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  1. it happens.. not content with the old frost/ice and the frozen ground of the last cold event.. we have had almost continuous rain for the last day or so.. followed this evening by around 3" of snow.. which is already melting. What fun!! I'm glad we live on a hill.. For us to be flooded, around 99% of Merseyside would need to be underwater. I sympathise with those facing flooding.
  2. Albert.. I definitely recognise the building. Also this posted by Cliff Ton My great uncle Cecil had the Grocer's shop which is just a window with blinds on the left. Left from there would bring you down to the Star Inn, now the 'Moon and Stars'. I think The Black Horse is already closed... on the right. Hempshill Lane runs up to the right of the Black Horse.. The small premises front and centre was apparently a shoe repair shop, where my mate Picko worked as a delivery boy way back. On down Coventry Rd (Straight ahead) would bring you back onto Main Street/Cinderhill Rd o
  3. I have a 78 of John Barry Seven 'Big Guitar'. Sounds a bit naff now to be honest.. but I suppose it was pretty 'radical' at the time. Anyway. JB went on to do some terrific music for lots of films etc... This is better... except for Forsyth... I do believe that's Cherry Wainer on organ with Lord Rockingham's X1.. And our American cousins.. And: I'm diggin' on it!!!
  4. Yesterday, Tuesday.. all of my neighbours started reporting that they had been sent texts asking them to book Vaccinations. (We have a neighbourhood WhatsApp Group). First was nextdoor. He's a few months older than me and has a 'stent'.. but has never had a heart attack (I have) and doesn't have Heart Failure. (I do).and hasn't had a stroke.. (I've had two..) but he's with a different surgery. Next up, a 70 year old couple got theirs sorted. He has a lot of issues.. she has none that I know of. Then a 73 year old with Diabetes and Asthma.. fair enough.. though how she
  5. Think I may have mentioned that I accidentally ruined my poshest specs by getting spray paint on them, which took off the coating on a lens. Anyway... I had a lot of hassle with Boots Specs who tried to tell me that I HAD to have a new prescription. I told them I didn't HAVE to have anything on their say so. A couple of hours later when I'd calmed down I called again and politely requested a copy of my existing prescription via email... they must have been forwarned because it was mailed to me without further issue. I used a company on the Wirral, Spex4Less or similar. I can che
  6. Was it called the Gaumont Theatre at some point? I remember going into a place very much like it for a 'schools' performance of a very much abridged 'Great Expectations'. I could swear it was called the Gauont and I think the Playhouse had by thenn moved to the new modern premises.
  7. Unless I've missed it there seems to be no commentary about the death of Phil Spector. There is much debate about whether he should be 'RIP'd, since he was convicted of murder, and also was known as a bullying and abusive character. Although no excuse..I think it should also be noted that he had a lousy upbringing and a lifetime of mental issues. Genius and insanity? My view is that to deny the amazing music he created not only denies its place in the pop music canon, but also dismisses the talents of those who performed it. rather than trot out the usual suspects. Baby I Lov
  8. Jackie was the first to record Needles and Pins but she didn't write it. Sonny Bono wrote it.. and if I'm not mistaken thats him to her right in the vid I posted above.
  9. Indeed. Fingers crossed. Meanwhile... in our street.. a couple who are both 70, my neighbour who is a little older than me and another neighbour of 72 all got their jab appointments sorted out today. As yet.. I've heard nothing at days short of 72..and another neighbour who is 75.. has heard nothing. Hmmm.. On the upside.. a local Cab firm is offering free Taxi rides to and from the Vaccination Centre.
  10. I never knew what happened to that Lizzie, so any info would be interesting.
  11. There is nothing for most to fear from most jabs. Flu jabs have never given me more than a slightly sore arm.. much like you'd get if somebody punched you hard in the upper arm. Some can be a bit more vicious. I recall a female colleague getting one of the 'foreign travel' jabs.. Maybe Yellow Fever or some such. She had it done at lunch time. came back into the office and promptly went green. I've never seen anyone look so ill and still be alive. But she lived.
