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  1. Despite the thoroughly atrocious weather, and the garden resembling Passchendaele due to the squirrels burying their peanuts, I was heartened by a full English breakfast and also by the English Rugby Team beating New Zealand in the semifinals of the World Cup. Fantastic !
  2. No kangaroos in Bulwell, but several 'dogs' in Wilkos this afternoon.
  3. I also watched Love your garden, with the obsequious short arsed but much appreciated Alan Titchmarsh the other night. His gang did a tremendous job on renovating the large garden of a poor chap who contracted meningitis and sepsis in his mid 40's. He's had to have amputation treatment on all four limbs. I know that a lot of these heart wrenching stories are virtually unwatchable, but this one really hit home for some reason. Maybe it's because I love gardening so much, that I'd be devastated if for any reason I was prevented in doing so. Anyway, well done to Alan and his gang.
  4. I recently watched the Joanna Lumley series on Japan. As usual, she came across extremely well in her own amicable way. What a strange race they are though in their lifestyle, but not a sign of litter, vandalism or graffiti. She finished off on the island of Okinawa, and how they've adapted post WW2. Jesus Christ, what a bloodbath. Nearly a quarter of a million casualties on all sides, and virtually all the local population used as human shields or forced into the army. Unbelievable !
  5. I just flick through the pages in amazement, that folks could be so dilussional and unrealistic.
  6. The Arrow, the Nottm City Council left wing blurb. Do we residents pay these numbskulls to produce this outlandish propaganda ? They'd be better off spending the cash on road repairs, better rubbish collections, and street cleaning. Especially at this time of the year when leaves are falling dramatically, and when it rains, they clog up the already blocked drains. Where's my recycling bin !
  7. One of my favourite rock tracks is 'When a blind man cries'. The old Deep Purple song. However, there's an awesome version on utube by Ian Gillan. Phenomenal lyrics.
  8. I think I read somewhere that he was born at Whitwell near Clowne, just over the border into Derbyshire, but moved to MM many years ago.
  9. Not everyone likes the same things thank goodness. Despite loving most things sweet, I can't abide Turkish Delight. The real thing is like chewing Playdough with icing sugar on, and the jelly stuff covered in chocolate is truly unedible.
  10. I'm certain I've seen them in these traditional old fashioned sweet shops in somewhere like York or Harrogate. They're called Sherbet Fountains now, but the same thing.
  11. You've exceptional eyesight Lizzie. I think it says that at the bottom doesn't it ?
  12. They could have been full, and heading south to Colwick. Otherwise empties could have been heading back in the other direction to any number of north Notts collieries. Empties heading north via any route were often given priority over almost anything else, as there was nothing worse than delaying coal production at the pits. Anyway B, I'll get the biscuits in !
  13. Yes, the oaks are fantastic, despite most of them shedding their leaves on my property ! Things are ok, and still will be even after Aldi's is operating. If drivers can't look both ways, and pull out / across safely, it's a poor show.
  14. Carol singing ! Bleddy ruffians, urchins and scoundrels from tuther side of the tracks casing the joints in order to nick our Christmas pressies ! LOL Good and not so good everywhere I'm afraid Ben, as we've said before. There's some real oiks along here. Big cars, but live like pigs in filth ! Still, my conscience is clear. A decent drive, lovely back garden and a regularly swept pavement.
  15. Well Benjamin, you rascal you. You'll have me made homeless !
  16. When I worked on Mr Softee in 1968, I was often asked what was the biggest sucker I'd got. I replied, 'me' for doing this bleddy job. I was once asked outside the Deerstalker if I'd got a King Dick (A fancy ice cream based sucker covered in chocolate and nuts, made by Walls) I sheepishly replied that I'd only got Mivvi's left !
  17. I liked their stuff up to Rubber Soul / Revolver etc, but my preferences then veered towards a more blues/ rock based theme. Yes, I do admire all that they achieved. The amount of groups that they inspired must be endless.
  18. Better than nothing I suppose. I bet there'll be some cracking accidents outstanding, as nobody wants to give way these days. No, different squirrels Stu.
  19. I can well imagine. I often walk from the Arnold Rd Coop , under the bridge, then along the old railway embankment. It's appalling. Broken glass, dog crap, rubbish dumped over the fence from Andover residents, and other assorted junk . Alternatively, from Tesco's in the opposite direction, it's not too bad until Gala Way. It's sad that so few people have any pride in their communities and surrounding areas these days. Onr good thing though, I collect a few acorns to feed my local squirrel pack, and I've seen jays up near Arnold Rd bridge occasionally.
  20. Oh yeah ! And get a smack in the mouth from some irate Paddy ! It should have been widened ages ago as you say. In fact I believe that years ago, there were plans to dual the stretch from Arnold Rd, to the junction with Bestwood Rd.
  21. Well yesterday Stu, the soil had almost gone. I've got to nip out for some bread later, so I'll have a peep, and try and have a word with someone.
  22. A song with superb lyrics that I regularly view on utube, is 'Where the Stars & Stripes and the Eagles Fly' by Aaron Tippen. It extols the 'Home of the Brave, Land of the free' theme. It's not jingoistic, it just states that if a person is prepared to work hard and have ambition, then there are still endless opportunities for success and a good life in the USA.
  23. And Lola Col. Still one of the best groups I've seen. Fantastic live !
  24. Further to LizzieM's problems using the so called 'search' facility, I tried to scroll back to the last post in yesterday's Keep one, Drop one . I got back three pages then the system said Sorry bla, bla, bla. I then put Keep into the search box. Nothing ! I then entered Keep one. Again, nothing except the page telling me to wait 14 seconds. What a farce if it can't even locate a common word like Keep ! Unbelievable. Edited.... It finally worked on Drop. Ridiculous.
  25. Further to Col's comment re the former NCV car sales site. (I presume it was in this topic) there has been renewed activity over the past three weeks or so. Two large diggers / bulldozers have moved onto the site, and as at yesterday, appear to be levelling the site. Whether the spring hole problem has been resolved, I don't know, but there's certainly some action evolving. I'll try and make an enquiry next time I'm out for a stroll.