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  1. Oz, I have former neighbours in Melbourne. Sarah Farnsworth of ABC is their youngest daughter. Sarah and her family lived opposite us from when this development was built. She used to look after my kids while I was working and Mrs Col was away in France at Uni.. early 90s. They usually drop in when they get back over here.. but I wouldn't blame them if they never came back.... Well done Boris.
  2. I seem to recall some research a few years ago which demonstrated that people generally drove more cautiously in areas with minimal road paint and 'street furniture'. That said..40+ years ago I was giving a workmate a lift home after a 12 hour nightshift. I stopped at lights in St Helens Town Centre, saw a green light and went.. Seconds later a 'copper' flashed his lights and stopped me. It seemed I had reacted to a green for pedestrians.....He was very reasonable about it and just said to be more careful next time. Kev, you'd love the A580 'East Lancs Road', which
  3. Which vaccine did you get Katy?
  4. My brother who is 66, asthmatic and has AF, got the nod from a friend and after a bit of searching online, got himself booked into City Hospital for tomorrow for first jab. Meanwhile.. here in the NW, where we were ahead of the game, the picture seems a bit less clear. Warrington ( the borders of which are not far from here) is now vaccinating over 65s, but here in the Grand Duchy, which is technically Greater Merseyside, by about 500 metres.. we seem to still be encouraging unvaccinated over 70s to get sorted... and no sign yet of movement on over 65s. I've had my first and
  5. P.S. Kev.. why is your Moai not wearing his mask properly?
  6. I have a Wahl. I bought it as a beard trimmer, but it does my hair as well. The downside with the cheap re-chargeable Wahl's is that the blades do get blunt over time, but I think I've had this one for about 5 years which isn't bad for something costing about 30 quid. My hairdresser always used Wahl trimmers, but they were 'professional' and mains powered. I believe she could also send back both trimmers and blades for service/sharpening.
  7. Happy Birthday Barbara!! Sorry.. Col late to the party again....
  8. As it happens.. only yesterday (Monday), I was running through the three Motown albums I bought recently on CD... as I described above about 10 days back. It seems the group many of us know as the Elgins ..with a 'hard' G..are actually supposed to be called the Eljins.. with a soft j. The name was briefly used by the group that became the Temptations. The Temps were originally called the Primes.. and were friends of Florence Ballard and Mary Wilson, who became a female version of the Primes.. called the Primettes.. and who invited a friend. Diane Ross.. to join them...
  9. Old videotape I think.. but I always like to see the early vids if I can, in preference to just a picture of a label. But try this:
  10. I got a letter from Imperial College London inviting me to take part in some test/survey. So I decided to do my 'bit'. They will send me a test kit and it will be collected by courier. What I find interesting about that is that people enter the Lottery fervently wishing the odds will work in their own favour. Yet when it comes to the odds of dying from Covid......
  11. Boris didn't do it. The NHS did..despite the blond clown. And yes, the EU messed up over acquiring the vaccine, but it doesn't follow that Brexit was a good move overall. Just sayin'.
  12. To all. Just have a look at this link. A very good way of getting your head around lots of aspects of the pandemic..... assuming you can read simple graphics and understand simple stats.
  13. I seem to have got over the slight AZ Vaccine effects. The sore arm is at about 1/4 or less of what I usually get from the Flu jab and the headache has gone. Let's hope the apparent slight disadvantage of the AZ jab v the Pfizer, particularly in protecting against the South African variant..isn't a deal breaker... Trogg. I'm like you and I struggle to give up on doing stuff for myself. I'm currently half way through re-laying the paving at the back of the house. I can just about work with the 2'x2' pavers, but the 2'x3' which form a sort of border..will be a bit of a struggle and
