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  1. Hi, my mother left our household when I was 3 in 1956,her name was Edna May Brooks, her father was Albert Brooks, any information would be appreciated, regards Alan Smith. 

  2. I saw hat you mentioned Brooks scrap yard I remember a lad in our class named Tony Brooks and he was a member of the same family Ellis school, I am looking for Ellis school class photos if you know any that might have any

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      My e mail address is bigfish1picknowl.com.au

  3. Paulus. No memory recollections yet but will check within Family to see what they remember. My parents name was also Jack and Flo and we all lived at number 8 which was on the right going down Vale Crescent North. Our Christian names being, John, Mick,Wendy and Bob. Oldest first. In 1953 our respective agers were. 21, 20, 9, and 4. Mick.
  4. Hello All. Im am wanting people to jog my (poor) memory of the Brooks family who had a scrap yard I believe in Radford. I remember one son named Tom and I believe there was 2 or 3 more sons and one daughter. I believe the family lived in Bar Lane for some time. Ellis school as known then had in there workshops 2 aircraft engines given by the Brooks Family. They were all real "hard nuts" but very likeable, one of them once threatened me with a bottle, only threatened thank goodness, just because I had punched and knocked down his brother when we were playfully boxing, without gloves. There was never any hard feelings. My Father as a policeman once pinched the Father for some "offences" then advised him to plead guilty to one or two and not guilty to all others thus reduceing his sentence, it worked. After that he would have given anything to my Father and they were the best of pals for some years. All this was about middle 40s till the late 50s. Mick Fenner.
  5. Hello Radford Boy. I lived on Vale Crescent North from about 1948 to 1957 when I married and my parents till 1961. I also worked at Radford Colliery for quite a few years includeing about 7 years at the coal face there. There was a short cut across the railway to the pit from Ainsley Estate. Mick Fenner.
  6. Hi Grendad. Sorry so long answering I couldnt get my head round getting back into the sight, (poor old devil). I will also answer soon the e-mail you sent me. Yes Jack, as he was known, Fenner did have a happy retirement allthough his life was cut short at 64 years of age in 1973/4 by a stroke, my Mother Flo nee Luke haveing died some two years previously at only 59. As a Father he was also fair, bit bad tempered at times but never a finger laid on his four children just at times severe/strong punishment, one being clean all the shoes in the house and then clean again. I hope your book comes to be published in the not to distant future. I do have quite a few photos and paper cuttings of his life as a boxer some taken of him doing a Heil Hitler when boxing in Germany about 1934. He became a european heavy weight boxing champion(Amateur). I will keep in touch, if I can remember what buttons to press on this computer.HAHA. Just going back to when Jack gave you a lift, I dont know what age you were but he said it paid to talk to children of any age and get them on your side thus less fear of policemen and "information" given was often very helfull to find "wrong Doers" who the youngsters new.(wink) Mick Fenner.
  7. I was hoping you would contact. I'm not very good with the computer but will try later to get back and there are many questions I would like to ask you. My step-dad was Rog Turner and he had a 'record'. Company coming so will get back later. Thanks for responding.

  8. Hello. Hope this helps and I can remember all of them some I am afraid not alive now. Mick Fenner.
  9. Hello Grandad. Im a new boy on here only second day. I was born in Bulwell in 1933 I believe in Henritta street, I will check that bit. My Father started his police career in 1930 in Bulwell and served in various places in Nottingham for 30years. I was a team member of Northern Baths water polo team when about 16 till I was about 19. You brought the name Salt up and wondered if you new a Sammy Salt, sometimes known as Terry Salt. He to was a Polo player and we went to Bestwood Colliery boxing club together. Regretfully I am afraid he died a few years ago, quite a man and afraid of nobody. We had some good times together. I did some years at Radford Colliery Coal face. I'm rambling a bit now. Any memories at all that I have awoken. Mick Fenner.
  10. Now you have me thinking and looking amongst members brought up no results so how do I "look out" for him? Confused Mick.
  11. Thanks Cliff. Allthough I do lots on the Computer includeing Video editing some things I am very thick on but have a Son in Law who teachers about Computers in Secodery Schools, Hes Cornish so must be clever compared to me born in Bulwell and an ex Radford Colliery Coal face worker. I look forward to downloading the picture of the Northern Baths water polo team and hope it jogs peoples memory or knowledge of same. Thanks again Mick Fenner.
  12. Hello. In about 1949 I was a player in the Northern Baths water polo team at the moment I only have contact with one of the old players he was the Goal keeper and I know of three who have died. This is my first attempt on here so hope the information given is enough for further conversation. Enclosed, I hope, a photo of the team. Sorry no luck with photo, anybody know how I can. Mick.