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  1. Hello Jane, i'm one of Andy's brother's, the youngest. I'm afraid Andy died quite a long time ago, he was living back in the uk by then. I will contact you on fb. If anyone has anything to add about Andy, add to this thread. Thanks
  2. Yes, sorry- Stanford on Soar. There were some enormous cranes there, gone now though.
  3. As Stanford on Soar is near Loughborough, i always assumed that Stanford Hall was in Leicestershire, but its in Nottinghamshire, just. Anyone who's not been past there in recent times will be amazed at its transformation into a rehabilitation centre for injured servicemen. Its taken about 3 years and 30 million pounds. We used to be taken there each week, in the Wrights of Keyworth Bedford OB bus, over 50 years ago for swimming sessions in the lido there. I think it was open to the public then.Anyone else remember the place ?
  4. No, sorry Paul- it was on Friends Reunited which can no longer be accessed, i'm afraid.
  5. Nothings changed, if you scroll down, the initial report is free. Initial Report for FE66FOM Registration FE66FOM Manufacturer Vehicle Image Not Available Stolen Sign up to reveal Exported No
  6. Hiya Paul, yes, i remember you,but not sure if we were in the same form. There's a pic somewhere of my year somewhere- when we were about 12, will try and find it.
  7. Trickymicky

    Derek Pavis

    He was also a Magistrate at one time. I was up before him once when i pleaded not guilty to a speeding offence. Conducted my own defence and won. As i left the courtroom, the two cops who brought the charge were waiting for me. I was expecting problems as my version of events didn't tally with theirs. The opposite was the case- they both shook my hand, remarked how unusual it was for someone to get off a speeding charge, and took me upstairs to their canteen and bought me a drink.
  8. You can bypass the boozers at the bar now- Wetherspoons do an app that you can download to your phone, so that you can order, pay and have everything delivered to your table.
  9. I've been coming on here more than usual, in the hope of catching something of interest before it disappears. At the moment on the activity page there are fifteen topic titles for " Where is everyone ?". Surely there should be just one, with the latest contributions listed beneath it? And quite why you have to wait 8 seconds before you do a search when the previous one found nothing ? I'm sure there's a few of us who would chuck a few quid in if a better package could be sourced.
  10. Thats a beauty, i think thats a light switch though- Head, side & tail lights.
  11. Dave P is correct. Ted Brefitt owned the garage- Newcastle Filling Station, with Ernest Dench. Eventually, Teds son, also called Ted took over, and if I remember correctly, the final fine up when they closed was Ted Brefitt jr, Graham (his son), and David (Ernest Dench's son). All the Brefitts were competent motorcycle trials riders, the elder Ted though (J E Brefitt), was one of the top runners in the day, and had works contracts with both Norton, and Douglas motorcycles and various times. I remember them being agents for Reliant, Bond, and Kia.
  12. Thanks for the info. I had a look from the top of Longhedge Lane, enjoyed it, although i always think about Vulcan VX 770 when i go up there.
  13. The above mot checker, and this tool- are useful,but the only way to be sure of the actual mileage is to ask a dealer to connect the vehicle to their diagnostic equipment. They can extract the actual mileage from the ECU (part of the electrical system), as this is very difficult to tamper with, unlike the odometer.
  14. This is a good site for checking out if what a number is allocated to , or if one of your old cars is still around- Didn't the mayors car have 1 ANN on it, until they gave it to Princess Anne ?