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  1. antigavin

    Growing up in Bilborough

    Staverton Rd here. I was born 1946 and my name is Anthony Gavin. I live on 16 Staverton Rd and have so many memories about Bilborough.
  2. antigavin

    Nott'm Co-op Workshop, Meadow Lane

    I worked on the removals many years with big Nev. He was a big blustering man but so kind. He had been a Grenadier guard and also a policeman. I went back to visit him early 80s at Hucknall . I live in Denmark so I lost contact so would love to know what happened to him. Cheers.
  3. antigavin

    Nott'm Co-op Workshop, Meadow Lane

    Yes Big Nev Drove our van. He was a big bloke with dark curly hair.He had been in the guards and also a police man. yes Terry the mad Irishman. I went out with Moira Lowe who worked in the office. Nice to here from you.
  4. I used to go weight training there in the 60s with my big brother Ian nick name "Gabby" I remember it was freezing in the winter but handy when you lived on Staverton rd,
  5. antigavin

    Nott'm Co-op Workshop, Meadow Lane

    Eyup Al. Remember me Anthony Gavin. I used to work on Removals and we had our garage oposite the cattle market. You had a mechanic a welsh guy i think who was always singing a bit of a nutter. Our boss was called "Dodger" his second name was Oakley i think. Then there was Nev Bradley. Remember Belle who worked in the cantine on Meadow Lane. You can email me. XXXXXXXXXXXX cheers mate
  6. I used to work for Coop Removals that was situated on Meadow Lane. That was in the late 60s Does anyone remember anything about it? Our Transport manager was Mr Kind. We had great times and a lot of great guys.
  7. antigavin


    Yes i remember it well and in the sixties i used to walk my girlfriend to catch her bus down the steep steps. I lived in Radford and she in Clifton.As i remember the alleyway was quite dark so we stole a few kisses there.