  14. Well that's a relief....
  15. I had my first jab Thursday at about 3:00 p.m. Got the Astra Zeneca. Last night in bed I had a very 'fitful' night.. either being very cold.. or dreaming I was cold. After only going to bed after 2:00 a.m. I was wide awake at 6:00 a.m. Quick visit to the loo and back into bed. Wide awake and heart pounding. checked pulse and it was around 85 bpm. Not ideal as mine is usually about 65-70 at rest. Next I was sweating. All a bit odd. The other thing is that my right knee and left shoulder were extremely painful. I think I jolted both the other day when I slipped on mud, but th
  16. I don't have an objection as such. It's more a question of degree, or in some cases, of common sense. In fact, I have an area to one side of my house which is pretty much dead space. If I had the cash I'd use it as part of a large extension,, but I don't. So for a long time it was just an eyesore used for rough storage. Then I discovered that 'something' was living in my compost bin. So, cleared and levelled the area, put down a layer of 20 mm limestone chippings (Two tonnes.. which I had to barrow around the house) levelled them off and placed a tool locker on them. A cheap an
  17. How very environmentally friendly! Plastic grass kept clean with chemicals. I hate it when people cover their little plot with concrete or chippings.. but I hate plastic grass even more. Even the 'best' stuff is so obviously fake that you might as well resort to concrete. I suppose it's only a matter of time before folks start buying plastic trees, which don't impose the inconvenience of dropping leaves.....
  18. Seems to be a lot of it about. I recently found an old school friend and neighbour on F'book. We've not seen each other for 50+ years. He sent me a picture of which I have a copy somewhere... We had all been to someone's Birthday party and we'd be maybe around 8 or 9. He sent me two others of which I have no memory at all. In one, we ae both in his front garden in Wolf Cub Uniform. In another we are with a group of Cubs..all in overcoats and shorts, with only our Caps really giving away our true identities... And..we are standing outside High Pavement School, though whether that was just
  19. I've recently taken to going walking at night. This is mostly because living in a local 'Beauty Spot', we do tend to get a bit overrun with folks during the day. So.. odd times I've driven the mile or so down to Garswood.. next village along.. parked at the side of the sunbed centre, which is closed.. and gone for a flattish walk of about three miles. Tonight, as we seemed to be seeing the 'back end' of a weather front blowing through from the South West.. I set out at 9:30 pm to walk up the hill. There is no lighting up there at all and it was pretty murky with a combination of
  20. Not sure Margie. It looks like if you get a text from your GP you only book your first..then wait for them to contact you again re: 2nd. Whereas if you book online, you are asked to book both appointments upfront.
  21. Indeed. And a good friend of mine who is 68 but has Diabetes and has been told to sheild.. has heard nothing. I've suggested that he try going online to book.
  22. 'Feather Spitting' continued apace today as a neighbour who actually turned 70 TODAY informed our street WhatsApp group that she had received her letter and booked both Covid Jab appointments online with the first being Thursday. Not her fault of course and she's a lovely lady.. but annoying for me nonetheless. Next, looked at the letterbox and there was my NHS letter inviting me to book online. Letter said to ignore it if I'd had my first jab.. which of course I haven't because it wasn't booked until Sun 7th. So, I decided to try online and see what was what. Booked for Thurs 4th and
  23. Here's an interesting article, from National Geographic.which I think is a more reliable source than much of the tripe on the Internet.
  24. Lizzie.. I think it's getting to us all now.. but Spring is around the corner. I saw some tiny Snowdrops in the woods last week. It won't be long before all of us old folk are a lot safer than we were..even if not totally immune. Meanwhile. I'm quietly losing the plot. .A neighbour was organising flowers for another neighbour who turns 70 tomorrow. I sked her what I needed to contribute and she told be."just a couple of quid Col.. any time" I went indoors and rummaged thrugh a cupboard and found a couple of poun coins,..took them out and passed them to her with a health war
  25. I'm still spitting feathers that I should have been done by now if my GP surgery hadn't buggered things up.. but 'Hey Ho' as they say. It's only another few days and we are all very much better off than many.