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  1. Just to add to the previous stuff. Mr Hempstock you might say was handy with his fist. I remember at Assembly, Frank Warburton was dealt with severely, for talking(?). He was brother of Peggy and lived on Freemans Terrace off Burton Road, Carlton: There was a fairly large family - known as "the tribe of Israel". We both went to Chandos St. and "Nobby" Green's on Main Street, Carlton.. Mr Hempstock's son Paul also attended Chandos: He had a cricket "autograph" bat and lived near to the "Cricket Field" - Brookland Drive! I also remember Mr Laming and Mr Billings teaching woodwork. Mr
  2. I was at Chandos during the war years and just after from 1939 to 1948. I was there when the Headmasters were Mr Hempstock followed by Mr Cotes. Some of my classmates and friends were John Oxley, Eric Monk, Dennis Morris, Carl Dawson, Derek Smith, Bernard Kingston, and Chuck Fowler Anyone remember Pom-Pom Simons who was there before the WW2? He used to take football and cricket. Remember Reeds Ice Suckers?, Geesons shop? Walking down to Stoke Playing Field? Going down Gedling Pit? Prefect's meeings? Woodwork? Metalwork? Teachers Miss Ribchester, Watts, Pop Stanly, Mis
  3. I noticed your bit about going to Trinity Methodist. I used to attend reluctantly around 70 years ago, when the Daft brothers used to run the Sunday School. I usually went with Brian Scott from Park Avenue. I remember Mr Cupid the Caretaker(?), Mr Truman teacher, and old Mr Wright local preacher. Iram J Wall was the Minister, a very kindly man, and never forget the Anniversary's when scholars had to go on to the platform and sing "Who is on the Lord's side" etc. I would be pleased to hear more Alan Broadhurst