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  1. #169 Bit of a rash statement there Pete.I'll leave it at that.
  2. Yes it is. I was like that at work dealing with buffoons who's sole aim in life was to settle for mediocrity, whilst I strove for perfection!!!!
  3. David Walliams, Janet Street-Porter, Fiona Phillips, Will Young, Eamonn Holmes
  4. #10 & #13, I do believe it was just called The Stag and Pheasant. I remember playing darts for the Malt Shovel (Beeston) there many years ago.
  5. In the mid 60's, my mates and I would try and do twenty pubs on a Friday or Saturday night. We would only have half in each . We would start in The Bell, then up St James's street for the Imperial and News House, down Maid Marian Way for the Sal and the Royal Children. We then cut through to the M & B pub near where McDonalds is on St Peters Gate, Then Dog and Bear, Exchange, Flying Horse, Black Boy. Round the corner to the White Lion, Crystal Palace, Corner Pin, Miltons Head. Back up Parliament St another M&B pub, something and horses. Blue Bell, Turf Tavern, Peachtree, Guildhall Tavern and hopefully finish at the Spread Eagle. Oh happy days . Burp!
  6. People who don't indicate at islands. People who sit at mini-islands for ages because they can't fathom out who has priority. Bad service in coffee shops/garden centres by weekend workers. Wife and I had two full breakfasts in garden centre near Newark 9.30 on a Sat. No teaspoons, lipstick on cup. Just as we finished, she brought two sausage cobs. I said we had just finished two fulls but she insisted I ordered them. Garden centre near Breaston, with grand kids, 1 & 2. Two full breakfasts two beans on toast. Was that four fulls she said. Garden centre near Enderby 11.30 . Two bacon cobs please. Sorry she says it's lunch time now. Do you want a cream cake? No I said, if I wanted a cream cake I'd have asked for one. I can do bacon baguettes she said. Why can't you do bacon cobs I replied. Because it's lunch time and we only do cobs at breakfast. Garden centre at island on A52. Ordered 1 full and 1 bacon cob for the wife. I got my full instantly. Wife got bacon cob 15 mins later. Just what goes through the minds of these retards!!!! Drivers who zoom down the slip road onto the motorway and immediately expect to cut across everybody in order to get in the outside lane. Ordered 2 fulls at supermarket. Nipped to get paper, great long queue. Till broken so I had right money , put it on counter, she would not accept it cos paper hadn't been zapped in. I said my breakfast was out. She then said I had to rejoin queue. Money left on counter. Bins not emptied because overfull. If their full this week and not emptied they will be even fuller in a fortnight. This will do for a bit.
  7. Hi Compo, living up there, you should be familiar with cranachan, on of my favourite deserts ever. I agree, everything here I enjoy. Food hates are Turkish Delight and Bounty bars. For lunch I've just had two thick slices of wholemeal toast, lashings of butter and crunchy peanut butter.
  8. Steak, there's nothing like a chunk of red meat occasionally.
  9. Re #124, could Sandersons be the same firm that made meat pies in the 40's & 50's. I think it was somewhere near where Wilkinsons is in Bulwell. My dad used to get pies from Sandersons to sell in his chippie.
  10. I suppose we will foot the bill for their incarceration. If EU rules dictate that they should stay here, then make EU pay. Then again as I stated on another topic " Bring on the vigilantes "........The Wild Bunch, The Magnificent 7, Charles Bronson character in Death Wish, The Expendables, Arnie, Rambo, John Wayne, The Chindits, Rebus. Oh dear, I'll have to sit down and have my medication.
  11. Sod the do-gooders, vigilantes are the only answer!
  12. And of course Humphrey Bogart. Possibly one of the greatest of all time. Can anyone imagine any of these asexual clones that are popular today achieving the greatness of those I have listed. No.
  13. Forgot two other greats, Lee Marvin and Richard Boone. They could tackle any role. Oh and also the gorgeous Kiera Knightly.
  14. Good job nobody photographed the Leen between Wilkos, Argos and Tescos. You could fill a lorry daily with rubbish from that area. Stella cans and bottles, scratch cards by the thousand, fag packets, disposable nappies, furniture and of course, the worlds greatest provider of rubbish, McDonalds waste. You could put litter bins every two yards. Would they be filled! Not on your life. The local chavs and inbreds would uproot them and sling them in the river.
