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  1. Brilliant thread. And it's answered my question about the record shop in Clumber St. where I bought my first couple of records around 1962. Hindley's. TBH, the name doesn't ring any bells at all. I remember the shop used to have all sorts of weird and wonderful records in the window. Sounds of Steam Engines, Bird Sounds etc. I bought my first two albums there. Still have both and they both play through without skips, but they have seen rather too many Dansette's in their 50+ year careers... I also bought stuff from the Sign of Four: When I got into DJing, we used to buy most of our stu
  2. Didn't get up till 11:30.. but then I didn't go to bed till almost 5:00 am,.... ...and I had to have a few brandies to fight off this cold... ...and I'm old.... ...and I'm.. retired... So I can.... :biggrin:
  3. Yep. Just checked and I wasn't too far out with the location after 60+ years! Col
  4. Thanks to all for clearing that up. Rutland Arms. That would be right. Nice fancy pub sign too back then. In Cliff's picture you can see an entrance door right off the alley. Used to go in that way and meet my girlfriend who worked in the co-op. She had an older colleague who I think was her section manager or something. A sort of Mrs Slocombe but much nicer. She always used to manage to put a large brandy in her bag and keep it upright as she went back to work! Some trick! @ Bubblewrap. Thanks That looks like it, although I recall it being much dirtier. Where were 'Lewis and Grundy
  5. Just looked out. The Moon is now about 4/5 covered and just beginning to look a bit reddish. You don't get a total shadow like you do with a Solar Eclipse, so it will stay visible and just go deep blood red. As some TV progs have pointed out, there's a lot of hype out there re this event. Lunar Eclipses are not that rare. Super Moons are not that rare. Getting both together is rarer, but what you see isn't that much more spectacular. Still nice though. Also a very nice starry night which isn't common here on Merseyside because we get al the light pollution from L'pool, Manchester, Wig
  6. At least 15 of the songs,even if the original version by the artist listed, are not the original version of the song. But that's just me being picky. If you like the versions listed, go for it. You can't say that from what's supplied. E.G. Chicken Shack had a hit with 'I'd Rather Go Blind'. OK, it was done earlier by Etta James, but the question here is is this the original Chicken Shack release? Also, Cat Stevens both wrote and recorded 'First Cut is.. etc. You may know it from P.P Arnold, or others but Cat recorded it. OK, from my knowledge... others may know more... 2. Don't Throw
  7. When I worked at the Coal Board Laboratories in Cinderhill, we used calculating machines called 'FACITs' (It was the manufacturers name) Basicaly you keyed in numbers and then wound a handle; There was also a cylindrical slide rule about... though I had no clue how to use it. I also had a 'normal' slide rule and somewhere I still have my Log Tables from school. Re: Computers. I recall reading New Scientist back then and seeing regular reports of how somebody or other had got the equivalent of 2, then 4, then 8, then 16, transistors, on an area the size of the head of a pin. Then it w
  8. Only skim read this thread. So.. Is the building still there? Is the famous staircase still there? If not has it been preserved somewhere? I loved that place. Used to spend hours in the record store. Had a girlfriend who worked in there in the 60s. There was an alley to the right of the building when viewed from the front. At the top on the right was a typical old Nottm Pub. can't remember what it was called though. Anybody know? I went past years ago and they'd renamed it with one of those daft new names. Slightly off topic. When I was very small, I remember my Mum dragging me aro
  9. Don't want to be a bore but did you know that this was also a hit for Cathy Young in the US in 1960? Of course both Biily and Cathy's versions were re-workings of the Riveleers original 1953 Doo Wop classic. It was written by Eugene 'Gene' Pearson, pictured far left below. Just sayin'..... Col
  10. Toyed with trying to get a pic. But even with my best lens ( 300mm) the moon shows up very tiny on photos. Then you need to get yer tripod out. And it's cold outside. And it's supposed to be max eclipse about 3:00am. And I'm coming down with a cold. And anyway somebody always gets a better pic. Sod it. Col
  11. I married a Scouse girl 43 years ago. People I was introduced to the first day I arrived in Liverpool are still friends. I've lived in an around Liverpool since. As with any town, there will always be idiots and crims, but the vast majority of true Scousers are open and honest. What you see is what you get and they act the same, taking strangers at face value. They don't back away from you in the street like they do in That London, in fact they'll often go out of their way to give you directions or show you to some place. My old Nottm DJ ing mate Dave Pickering is coming up to L'pool tom
  12. Useter be a little lock up hardware store between the two main rows of shops on Andover Rd. Bloke sold all sorts, from nails and bike bits to paint, records, cheap ornaments etc.That always smelled of paraffiin too, because he sold it. Best hardware shop ever though and just like Fork 'andles, is in Skelmersdale. It's called Garner's. I went in about 30 years ago for a 12 mm allen key. Wasn't a common size and I'd have been happy just that they had one... "Black, chromium plated, or zinc plated Sir?" ''Black will be fine.." "Long, standard, or 'cranked' Sir?" "Err .. long please.. it's