  12. Easy. Go to Google Maps. Find where you live.. either leave it as a map, or select 'Satellite'. Home in on the bit you want to show. Copy the URL from the Address bar and post it here... Here's the house I useter live in in Nottm.. which is no longer nything to do with my family:,-1.1758293,59m/data=!3m1!1e3 And if you pick up the little yellow figure bottom right and place him on your map.. you can then move his view about.. which is how I got this:,-1.17597,3
  13. I mentioned a number of road and farm names. If you zoom in you will find them. However.. I also took a lot of photos with every intention of posting them... but late last evening we realised that the house was getting a bit chilly... It turned out there was a fault on the CH boiler so that we had hot water.. but no circulation through the radiators. Typical... coldest night of the year. So I spent a lot of time trying what little I know about boilers.. to fix it.. to no avail. I also had to drag a couple of ancient fan heaters out of the garage to give us some heat... Spent mos
  14. So today.. or yesterday as it is now.. I decided to find a decently long.. but 'flat' walk. So.. I walked out of our 'development'.. essentially downhill... along Rainford Road ( I will provide a map later..) Over Gores Bridge, to Red Cat Lane . Right off Red Cat onto a public footpath to Rainford Brook Farm, and then via a bit of a wobble to Red Barn Farm..which leads onto Red Barn Lane. Red Barn Lane has some beautiful houses. Some are extended..developed old Farmhouses..some are new...ish.. Old buildings typically date from 1600s to 1700s. It's an interesting area. Anyway.. I
  15. It's a natural consequence of the prolonged freeze for the last week or so. Frozen water.. i.e. Ice.. will exploit any weakness in the road surface which was filled with water. Water expands when it freezes and breaks up surfaces. I noticed a lot of of new potholes when out walking today.
  16. As usual you get the wrong message.. I sometimes almost think you do it on purpose. I am not interested in jumping any queue, I did not rant and moan. I sent in a perfectly polite and reasonable message asking for the info on the GP website to be updated.. as promised. I did this because many included.. would like to know where things are up to. I don't think that is unreasonable... especially when that is exactly what was promised. And as I stated might be coincidence.. but since I contacted my GP Surgery FIVE updates have appeared on their site..
  17. "And was blowing sad while Bobby sang the blues. With those windscreen wipers slapping time and Bobby clappin' hands, We finally sang up every song that driver knew '
  18. I did little today (Weds) apart from arguing online. Mostly with some woman who is incandescent with rage that I actually had the temerity to email my GP surgery to suggest that they add more info to their web site, both because people need it, because they promised to do so and because if they don't people will be telephoning because of the lack of info. All I get from this woman is that I am personally responsible for the collapse of the NHS because I am 'constantly' seeking info I don't need. In many circumstances I would have told her exactly where to go.. and in what manner.. but I deci
  19. I do believe I still have a couple of 60s vintage cravats lurking somewhere. Used to much prefer them to ties.
  20. And as if by magic... 5 new updates outlining exactly the info I suggested.. have appeared on my local GP website. 1 yesterday.. the rest today.
  21. Brew. I've since contacted my local council..who seem to be running the vaccination programme in St Helens, to ask whether they can persuade local GPs to publish a common and up to date meassage. I've also been criticised on Facebook for simply saying that I think GP webites should be updated as they have not been since Sept. I just got a load of 'wait your turn' stuff from people too thick to grasp that the point I was making was not about me.. but about the poor communication of information. I'm hoping that the response below, from me, may finally get through.. We
  22. Flippin' 'eck!!!.. and there was me thinking I'd had an exciting day... What I did do was to get extremely p'd off with the dismissive and borderline sarcastic reply I got from the 'Practice Manager' of my local GP surgery when I had the temerity to suggest that they might link to the very informative info on the St Helens.Gov website, which makes the info they have had since September 2020 look like what it is. Out of date drivel. (I didn't say that..) Having received my put down. I decided not to argue. (Do GP Practice Managers have to pass an exam in 'Being Obtuse'?) In t
  23. Lizzie, my sympathies for your Auntie.