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  1. Litcho1

    Nottingham Coop Fridge Department

    The Meadow Lane workshop was known as Anchor Works. The original logo was an anchor with the NCS superimposed on it.
  2. Litcho1

    Grey Mare pub Clifton

    Thanks Ian, I remember the one at the top. I thought that that was the Shippos' one.
  3. Litcho1

    Grey Mare pub Clifton

    Thanks Ian. The one on the left is the one I remember.
  4. Litcho1

    Grey Mare pub Clifton

    Thanks Rog, I was looking for a photo of the old sign, but none seem to exist.
  5. Litcho1

    A few random photos - 3

    I think I trained on that as well. I worked in TBW as a mechanic. You could drive them then on a car licence.
  6. Litcho1

    Grey Mare pub Clifton

    Has anyone got any old photos' of the old Grey Mare pub in Clifton. I've googled it be the only photos' I can find are the newer ones. I remember the old pub sign had one of Shipstones grey dray horses on the sign, I think it was changed when Greenalls Brewery took over from Shippo's. Any photos' would be appreciated. I remember when it was opened there was two dray horses in the car park. Regards Litcho.
  7. I was there 1961/65 anyone from that era? I was in Hunt House, the housemaster was Douglas, My tutor was Smales. Classes were 1C, 1L, 2L, 3A, and 4A
  8. Litcho1

    Nottingham Coop Fridge Department

    Question. can anyone remember the old Nottingham Co-op logo, I seem to remember that it was an anchor inside a shield intertwined with the lettering, NCS. I've looked on the internet to find it but no luck. My Grandaughter doesn't believe me when I tell her that all the Co-op vehicles were painted red with this logo on the doors. Used to be a sign of their political leanings. Also I remember that the doors of 243 Derby Road had the same logo etched into the glass.
  9. Litcho1

    Nott'm Co-op Workshop, Meadow Lane

    Hi Anthony, didn't know many removal men, but i remember Big Nev, Alan Parker and Ron Oakley, the mechanic you mention I think was an looney Irish man called Terry Coulter, always singing and laughing. I went back to the Co-op after leaving in 1974 to go to NCT, and was made redundant in 1994, I then went to th AA workshop on Blenheim Industrial estate working on the same trucks for the Co-op as I had done at Meadow Lane, there I met Alan Parker again, working as a shunter in the Co-op distribution centre on Blenheim estate.
  10. Litcho1

    Nottingham Coop Fridge Department

    Sorry for the late reply Mick. knew Mick Martin very well. I think perhaps you knew some of the garage staff at Meadow Lane, sadly many have gone now but a few of us are still around, it's sad to see that no-one remembers the old Co-op on the Lane and what a big influence it had in Nottingham. I can still remember the annual dinner dances in the Elizabethan Rooms, we all had some great times then. In the garage we used to think it was like working for a big family.
  11. Litcho1

    Clifton hall girls school

    I went to Fairham in the early 60s. Also knew some girls who went to Clifton Hall. Janice Banks, Linda Robinson, Susan Charlesworth & Janet Bancroft, went out with Janice for a time, wonder what happened to her? My sister went there too. Julie Litchfield.
  12. Litcho1

    Doorstep Deliveries

    Hi, I was an apprentice mechanic at Meadow Lane at that time, I started in 1965 aged 15. I was apprenticed to a man called Reg Reynolds, I don't know if you knew any of the garage mechanics but some of the names I remember are Ron Wakefield (Wakey) Ted Elvidge, Geoff Wales, Bert Naylor and quite a few more. I have tried researching the Nottingham Co-op online but we seem to have been eradicated. Al
  13. Litcho1

    Nottingham Coop Fridge Department

    Only just read this. I remember Pete Robinson very well. His brother Paul was my apprentice at the Meadow Worshop. I remember thier Dad, Bert, he was the senior personnel manager I was the main AEU shop steward at Meadow Lane and had many meetings with Bert, a very nice bloke, didn't know about Pete. we all lost contact when I was made redundant in 1994
  14. Hi, My name is Alan I used to work in the Co-op garage on meadow lane, next to the bakery, as a mechanic and can find no information online about it. Its history seems to have been iradicated. When I started as an apprentice in 1965 the then Nottingham Co-op occupied all of Meadow Lane from Turneys Leather works down to the Lady Bay bridge, which was then a railway bridge. I worked in the workshop next to the bakery building along the side of the Trent, it was said that when the bakery was bombed the machinery on the top floor fell into the ground floor killing the people below. Some of the old Lads! said that they never retreived all of the bodies, as a young lad the ghost stories and the noises late at night made for very nervous working. I would appreciate any information or any contacts who remember this era, I remember that the filling station was situated opposite the Cattle Market gates. Thanks Al