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  1. Radford Boy

    Did You Live In Radford?

    I lived on Farady Road about halfway between Mial Street and The Whitehorse Pub. I remember Michael and Jacqui Glover, Gary Woodhouse, and Elaine and Cheryl Gore who lived at the shop at 80(?) Mial Street. Anyone know of these people?.
  2. Radford Boy

    Nottingham Bands in the 60s

    Hi radford lad. I was the other side of Ilkeston Road on Faraday Road. Just along from The White Horse pub.
  3. Radford Boy

    Ainsley Estate

    Sorry Pete C. Think I'll have to start drinking more water instead of wine!
  4. Radford Boy

    Ainsley Estate

    Hi Jackson, A girl that lived opposite me on Vale Crescent South worked at the library in the 60s. Her name was Joan Barks. Wondering if you knew her and where she is now.
  5. Radford Boy

    Ainsley Estate

    Hi Pete C. Sorry, the memories starting to fade a bit. (The joys of getting old). We left in December 1964. I do remember Pat Crowley, Paul Scales, Russel Palethorpe, Nigel Wagstaff, Sandra Talbot, Chris Morley, The Blatherwickes, and John Dudley. I have photos somewhere of most of these people. Must see if I can find them.
  6. Radford Boy

    Ainsley Estate

    Hi Pete C. Are you Pete the Plumber? I think a family called the Barks used to live on the other side of you. They had two daughters, Patricia and Joan. Any one know what became of them? I was across the road at number 44.
  7. Radford Boy

    Ainsley Estate

    Hi John Dudley. You are correct. I am indeed the Les Newberry who emigrated to Australia in 1964. I married an Australian girl and have three children and now five grandchildren. Prior to retiring in 2012 I was the product manager for Australia and New Zealand for a range of Samsung products. I was back in the UK only four months ago catching up with my cousin, Paul Brooks. Paul used to live at 82 Southfield Road, right next to the gates to the playing field.
  8. Radford Boy

    Jeff's fashion shops

    If I am not mistaken (and at my age I probably am) Jeff's was owned by the same chap that owned Johnson's Menswear. There was a shop in Denman Street that was run by a mate of mine, Alan Baines. I can remember buying clothes there in the mid 60s. I bought two suits, one a grey striped suit with matching gun metal grey shoes and the other was a pea green 3 piece suit with matching shoes. Cuban heels and all. Thought I looked It and a bit more!
  9. Radford Boy

    Bonfire Night

    Hi Katjay. The name rings a faint bell but I can't say I remember him. I lived at 160 Faraday Rd. which was next door to a piece of wasteland that had the White Horse Pub on the other side.
  10. Radford Boy

    Bonfire Night

    I can remember collecting cardboard boxes, crates, bits of wood, and any thing else that would burn for weeks before bonfire Night. I used to save my pocket money for weeks to buy Standard Fireworks from the newsagents on Ilkeston Road (opposite the picture house). Can't remember his name though. I lived in Radford on Faraday Road, around the corner from Miall Street. We used to build a big bonfire in the street just outside Camms Coaches garage which just about everybody in the street came to. Bonfire Toffee, Toffee Apples, and the smell of fireworks. Heaven!
  11. Radford Boy

    Empire Theatre

    That was a pantomime at the Empire. I got one of those tiny mouth organs and had it for years but it got lost when I moved to Australia.
  12. Radford Boy

    Nottingham Bands in the 60s

    Can't remember any of their names but I have have a feeling there were two (or three?) brothers in the band. It was all such a long time ago!
  13. Radford Boy

    Odeon organ and kunzle cakes

    I also went with my mum and dad to see South Pacific. I was really looking forward to seeing the organ rise up from below the stage but the lift broke and it only came halfway up. It was still played that night but I was very disappointed as you could not really see the console.
  14. Radford Boy

    Chuck Berry. RIP.

    The first ( and some would say the best) true rock and roll guitarist. Thanks for all the great music and memories. Rest in peace.
  15. Radford Boy

    Maid Marian Way

    I worked on the building on the corner of Maid Marion way and Friar Lane when it was being built in 1960. Back then it was called 'City House" . These days I think it is an hotel. I worked for a company called "City Electrical" as an apprentice electrician. I remember having a rope tied around my waist and being lowered from a window on the 10th floor to retrieve a cable. No such thing as OH&S back then.