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  1. I just remembered it as part of a nonsense poem written by Lewis Carrol, but it seems you are correct Mary. It is recited by Tweedledum and Tweedledee to Alice in 'Through the Looking Glass'. "The time has come," the Walrus said, "To talk of many things: Of shoes—and ships—and sealing-wax— Of cabbages—and kings— And why the sea is boiling hot— And whether pigs have wings." It reminds me a bit of another nonsense poem or two from my youth.. though I don't know if they are from kn
  2. Notty.. I envy you. It isn't so long ago that 20 miles in a day was easily 'doable' for me. I think it was 2008 last time I did that... only 13 years back. But since then my legs have increasingly refused to work. It's partly a joint thing.. both of my knees are now £$%^&ed... partly some sort of muscular thing in which the legs just refuse to work.. and partly I suppose, an increasing function of progressive Heart Failure. It's a now looking like I may have a 'Baker's Cyst' in at least one knee. Such fun!!! "It's being so cheerful that keeps me going..."
  3. In other news... Turns out my next door neighbour had one of those extendable ladders collapse under him yesterday, while decorating his daughter's place. He has got away with cuts.. suspected broken ribs etc. An ambulance was called but he was pronounced 'not dead yet' and not taken to hospiital. He's older than me and I'm 72. It just seems to be yet another sign.. in a week or so full of them.. that we 'Owds'..may be generally staying alive.. and fitter...longer than our predecessors.... but we still get old..and we don't bounce..
  4. As I'm struggling to walk any distance at the moment I did some research too. It seems the 10000 steps myth was originally created by a Japanese manufacturer of pedometers. Oddly, the recommended figure I found was around 4500 steps, which is roughly what I was walking before my knees gave up recently. At the moment I can manage about 2500.
  5. It was of course staged Margie. She clearly had a basic script and several people filming. She made it very clear what she got from swimming naked in all weathers. I wish there was a place like that near here and I was physically capable of doing the same.. it looks like fabulous and fun and very relaxing. I'm certainly not going to play the hypocrite and claim that I don't enjoy seeing her... but I know I am not alone in also loving the purpose and message of the film. It won awards and the bulk of the Youtube comments are very positive.
  6. But Margie, apart from your very astute observation about her lack of a wetsuit.. what did you think of the film?
  7. If I recall, I had to sign in to YouTube to view it and copy the link. That's just my email address and my Google password. Definitely no need to provide anything more sensitive than that. For those who can't view it. It is a short award winning film from 2015, called bluehue. The maker.. a young lady artist called Natasha Brooks explains that she loves wild swimming in Welsh mountain lakes and has done so, all year round, since she was a child and always will. She explains the appeal of being in the water and the positives she gets from it. She swims naked. But for those of a se
  8. I was fretting today about exercise. Walking is not fun at the moment due to my knees semingly having decided to give up. They are painful at rest...never mind walking. I posted this a few years ago. I'm afraid I don't look anything like this young probably not suitable for filming.. but ..since I can't walk very well at the moment, and local swimming pools are still closed.. I have been seriously wondering if I should try wild swimming. I'd obviously need to get acclimatised.. and with ticker trouble I suppose I'd need some advice first and probably a new wetsuit.. at
  9. Today was good.. and a learning experience. I went over to my older daughter's to pick up some redundant paving slabs and my younger daughter who lives close by had insisted on fielding her partner to help me. As I arrived at older daughter's.. I saw younger daughter's partner just casually pick up a 2'x2' paving slab and chuck it in the back of his car.. He's a strong young lad whose Dad runs construction work in St Vincent. (Caribbean) Also ex British Army (Afghanistan) He filled his car. then mine.. When we both arrived at my house.... I produced a sack barrow
  10. As I understand it.. the various jab manufacturers are looking at how mixing vaccines might work.. and also looking at the need for 'booster' jabs.
  11. Aaahh. At first I thought you meant mine.. which were certainly the result of a very different motivation to Payot... Then I realised you mean the curly thing on the right alongside Kev's face. Thats the coiled cord of the 'rise and fall' lamp, just below shot.. which I finally realised was the source of the Caravaggio lighting.. As I recall those rise and fall things were quite fab and trendy in the 1970s....
  12. Tonight I watched a further two episodes of 'Keeping Faith'. I don't want to spoil it for those who haven't seen it.. but just to say that finally.. after 7 episodes of her husband disappearing.. then her whole life disintegrating around her in so many ways it would break any normal human being.. there was finally some relief... No doubt it will be short lived.. as there is one more episode in series 1.. plus two more series.. I hope I can cope.....
  13. Good day today. Firstly.. I forced myself to go for a walk despite my painful knees. I kept it quite short and every step hurt, but not unbearably. 2000 steps. Progress. I have a physio phone appointment on 27th April... Came home to find that my oldest friend in the north west, Kev.. had found this.. Mrs Col and I bumped into Kev and his then partner..since wife.. in 1971 the first day I came to Liverpool. Kev's Mrs and mine were at school together. We've all been best mates since... 50 years. This pic was 1978. Bloke on the left is an old college friend of Kev's.. long
  14. Great news Ben. Very pleased for you. .
  15. Thanks Brew. I'll have a play with that.. though I'm surprised Mrs Col didn't already have this nailed as she is a Translator.
  16. I watched the first episode, but as soon as I realised it was about Franklin's expedition.. I stopped. Mrs Col asked why.. and I replied.. " I know the ending". I just couldn't handle the inevitability of it.. no matter how it was dressed up. I heard Pentangle perform this at the Albert Hall, Nottm. 1967?
  17. A little further south Lizzie... When I first met Mrs Col in High Wycombe..around 1970. I took her out for the evening in my 1957 Opel Rekord... with the odd coloured front wing. I had no real idea where I was going, but we discovered the beautiful Chiltern Village of Turville.. and the Old Bull and Butcher pub, which it seems is still doing well 50+ years on. I was a long haired hippyish/beat type young man working shifts in a plastics factory. Mrs Col was pretty obviously an impoverished student. She spoke Scouse.. I spoke pure Nottm. As we entered, there were several
  18. Ahhh. Thanks but I'm still on Win7 until probably later in the year, when I plan to get a new PC.
  19. ñ Finally did it. Found a list of codes. It's Alt and 164. I had to type the n, then highlight it, then press Alt and hold..then type 164 on the number pad.. not the numbers on the top row. Not exactly straightforward....
  20. Very illuminatiing BK, but I'm usually on the PC... nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
  21. I seem to remember watching a bit of 'Lost' when it first appeared. As I recall there was no logic to anything. A bit like the way that Twin Peaks went. So I gave it up. I'll put effort into understanding logic..however convoluted.. but not just chaos. I'm still working through series one of Keeping Faith and still enjoying it though it's getting quite hard to watch the near total disintegration of someone's life and I'm hoping there'll be some relief soon. It's a bit like a 'Scandi Drama' set in Wales. Slightly off topic. Just finished listening to Sally Rooney (No
  22. Same thing Nonna. Pinata/pinada etc.. (I can't find a way to add the wavy 'accent' over the 'n' to indicate the 'nya' sound.) Traditionally a box full of sweets etc, suspended and then broken to release the contents. It seems they are becoming popular for other types of celebrations and there are online instructions how to make them. Stef and Nash just filled theirs with pink stuff to signify 'girl'.