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  1. Coming back from the M1 last week, I decided to drive through Clifton to see what had replaced St Francis Church - and there's nothing there. Just a patch of cleared ground. I also drove along Greencroft and along Brinkhill. Greencroft Junior school is still there (called something else now) and I know the one in the middle was demolished, but couldn't spot Greencroft Infants school as I drove past the gate at the bottom of Sunninghill. Has that gone, too?
  2. VWGolf


    I remember Neville King - he collected our Redifusion money and he would make our cat 'talk'. Lovely man. Carol Wadsley went to Clifton Hall and was in my class. (I remember her brother drowning on holiday in the 1960s. I saw Carol a few years back in ASDA at Arnold and I think she lives around there. Also remember Raymond Johnson from Greencroft. All these things/people I've not thought of in years, until being reminded on here
  3. For some reason, I'm not allowed to post the pictures direct to here (even though I reduced the size of them), so unless that can be resolved, you'll have to click on the link and view the pictures there.
  4. Sorry to disappoint you, Cliff Ton My sister, Diana, is on these photos. Presumably, there were some of me at one time as well, but I've not come across them! As they are only the usual postcard size, would it be better if I were to post them on my website and put a link to them on here? Or perhaps I'll post them there as well as here, as hopefully, the quality won't be reduced on there as much as on here.
  5. Whilst having a clear out, prior to moving home, I have come across three school photos, from the late 1950s, from Greencroft schools, Clifton. Is it OK to post pictures of children on here (albeit they're 60 years old)? And is it OK to ask people to name the children (therefore identifying them)? (I am a photographer and know it's a minefield nowadays, posting pictures of children on social media and identifying them, so I thought I'd better ask first).
  6. Gosh! Eight years since I posted! Thanks for the pictures of the demolition. What is the land going to be used for? More student housing?
  7. Don't want to drive you all mad, but here is a picture of me, topless, in the paddling pool at the Pleasure Park!
  8. If that picture had another centimetre on the bottom, you could have seen Bulcote Road, where I lived. Can anyone remember Mr Greenwood at Marsdens? And Arthur at Dewhursts the butchers?
  9. Didn't the Co-Op have a laundry business, too? Somewhere along Daleside Road, though I think it has been demolished now.
  10. And there was C&A on the opposite side, with Burtons the Tailors between there and M&S. Woolworths had its own special smell, didn't it? I assume all those overhead wires were for trolley buses? Imagine trying to park your car down there nowadays!
  11. I remember (vaguely) that hut. I think it was handed over by the builders and used by - amongst others - the Young Wives Club (run by the church, before St Francis was built). One of the church ladies was called Mary Blackburn and she lived nearby on Homewell ? Walk. They used to serve teas sometimes, and I can remember being amazed at how manny portions she could slice a one shilling Swiss roll into! So that area in the middle of the photograph must be Greencroft Infant and Junior Schools? Do you know the date of the photo, ClffTon? It must be very early Fifties, as most of Gr
  12. Hello - I'm guessing you were a Clifton Hall girl? I was, too - started in 1960.
  13. Back in the Seventies, I was a visiting officer for what was then the DHSS. I dealt with benefit claims and National Insurance. On occasion, I had to visit claimants in Victoria Buildings. At that time, they housed a lot of less fortunate people, including people who had lived on the streets, prior to being put in there. The flats were tiny and there were no lifts, just lots of stairs. It was quite scary visiting there, both the building and a lot of the tenants, many of whom had drug and alcohol problems. A few years later, they were 'done up' and marketed as bijou city re
  14. I've just seen on Facebook that St Francis Church has - or is to be - demolished, then came on here and found Fairham Comprehensive School is derelict. I wonder if there is anything left of Clifton that I would recognise. I know churches aren't much used nowadays, but where do all the boys go to school if Fairham has gone?