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  1. Yes, BJLad. Sorry for tardy reply
  2. I remember a "Gareth Whitmore" on Crifton Road in the 50's
  3. 5 years this October & loving it!
  4. Forget last post. Dated Aug 2005 not 2010. Guess you've made a decision in the last 5 years.... :-)
  5. Darcy - Resist the move back. I live on the gironde estuary in SW France, 40 mins north Bordeaux & 40 mins south of Royan. 2nd sunniest area in France after yours & you can still buy habitable property under €80k & new 3 bed bungalows for around €100000.
  6. Hi - We live in a small, very small hamlet on the Gironde estuary in SW France. Nearest town being Mirambeau. Do you know it?
  7. Hi - I'm currently researching my family tree & wondered if anybody had any info on Trumans of Kimberley/Greasley in 1900's. Also, Nobles of Southwell (builders)also in 1900's & before. Ta
  8. No, but I used to tell the girls that at the Astoria........
  9. Just saying hello. Born in Arnold, grew up in Burton Joyce, lived in Carlton & moved to France. Short life eh!