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  1. Hi DJ360

    is your assessors award TDLB 32/33 or D35  ?

    What is the problem with our Qualification's that when we were or maybe still part of Europe the British  Qualification's  were not accepted. If the whole of Europe got there act together they could all work to the same Qualification.  My brother was in the army served his apprentice as a motor mechanic, married a German girl, lives over there, but has ended up  has a tyre fitter. but it also works the other way, when in hospital a few years ago the young girl taking the tea trolley around, had a University degree, and the British stiff upper lip would not accept her qualification, as she came from another county.  I see now the City & Guilds TDLB has now been changed. Now it is TAQA Training Assessment Quality, Assurance. One day we will all work together. Just Dreaming of cause.

    1. DJ360


      Hi Mary,

      Mine were D32/33 as far as I recall, but it was way back around 15 years ago and I always hated doing assessments.  Far too much paper for my liking! 

      All Careers Advisers then had a Degree (In anything) and a Post Graduate Diploma in Careers Guidance. ( That was the mimimum.. most of us had other 'Professional ' qualifications too).

      But those who did the more basic work with young people ( Called 'Employment Assistants) had no specific qualifications related to Career Guidance and mostly had Admin type qualifications. So, When NVQ's in Advice and Guidance came along, we were all 'trained up' as Assessors and all of our Employment Assistants were trained to NVQ Level 3.  There was no opportunity for 'cheating', even if we'd wanted to, because our internal assessments were subject to verification by an external person.  Can't recall.. but they may have been called ' External Verifiers' or similar.


      When it comes to qualifications abroad.  I don't know how other countries dealt with UK qualifications in general, but it was always understood that Germany in particular took a far more organised and rigorous view of occupational training.  They don't suffer from the snobbery which afflicts 'vocational' v 'academic' education that occurs here, and value both just as highly.

      I worked alongside German Technicians when I was a 'mechanic' on German made Textile machinery in the 1970s.  They were all very highly trained.. and for example, they didn't separate people for electrical v mechanical stuff.  They all did both.

      So, I wouldn't be surprised that your Brother's qualification wasn't enough to get him a Vehicle Mechanics job. However, it may be that he could have 'upgraded' his qualifications and got his existing ones taken into account.  He'd have needed the right advice and information though and I've no idea whether it would have been available to him.

      I mostly came across the 'problem' of 'foreign' qualifcations when I worked in Adult Careers Guidance in the early 2000's. We had an organiisation called UK NARIC which would look at foreign qualifcations and give an 'equivalence' to UK quals so that the holder and others then knew where they stood and what to do next.


      UK NARIC still exists:


      In fact it seems to have grown a bit.  This dosn't surprise me, because our wonderful Govt. have a record of cutting training places here, so that the likes of the NHS, Care Sector and Catering/Hospitality sector are obliged to recruit from abroad, so the issue of 'Foreign' qualifications is more prominent these days.


      As for EU wide cooperation.. There were certainly a number of joint academic initiatives in place, such as 'ERASMUS'

      And SOCRATES:


      There were no doubt others too, but I suppose that's something else that the Brexiteers are determined to remove us from, even assuming they know they exist.. which is doubtful.


      I'm not so sure there was much cooperation between UK and EU at the intermediate level below 'Higher Education'.  I imagine most EU countries would look at the shambles of a training system presided over by successive UK govts and just shake their heads.


      Beyond what I've said above.. I'm pretty rusty on all this as I worked in other bits of the Guidance sector for my last few years and I retired in 2014.



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  2. Like ya style col. don't go with the grain.............

    1. DJ360


      Thanks Benjamin..  I won't.  :)