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  1. Bloody ridiculous. Saw it on the news and couldn't believe it !
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    Well I sit on my bot.
  3. Sad yes, but life goes on Lizzie.
  4. Very rarely frequented estate or suburban pubs. In the 60's, it was town, town, town ! Then in the 70's it was more rural areas........ Yes ! Before anyone moans, it was pre breathalyser days !
  5. My favourites from about 62 - 70, were the Guildhall Tavern, The County Hotel Bar, the Black Boy, The Bell, The Spread Eagle, the Albert, and Yates's.
  6. Most of the pubs recently mentioned, such as the HGF, King John, Strathdon etc were mainly starting points and meeting places before moving on elsewhere. The Strathdon I particularly remember as being a real dump, and the thought of anyone spending the whole evening there is unimaginable.
  7. Same here, nothing. A bag full of mini chocolate bars to myself. Yippee.
  8. Every death brings the creatures out of the woodwork. I've seen that numerous times recently.
  9. Looking again, maybe there was road works taking place, thereby necessitating ignoring the island.
  10. I think if you're taking the A52 / 453 from town, then you could ignore the island. If you were coming from that direction, then you had to negotiate the island to turn right into Carrington St..... I think !
  11. Good question WW. Nowadays it would be called a bi modal vehicle. That's If it is an actual engine. Some experts will fully explain soon no doubt.
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    Trouble is, RR can't / won't accept any pms. I've tried several times, but to no avail.
  13. Lidl's mushy peas are fantastic, but I doubt you've got on in Oz. Get googling and see what is offered.
  14. Re the activities in the surrounding neighbourhood, I live on a main road, with lots of traffic. It's irritating at times when I'm waiting to get out of my drive, and there's constant police / ambulance sirens passing, but that's life. I like to hear people getting on with their everyday activities. Yes, even the neighbours kids playing in the garden. Its nice early in the morning, or late at night, just to hear the world going about its business. The day I can't hear anything, is most likely because I'm in my box !
  15. I'll collect my egg on your next visit B
  16. It makes you want to pray for constant rain or sleet doesn't it ?
  17. Just wait till some dingbat starts wishing us Merry Christmas even before November is out. Almost laughable.
  18. SG, make sure they cement between the slabs, as this will prevent the weeds from protruding through. Also, it will ensure that you get no ants crawling between the gaps. Best of luck.
  19. I must agree with you wholeheartedly RR. Why on earth don't folks look at what's already available, before creating new topics. Unbelievable.
  20. Exactly Oz. There's only so much daylight. Tampering with the clock won't make a blind bit of difference.
  21. Oh, and to top it all, Direby lost.
  22. Positive thinking Lizzie. Brilliant. Who we meet..... Who cares !
  23. The Horse & Jockey up until recently housed a car body repair workshop and a martial arts centre.
  24. Despite the thoroughly atrocious weather, and the garden resembling Passchendaele due to the squirrels burying their peanuts, I was heartened by a full English breakfast and also by the English Rugby Team beating New Zealand in the semifinals of the World Cup. Fantastic !