'm pretty sure I distinctly recall the word as 'funererial'.. not 'funeral'. Funererial would align perfectly with Polly's habit of distorting, mispronouncing and generally playing with words and phrases. Hmm. No such thing at my paternal Grandmother's funeral because she was quietly disposed of before anyone informed my Mum...or any of us. My Dad had pre-deceased his mother by a couple of ye
  10. If 'Bestwood Coal and Iron' hadn't sunk Bestwood Colliery around 1870.. I quite literally would not be here.. So now you know who to blame.... My Great Great Grandfather moved his family from Crich, via Chesterfield, to the new colliery. Old Samuel has been in St Marks Churchyard in Bestwood since 1898. His son John lived in the village too..with his family. My middle name John.. is after him. John's son Arthur lived in Bestwood village too. He was my Grandfather. My brother's middle name is Arthur. after him. My Dad also worked in Bestwood Colliery, before Linby.
  11. Margie and Beekay. While I was looking for 'Hev You Got A Loight Boy', I discovered that Smethhurst had written many more songs than I ever knew. I think he's now regarded as much more than a 'novelty' performer..and given credit for his astute social observations. Some see him as a precursor of the likes of Billy Connelly, Max Boyce, Bernard Wrigley I also didn't know that Smethurst came to a rather sad end. He suffered stage fright and turned to the booze to help him...which in the long term did the opposite.
  12. If I recall correctly H.G.Wells described a 'ham tea' very humorously in 'The History of Mr Polly.'.after Polly's Father's funeral. I seem to recall Polly..muttering the phrase 'funererial baked meats' to himself.. though I can't find it in the it may just have been written into the script of the John Mills film. It's certainly the sort of thing Polly might have said.
  13. In other news .. Today I dug a trench for this year's bean crop. Put my last bag of home made compost in the bottom and backfilled it. Then started putting up a frame of coppiced Hazel poles as a support. I haven't actually planted any beans yet.. and I don't think there's any hurry. It's still a bit cowd.
  14. I can't resist... "Oi had a Gal.. really nice gal.. down in Wroxham way.... all together now!! Enjoy your hols Beekay!
  15. Sure I've related this before. Some half remembered documentary on the telly years ago.. about 'working class folk in't 'north'. A chap who was a fixture at the local working man's club popped his clogs. He left instructions.. and modest funds, for his mates to organise his funeral. It went along the lines of 'Get 'Arry the joiner to buy two sheets of 8'x4' chipboard and knock up a box. Stick me in it and put me in the back of Bert the Butcher's van and take me to the Crem. Get me burned and then p!$$ the rest of the money up the back wall of the club... And why not?
  16. As an aside.. In my capacity as a Careers Adviser I once went on a visit to a company in the Newton Le Willows/Earlestown area of St Helens. I recall it was in part of what used to be the 'Vulcan Foundry'..which way back, made many steam locomotives. There was an Italian owned company in there..which made very long ovens..which would take in dough at one end..and spit out cooked biscuits at the other.. But..and more interesting to me.. another section made 'dies' for all sorts of food products. So.. there I recall.. metal moulds or dies for assorted well known sweets..
  17. Where did he get the money from?.. Eh?...
  18. Re: Rubbish disposal.... as you know.. I'm not one to complain.. but.. some builder dumped a full wagon load of building waste right next to our local fishing ponds. It seems the barrier on the access road was left open for about 24 hours and they swooped. These morons should be strung up.
  19. Better weather today. Only marginally 'Baltic'.. Alexa tells me it's 8 degrees outside with an expected high of 12 degrees. Positively balmy c.f. recent days. Wind has dropped and the Sun is warm when not behind a cloud. I may catch a few rays later.. when I've done the hoovering.. P.S. There's always a downside.. I seem to be once more living in the middle of the 'Grand Duchy Annual Formation Jet Washing, Random Drilling and Electric Lawnmower Sound Off Championship'.. Bloke three doors down over the back is jet washing whilst wearing ear defenders. He hasn't offered me an
  20. My neice.. my late sister's from being some sort of supervisor in a leisure centre, to being a vaccinator in Nottm. Yesterday.. she thought she recognised the name of a couple she was about to jab. Turned out to be my cousin.. (Dad's sister's oldest) and his wife. She's probably only ever met them once or twice.. at funeral's.. Small world.
  21. Jennifer Warnes is a living legend and has made some magnificent albums. She's been around since the 1960s. I have most of her stuff. She's also done some terrific duets with Joe Cocker (Up Where We Belong) and Bill Medley of the Righteous Bros. (I've Had The Time of My Life.) Her 1986 'Famous Blue Raincoat' album is a widely acknowledged masterpiece, on which Leonard Cohen collaborated. It's not only loved by 'audiophiles', but anyone who appreciates great music. She had previously done backing singing for him. ..hence the alternative title 'Jenny Sings Lenny'. I love both
  22. An extremely helpful chap in our street gave a few lads a push to get a car started. Unfortunately it wasn't their car. It belonged to another neighbour. ..and the neighbour who did the helping.. was our local Neighbourhood Watch organiser.
  23. I didn't say I was cowd. I said I'm fed up of freezing weather.
  24. Fed up of freezing weather. It's not funny any more. . I may stamp my feet....