  15. Could never take to Robert Shaw, think he reminded me of a teacher at school. Can't stand Ray Winston, he really thinks he is an East End hard man, just like Bob Hoskins previously. Nesbit looks like an inbred with his eyebrows meeting. Sean Connery, self opinionated. My favourites are IMHO Ernest Borgnine, versatile and rugged. James Stewart, utterly convincing. Gary Cooper, dependable. Lee van Cleef, wouldn't appear in films if he had to hit women. Gene Hackman, formidable. Robert Duvall, real hard man. L Q Jones, likeable rogue. James Coburn, suave but a hint of danger. William Holden, tough but handsome. Clinton Eastwood, ultimate professional. Tom Bell, menacing but reliable. All these actors were what my parents called " Men's men ". I used to think that can't be true, they're not poofs. (Commonly used in 60's) Then in later life I realised that these actors were admired more for their acting skills than looks. They are strong, resolute,versatile, loyal, dependable, invincible, fearless, resilient and more. They are the people you would want on your side if your life depended on them. If it was "backs to the wall time". As off actresses, I'm a bit shallow here, I've gone mainly for looks. Michelle Pfeiffer, naturally beautiful. Olivia Hussey. as above. Tippi Hedren, delicate. Jodie Foster, best actress ever. Sandra Bullock, funny and versatile. Jill St John, sexy. Brigette Bardot, what legs. Celia Imrie, good fun. Shelley Winters, all woman. Tea Leonine, pretty. That's it!
  16. Yes it's certainly high up there. I worked at Nottm Patent Brick Co in 1968. God! It was hot in there. Lost about a stone in five months.
  17. Hi TYAFANS. You have started something here. I never grasped Pet Sounds either, but that's people's choice. I've argued endlessly about pop and rock for over 50 years with folk who don't like what I do. I've never been a great fan of Motown, soul and disco either. I could never understand the popularity of Queen, Lennon, Aunty Elton, or Neil Young. I've seen most of the pop and rock acts since 1959. My faves were Rory Gallagher, Groundhogs, Who, Steve Marriott and the original line up of Fleetwood Mac. Worst acts seen were Roxy Music, Dire Straits, Alison Moyet and the Stones mid 80's. Re Rory, no one and I mean NO ONE comes remotely close to having a rapport with the audience that he had. His live gigs were legendary. 3hrs + some nights. A great gent and a sad loss. At the moment, I'm listening to the Allman Brothers, Rodney Crowell and John Fogerty. Cheers.
  18. Just driven past and noticed the Comm Centre is called Leen Valley, after Leen Valley Junction i presume, but I'm sure that's Highfields area.
  19. Re #171 ChrisB is correct. The area from the City Hospital up to Arnold Rd behind the Co-op, and the land on the other side of Arnold Rd where the new housing estate replaced High Pavement School used to be referred to Highfields. The Community Centre near the Co-op I think is called Highfields CC. Re Heathfield, a mates parents ran the Heathfield Pub in the early 60s and you could feel throbbing underneath the bar. I don't know which line ran nearest, I presume it was the main line to Vic. There is a company called Alan Godfrey Maps publishing old Ordnance Survey maps. I've just got 38.05 Bulwell 1913 which just misses this area. However, Old Basford 1913 is currently in production. That should show everything.
  20. Saw one of Beardsleys on Hucknall Rd yesterday. I think Steads used to have a small depot just on the left of Churchfield Lane, Bobbers Mill, early to mid 50s .Where the Heron shop is now.
  21. I remember Alvin used to date Lorraine Burgin whose parents ran the Newcastle Arms on Nuttall Rd. Always a good pint there! I think she went to live in London with him when the Jaybirds became TYA. Last saw him about 15 years ago at Mansfield Leisure Centre alongside Gerry McAvoy from Rory Gallaghers band. Was also at Central Studios in Lenton for a TV recording of TYA.
  22. There was a National Benzole station on Ilkeston Rd on the left going towards Nottm not far after St Peters St near a pub called the Jolly Higglers. Also I believe there was a small filling station on Alfreton Rd next to Le Grande pub. I know they sold paraffin because I remember getting some for my dad when we lived on Bridlington St.
  23. "Fortiter in re, suariter in modo"