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  1. Unfortunately Mick you are right, and it has been the same for years. I remember in 1980 when my family and I moved to a "sleepy" little village in Kent called Edenbridge. The local police came round and advised my wife not to venture into the centre of the village alone on a Saturday night as there were quite a lot of undesirables who frequented the bars in the centre of the village.
  2. I always remember me mam used to say "As dim as a Toc H lamp", about anyone who was, shall we say, intellectually challenged... I never really knew what Toc H was. I guess they were an organisation like the Buffs, although I'm guessing. I know someone on here will know for sure. I'm sure there used to be a branch on Wilford Road. I do recall a lamp outside the building that reminded me of the old police lamps (Dixon of Dock Green always stood under one to introduce the show).
  3. I'm sending you this message because i tried to post it to forum but for some reason it was taken down straight away, why i have no you.

    From someone who has been hanging about this forum for many months it sounds like all methods have been tried to discourage the two trolls, one troll had the police sent to their door and that hasn’t discouraged his antics....

  4. Dearie me - I remember the ABC minors at the Metropole as well. Funny you should write the lyrics of the song (anthem?), I remember in the 80's working in a drawing office in Redhill, Surrey, and just bursting into song with that anthem!!! Didn't half get some funny looks though!!! I do remember they were showing a series of Batman, we went one week and they just didn't show the next episode. I remember they always showed the films in the same order each week and when Batman didn't come on there was almost a riot!!! Us Sherwood lads started a chant "WE WANT BATMAN, WE WANT BATMAN". Seemed to
  5. I lived on Percival Road in the '60's, and was wondering if anyone knew the whereabouts of: Don Gray (me ex-next door neighbour) Simon Freemantle (down the road from me) Phil Bull (lived on Burnham St) Yaroslav Warchelak (I think it is spelt that way(!!!), lived on Percival Rd, at the bottom end, close to Devonshire Rd) Peter John Kenny (had a sister, Alison) Alan Stretton (Parents owned the newsagent on Mansfield road, opposite the bus station) Richard Dixon (last time I saw him, he tried to get me to sell double glazing!!) Sandra ______ (my first love, a real hippy chick that lived o
  6. I didn't go to Frank Wheldon school, but my sister did, during the years you mentioned. Well, she would have been 12 in 1971, so I guess we're talking about the same time. Her name was Julie Hill, ring a bell?
  7. WOW - this is dragging up some very hazy stuff from the past. I do recall there was a guy called Shipman at High Pavement in the early 60's. I seem to recall his dad was a scrap metal dealer - not sure where from, it may have been Bulwell or Basford. He was a bit of an outcast and a loner but that was because he was a rocker and all the guys in HP at the time were mods. As I remember it he always came to school with a leather jacket over his (bloody awful) brown blazer. In fact, now I think about it, I'm sure he was in my class, 3G and 4G. I left at the end of the fourth year.
  8. Sorry Paul - he said SHIN up the lampost, not PI$$ up the lampost...
  9. Rob T I echo all of the above - it is certainly something that all parents dread, but fortunately, few experience. I feel for you and your family, especially your daughter. One thing is for sure, she will be older and wiser. There are many that didn't make the first part of the latter sentence. Anyway, I know it's a bit maudlin', but hope she gets better soon. Best regards Mark
  10. If you looked at Goodhead St from the other side of Wilford Road, newsagent was on the left corner of Goodhead St. On the other corner there was a shop that sold second hand bits and bobs, you know, small cupboards, vases, bedside tables (although there was no room for a bedside table in our house!!)and other bits and pieces. What the name of the shop was, I wouldn't know if you told me today... I do remember buying a set of hankies for me mam from there on her birthday, (they weren't 2nd hand, at least I don't think so!!). I must have been about six at the time, I can't rember how much I pai
  11. Well you guys wanted to hear what it is like in Spain. We have here an MOT (believe it or not!!), but here it called ITV. The best thing is that it is government run (no private cowboys). You go in, pay your 40ish euros and they test your car. There are no backhanders (unless you know the guy, of course). If they find something wrong, they give you the rest of the day to fix it, (well, until they close that is). So, if you have your headlights set up wrong, for example, you adjust them, show them what you have done and they write up the sustificut and away you go. The problem is that if yo
  12. I recall in '93 or '94 whilst living in Canada, AOL came out with a new version of their email program. Inside two days, the whole of the internet ground to a halt because the program sent out 100 copies of each email to the same recipient. After that fiasco I steered clear of that outfit... cowboys, everyone of them. For years afterwards, I would never reply to an email from one of their clients (, because I wasn't sure if they were intelligent enough to read it!! Come to think of it, I still don't reply!!!!
  13. In that case, Katy, you must remember Edna (Mrs) Fox that worked in the snack bar, big Fred the bouncer, old Bill Pegg, Lindsay Turpin and Ron Garton, the chief mechanic. Was John Kelly the manager at that time? Boy, this is really digging up memories!!!! I'm actually surprised that this old fart can remember the names!!!
  14. Craig, I know this is two years later, but I've only just found this site. Me and Wayne Kerry used to knock about together in '65-'66 time. We used to go to the Excel bowling alley on Barker Gate every Saturday and Sunday and hang around in there all day... Dearie me, that did ring a bell with me!!!