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  1. My day was OK. As part of a garage clearout.. I took a pile of scrap metal down to the local 'Metal Recycling Centre'. (Formerly known as 'Jonesy's Scrapper'.) on the outskirts of 'Sentellins'. A couple of old car alternators, some used copper piping, radiator valves etc. An old car battery, several old aluminium cooking pans and some very classy brass bathroom taps and shower fittings my brother chucked out.. hardly used, after a burst pipe almost destroyed his house. £37.50. Not bad for a few minutes bagging up and a ten minute drive. I just cannot throw non ferrous stuff in the bin. It's partly a value thing and partly environmental. We shouldn't be dumping such stuff in landfill. I let the local council have cans, bottles and so on.. but they're not having my lead copper and brass... Scrapyards have changed. Back in the 60s I used to get any old non ferrous stuff I could find and take it to 'Hendo's' in Boowull to supplement my meagre pocket money. They never asked questions.. though I hasten to add my scrap was always honestly acquired. I could even get 6d a pound for old wooly jumpers.These days, they take your name and address, want ID and pay you via card. No cash. The chap who took my scrap was the owner of the place. Looked every inch the sort of stereotypical borderline villain, even had a 'white' eye.. either an extreme cataract, or maybe result of injury? But he was as far from the old style surly type as possible. Very pleasant, friendly etc., and it turned out he is the chap who bought and 'did up', my former local pub in the village.. turning it.. by common consent, into a beautiful place. I commented that the last time I'd been there.. maybe ten years earlier, a very pleasant young lady had dealt with my 'account'. Turns out she is his daughter.. now a School Teacher. I like the bloke. He's worked hard and no doubt made a lot of money.. but I don't begrudge it.
  2. Sorry to hear of your troubles Brew. I think I'd be seeking a second opinion too.
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    RIP Mudgie48

    I'm very sorry to read this. R.I.P.
  4. Back in the early 60s there useter be a Pork Butcher's in Boowul Market that had tripe, trotters, chitterlings and stuff in the window. If I recall correctly, it was the one at the bottom left of Pilkington Street. I seem to recall that they had the offall type stuff in the window to the left of the door, and a new fangled spit roasting thing full of chickens to the right of the door. Or am I merging two memories into one? Eitherway, I'd been brought up on the reality that beef was cheaper than chicken and never even bothered enquiring about the price of a spit roasted chicken. I did eat testicles once. They were served up in the Hotel Schutzen in Brienz, Switzerland, whilst I was on a school trip there in 1963. They were served up in a white sauce (I know....) with rice. We all wondered what these small, spherical and very gristly little 'sausages' were and one brave soul enquired of the staff. She explained something to do with Baa Lambs and a knife. The things were remarkably small, given what I recall from seeing a couple of military mascot Rams. They appeared again the next evening, as one ingredient of a small 'meat pie'. Most of us picked them out....
  5. I spent some time in Scotland whilst training to be a Careers Adviser. Mostly in Aberdeen, Peterhead, Elgin and Buckie. Most of the food I got in assorted B&B's was basic, but excellent. I really wasn't much sold on 'Whhhyyte Pewdeeeng' though. Almost every office I was in had somewhere.. a postcard with a recipe for a 'Scotch Pie'. The picture made it look very solid, glossy and distinctly unappetising. The ingredients listed were flour, hot water, lard, and gristle. Just shows the Scots don't take themelves too seriously. There were many types of bread based things which were fought over at morning breaks in all of the school staff rooms. The 'Buttered Softies', and 'Tattie Scones' seemed a favourite but there were others whose names I can't recall.
  6. I reckon that in theory, you could sing, whilst playing the Uilleann, or the Northumbrian pipes, or ny other 'bellows' pipes. This because you pump air into the bag using the bellows and then play the tune on the Chanter.. without having to blow into anything. However.. if you are playing a full set of Uilleann pipes, you are already pretty busy without singing. You are simultaneously pumping with your right elbow, regulating the pressure in the bag with your left arm, playing the melody on the chanter with both hands and playing the drones either singly or in chords, by using your wrist to press the Regulators.. ohh, and for some purposes, 'stopping' the end of the Chanter by pressing it on your thigh. Some pipers wear a leather pad on their knee for this purpose. Not for nothing are the Uilleann Pipes sometimes called the 'Irish Organ'. I have nothing but admiration for people who can play these things. A quality set of pipes is also a thing of beauty to behold. Jerry O'Sullivan explains the basics. And here Kathryn Tickell explains the Northumbrian Smallpipes.
