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  1. Just been out to top up my mobile. Went to four ATM's, to find that there's no facility now. Ended up at Tesco's, and now have to go through the palaver of buying a credit slip, then phoning EE and type in a 16 digit code. Some folks certainly know how to make an easy process difficult ! Anyone know why !
  2. There were definitely several in the Trent Valley during WW2. There are two memorial stones on the Trentside near Bleasby, and one near Car Colston. They were training accidents I recall.
  3. Why Do Fools Fall in Love..... Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers.
  4. Albert, have you tried Chaddy's in Bulwell High Rd ?
  5. Aye up RR, I need my regular supply of bacon cobs ! Agree about peat and bugs though.
  6. Welcome Markoos. I never realised that the 508 Cafe existed. I must pay a visit soon. Edited. Just seen that it's near the children's play area. Mmm, maybe I'll leave it.
  7. Watch they don't ban us eating a sweet or talking ! Although when madam goes off on one of her monologues, just as the traffic report, or the weather is on, I cringe, grab the wheel tighter, put my foot down and turn the radio up !
  8. Frankie Miller ! Got two more CD' this week Long Way Home, Dancing in the Rain. LWH is outstanding. Brilliant voice and the most raw soulful and real music imaginable. For anyone interested in Rod Stewart or Otis Redding, listening to this guy is a must ! Get on utube and get blasted.
  9. Anyway, I'm visiting Pisa, Siena, Florence, Elba and Lucca soon, so I'll be on my best behaviour !
  10. Without a doubt, the scruffiest capital / large city I've visited recently is Berlin. An horrific litter problem there, and from what I saw, it was mainly due to the student population. Maybe it was due to the fact that they'd recently had a music festival in the city. However, you couldn't get near the Brandenburg Gate as scaffolding was in situ.
  11. Great detective work Col. It just shows how much detail there is in just one small picture.
  12. I tend to agree nonna. Some world famous sites should be left as they are, and not succumb to commercialisation. There's sufficient outdoor areas near the steps that are currently used for coffees and drinks etc ! My God, what next. A hog roast at the Coliseum, or a mobile bar at Stonehenge ?
  13. Ridiculous, when you can buy a bag from Wickes or B & Q for less than £3 !
  14. Rome is certainly no different to any major city, with numerous tourist attractions. They get many thousands per week, and occasionally, loose rogue litter is inevitable. Maybe ongoing litter collection / sweeping is the answer. It'd certainly help. What I did notice in Rome, was that the Government buildings, Civic buildings, and other official sites were immaculately cared for. Highly polished brasswork everywhere, and freshly scrubbed marble steps were the norm. The only scruffy part I saw, was the large square near the railway station. Again though, thousands of people scurrying about. Now for a beautiful, clean couple of cities, try Copenhagen and Helsinki ! Unbelievable !