  13. As I recall it was the 44 from Bulwell Hall to Colwick, but I suppose that could be topped now.
  14. Some of my faves. Will someone please tell me how to get them 'in line' ? Col
  15. I like where I live. Within minutes I can be on top of a hill with views over Derbyshire, Merseyside, The Irish Sea, Lancashire etc. I can see Jodrell Bank telescope, Runcorn Bridge, The Derbys. hills, the Welsh mountains, Manchester, Wigan, Bolton, the Lake District and much more. It's briliant. I have a Merseyside 'Old Gits' bus pass which gives me access to local buses nationwide, plus access to Merseyrail taking me from (almost) Wigan to Southport, to Chester, all of the Wirrall etc. But it isn't home. If (God forbid), I was ever to find myself alone, I would be back like a shot, livin
  16. Sorry for the excessive quoting but the original post was a while back. I had one of those scarves Imp. I guess my Mum threw it out. She was like that. The varying colours were almost embarrassing. The brown jackets supplied by the Co-op faded quite quickly, whereas the ones from D&P stayed a deep rich brown. In 1960, it was still in the rules that 'Boys will wear their cap at all times when in uniform outside school' or words to that effect. Nobody took much notice. The main function for the cap was either holding sweets, or as an offensive weapon, the peak being pretty hard when
  17. I've only 'skim read' this thread, but just thought I'd mention this. There was a P.O.W. camp at Bestwood (Which is very different to Underwood) and which I am led to believe housed Italian P.O.W.s It was in the area bounded by Southglade Road, Padstow Road and St Matthew's Church on this map.,+Nottingham,+Nottinghamshire+NG5+5GH/@52.9968163,-1.1713479,17z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x4879c1b4c98817f7:0xa33db9ba46ee89d0?hl=en Col
  18. An old galvanised one should do.... Nothing posh needed for Bulwell.
  19. Post Office end eh? My word that was posh. I mean... you were practically in Sherwood! Meanwhile, down at the 'povvy' end, by the council tip, we used to go over to the Great Central by Bulwell Common station and scrabble about for bits of coal there. Also used to find those little coal 'Briquettes' that were shaped a bit like a small bar of soap and made of compressed coal dust. I think it was called 'Phurnacite'. Hmm. Seems it's still available: . Col
  20. Excellent! Just above that outbuilding in front of the shop, there's a street sign visible. As far as I can see it looks like 'something' Place. Possibly 'Poplar Place'? While we're at it, I remember something about a big factory fire along there in the late 50s. IIRC, one poor chap died. Can anyone else remember?
  21. Gas pokers? GAS POKERS!!??? Well actually I do remember them.. My Auntie Marion who lived on Ruff's Est. in Hucknall had one. But I always thought they were a bit pointless and a waste of gas. It's dead easy to start a coal fire with a few sticks, but it's also not dificult with a few bits of rolled and twisted newspaper. All of which brings me onto a few observations and memories about coal fires. LONG POST ALERT!!! I remember going into neighbours houses and wondering how they survived the winter with a few bits of coal smouldering in a flat fire at the bottom of the grate. It w
  22. I had a wander round Bulwell a couple of weeks ago. First time I've just set out to look around the place since the planners knocked it about. They pushed 'Bulwell High Road' through as some sort of by-pass to allow for pedestrianisation of main street. They completely farked the bottom end of Hempshill Lane so that it now doesn't reach Main St/Cinderhill Rd any more., etc, etc. I remember Bulwell before Seller's Wood, Crabtree etc. Lovely little town with its own character. I think a surprising amount of the character remains, but the way the Leen has been largely turned into a ditch beh
  23. Shirelles and Chiffons were both terrific girl groups who got a bit overshadowed by Motown
  24. Many thanks to all who have responded! Who'd have thought that a simple query about a slightly 'iffy' shop, would generate so much histoorical and anecdotal stuff! Col
  25. Don't want to upset anybody with my views. But I believe that Elvis was getting a bit of a hard time once because his singing wasn't up to scratch. (Let's be honest folks.. after about 1960 it rarely was...) But anyway.. Elvis apparently retorted. " If you wanted to hear a singer, you should have gone to the Roy Orbison gig." Respect! Col