  7. It can be a bit of a 'black art', depending partly on what website or forum you want to post them to, but.. Keep NS open and open another Tab for Youtube. Go to Youtube and find the video you want.. then, while it's playing, copy the address from the address bar at the top of the screen and paste it into this site. For reasons I haven't figured out, it will sometimes appear as just a 'link' in your post, which people will need to click on to view. Sometimes it seems the address will immediately display 'in line' i.e. the start screen of the video will load into your post. Other times, I find I have to place my cursor at the end of the link and press 'Return', which then makes the link appear 'in line'. I have no idea why.. Yet other times.. I post the post.. press edit and go back to the links and press Return from the end of each link.. which brings them 'in line'. Sometimes there are multiple versions of the same thing in youtube.. some will work and others not. Finally, you can still use the 'share' button at the bottom of the Youtube screen to access the 'BB code'.. but that seems to be used a lot less these days. Give it a try! Col
  8. As far as I know.. I'm ok for those thanks...
  9. Versions of the Bagpipes are known all over the World and are not a particularly Scottish thing. I believe the Romans had a version.. and many others exist worldwide. I heard some in Crete. many years ago.. called 'Haskamandouras' I think. I can enjoy listening to the Scottish pipes but they are a bit fierce.. and also since they are restricted to what I believe is called a 'pentatonic scale' (I'm no musician..) they lack subtlety and melodic range for me. I do like the Irish 'Uellean' pipes (spelling?) and have a good friend. John Murphy.. who plays them very well. He is socially and professionally linked to the likes of Mary Black and many other well known Irish musicians. To me, the Irish pipes are infinitely more 'expressive' and musical.. but then they ought to be because they are more technically advanced.. having keys for playing chords on the drones and so on.. I also like the Northumbrian 'Smallpipes'... which are very similar to the Irish.. but .. err smaller. Isn't music fab?
  11. P.S. This site is maybe more accessible.. but I think it may only alow so many searches per session.
  12. PP Do whatever you think best, except don't throw them out.. They are cultural and historic... even the oones you or I may think are 'naff'. If you want to know potential values, you could try looking on Discogs It lists all sales in all types of music etc., etc. Otherwise your best bet is the Record Collector Rare Record Price Guide. Col
  13. P.S. @ Peveril Peril.. Please do not 'chuck out' your old records. If they are in half-decent condition, I'll buy them from you.
  14. Hi PP, If you give me titles and preferably serial No.s in a PM, I can look at reference books to check rough values.. though as you know, anything is ultimately worth whatever you can get for it... P.S. Condition is everything..
  15. I was sat in Boowul Wethies a couple of years back.. waiting for our Ben to turn up.. A bloke sat opposite who I thought I recognised, but hadn't seen since about 1966. I approached him and asked outright. He was who I thought he was. It does happen. Of course it's difficult for me, because I don't look a day older than I did when I was 21.
  16. I believe that Sutherland has some fine Limestone caves..Have you explored any?
  17. My good lady Mrs Col was christened Gillian. She hates the full 'moniker'.. but is OK with Gill. Also, I have a cousin on my maternal side who is a Jill... And I have a couple of Gillian Weir organ albums on vinyl which I really must listen to again.
  18. Hi Ben.. I certainly remember Websters but I thought they were from Leybourne.. they used to come through one of the unofficial back alleys onto Southglade. I recall a Kenny.. and maybe a Jimmy ( not sure) but no Reg. I don't recall the other names you mention. But then I led rather a sheltered existence until I properly discovered girls.. and by that time I was hanging around in Boowul..which is a whole nother story..!!!
  19. Out for a walk today. 'The Hill' from a different spot to the usual.. On the way home.. just spotted the rising 'Wolf Moon'.
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    Nah!.. Bring back Dick Haymes, Helen Forrest and Al Bowlly..
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    I am slightly more aware of Stormzy. I've seen him interviewed etc., and he comes across as very intelligent and a decent sort. It seems to me that most of us here are in the same position re: Stormzy's music, as our parents and Grandparents were in the early 1960's re: The Beatles and the Stones. Our Grandparents were mostly born in the Victorian era, and, via their own parents.. absorbed culture and morality from mid Victorian times. They really didn't have much hope of 'getting' the Beatles and the Stones and I don't suppose many of us can 'get' Stormzy and similar artists. I gave up on most of what 'Da Yoof' listen to years ago. I use a simple test. Does the music move me. Mostly it doesn't and at my age I don't have time to waste on trying to like music that doesn't immediately 'grab' me. Plus.. I'm still exploring a lot of music from my own era and earlier.. that I missed first time around. However, this doesn't make the music of Stormzy or similar 'bad'. It's just beyond our comprehension.
  22. I know that song from other sources Oz. And of course I don't forget that my Dad, uncles, cousins, Brother and others all had their own experiences in the Notts coal industry. It killed my Dad. I also worked in the Coal Industry and went underground.. but not on a daily basis. This is my favourite song about the coal.