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  1. Hi brilliant, they lived there from around 1913 to 1916, much appreciated!,
  2. Hi Some of my relatives once lived at 33 Gedling road, by the Carlton nursery but I noticed when I visited the area that the numbering system isn't normal there are houses 47, 45 etc but 33 is missing in the sequence, nothing it appears has been knocked down or removed...anyone able to explain or know which house was/is number 33?? thank you!
  3. Hi Yes thanks I have...wondered if there was any descendent of decedents who may know something....?
  4. Revolver records' to the left of the entrance to the Broadmarsh shopping centre
  5. Hi, the above two gentlemen were my Great Grandparents, the first was stationmaster at Netherfield between 1905 and 1920 and the other lived in Netherfield from 1911 to 1929...does anyone have any information about either of them? thanks
  6. hi does anyone know what happened on chandos street? My dad was born at number 6 but it has disappeared, was the co-op bulit there? also does anyone know where the station masters houses was/is on meadow road, on the 1901 census it is placed next to number 50 but without a number. is it where there is a closed down shop??