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  1. I think it is worth remembering that the institution of Parliament.. which so often fought tooth and nail against the Monarchy, now draws a certain much needed 'gravitas' from the fact that the Queen is constitutionally the Head of State. That is why Johnson's lying to the Queen last year made very clear his contempt for Parliament, and by extension, the people of this country. I've already said that I really don't have much interest in the monarchy and from a Paperazzi/Gutter press point of view I have none. That however does not mean that I want them gone. I'm in rare agreemen
  2. Mary, 'Before the Deluge' is one of many brilliant songs written by Jackson Browne.. and one of my favourites. I like both versions... and there are many others out there... including one where JB duets the song with Joan Baez.
  3. I used to buy Levi's in Jeff's As I recall both Levi and Wrangler jeans were 52s6d. Again, from memory, the mods mostly preferred Wrangler jeans, whilst the more 'beat' types wore Levi. I was never a Mod, though I enjoyed the same music and DJ'd to crowds of mods. At some point I discovered 'Lee' jeans.. not to be confused with Lee Cooper....which were very uncool by the mid-late 60s. I don't know who made 'Lee' jeans, but I liked the fit, and the fact that the back pockets were half-lined. Lee were 55s in Jeff's.. but worth the premium.. though in the end they didn't last any
  4. I've known a few Queens in my time..... but not intimately...
  5. Hi Nonna, Normal People is a TV Series based on a best selling book by Sally Rooney. The Series was broadcast by BBC3 and is available for 'catch up' viewing on the BBC 'iPlayer'. I don't know what the arrangements are for viewing BBC in Italy. It is also available on Amazon as, I think, both a download, (via Prime?) and a DVD. Also the original book can be bought as a physical book on Amazon, or as an 'Audiobook'. I've listened to the Audiobook and it makes certain issues much clearer.
  6. As opposed to the ever decreasing ones I move in... I'm fairly neutral about royalty. To me, they are largely an irrelevance. I'm just not interested. To be fair young Kate is rather lovely, comes across as genuine and seems hard working. I think calling Megan Markle 'The Mekon' carries all sorts of connotations that I find very distasteful. She's not from Britain, and she's black. So what? The same applies to my future son in law. He's served this country in Afghanistan and is now serving us again as a key worker. What have those hurling the insults actually d
  7. Were there large Cream Cakes in there Chris? Seriously, one of the reasons I stopped doing car maintenance was that it was guaranteed to kick off vertigo, just from leaning into the engine compartment, but especially if I was rolling about underneath trying to reach some barely accessible part. Over years, I've learned to avoid sudden movements, including leaping out of bed too quickly. Look after yersen Miduck..
  8. The book explains a lot of stuff which you have to rather guess at in the TV series, or which you could easily miss if you miss a few words of dialogue. It also makes the ending much clearer... but I think they are looking at another series....
  9. Just for a bit of name dropping. My late Father in Law worked with Laurel and Hardy in the UK as he also toured with Moss Empires. ( He was a ventriloquist and a comic.) Somewhere in the family is a genuine signed photograph from them with a dedication to Mrs Col's Dad, her Mum and the new baby.. which would be Mrs Col.
  10. I cleared my inbox last night.
  11. Aaah. I wouldn't worry too much. No doubt Jim will reappear tomorrow and pick up on this. Or one of the site 'Mods' will step in to help.
  12. Good evening and welcome mr magoo. I have sent a personal message to Valuer Jim, who appears to have last visited 9 hours ago. I have alerted him to your presence. If you go to 'messages' at the top right of your screen, and select 'Compose New', you should be able to send Jim a message.
  13. Both of these songs were written by American singer/songwriter John D Loudermilk. Just sayin' ...
  14. I was intrigued by trailers for a BBC3 serial called 'Normal People'. In all honestly I was mostly 'grabbed' because the lead female, Daisy Edgar- Jones.. is gorgeous.. with huge intense black eyes. Not 'conventionally' beautiful.. but ... But.. I didn't watch it it. I dismissed it as a bit of slushy romance... not my thing. And I had no idea it was based on a best selling book. Then.. weeks/months later I spotted it on the iPlayer a day or so back when the weather was awful.. and decided to give it a go. The first few episodes seemed charming and quite funny. As abo
  15. Thinking I was a proper smart A**, I went out and bought enough materials to repaint the entire ground floor, stairs and landing, back in February 2020. I got as far as re-doing the dining room, which I'd only recently done but which was spoiled by having the ceiling artex plastered over. Except.. I used too much Decorator's Caulk in places.. and that doesn't like over painting with emulsion. So.. I bought a new can of 'stain blocker' to solve that.. got some on my specs and ruined 300 quid's worth of poncy lenses. I also seemingly lost all of the 'cutting in ' skills I've built
  16. Hi Carni. Hope you are feeling a bit better. I've suffered with vertigo on and off for decades ever since having Labyrinthitis. I can't say I rate Betahistine much for treating it. I get prescribed Stugeron which I think is Cinnarizine..but obviously you'd need to consult a pharmacist at least. Even better is Diazepam In very low doses. That is mostly prescribed for anxiety but can be used for bad vertigo.
  17. Once more with feeling. To put up a video, go to Youtube. Use the search facility at the top to search by song or artist. You may get several results and it takes seconds to try a few to see which have decent videos and audio sound quality. Choose your video and either..1. Copy the URL from the address bar, or right click on the playing video and select 'copy URL.' Just paste that into your post. Sometimes, Youtube will not allow you to post your video 'inline' ( that you get an image rather than a link) I don'
  18. Well done Carni! However.. whilst I like a lot of UK covers of Mericun songs.. I can't include Craig Douglas' 'wet' version of Sam Cooke's classic. so...
  19. I got Scabies when I was working at the Courtauld's Cotton Mill in Skelmersdale.... back around 1974. I went to the 'in house' nurse who told me my itchy arms were most probably caused by Scabies and when I asked how the hell I could have got them she told me there was an outbreak amongst the office staff but not to tell anyone. She asked if I'd been 'intimate' with any of them. They were a famously young and beautiful mob of young ladies, but I had to reply. 'chance would be a fine thing.. and anyway I'm married...' But.. the penny dropped. Everyone used the same canteen queue and everyo
  20. I went for a walk late this afternoon. Although I should have expected it as the weather has warmed up considerably, I wasn't ready for the numbers of people walking on MY access road to the hill. I counted over 100 in a less than 1/2 mile stretch. For info... on any other given Monday.. winter or Summer.. at about 4:30 p.m. I'd see one or two at most, and would be unsurprised to met nobody at all. The only benefit of such crowds is that I can justify indulging in my geriatric love of a good moan. Meldrew is an amateur compared to me. So..I took a slightly less usual route to a
  21. I've got all of them Margie. The one thing I haven't got is hypochondria..
  22. Always reminds me of this other Drifters song.. with the brilliant Johnny Moore on lead... Clever lyrics and a beautifully constructed song.