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  1. Hi Mick, I was Googling around for Annesley, Bulwell Common and Colwick and I fell upon Nottstalgia. I browsed a bit and found the Nottm Transport thread. I read all the topics thinking Rob237 sounds a good bloke, then low and behold Bingham is mentioned and everything fell into place. It's my old mate Bob. I wish I had persisted with my attempts to log on if just to let him know I was OK after all these years. He really was a great gentleman, comic and friend. If only I had known he was in the City Hospital I could have popped in as I live so close. Have a pint and a Parkie up there on me Bob. Cheers Tim C
  2. Hi folks, I first encountered Robert Pollard (Bob) when my family and I moved to Saxondale Village around the mid 80's. We visited the Moot House pub in Bingham after I noticed that a "Quiz Night" was being held on Thursdays. I entered a team, and came second. When Bob who was the quizmaster came to pay our prize money, we got chatting about our team name (Saxondale Reds). He obviously realised that I was a Forest fan, and made us feel most welcome. After frequently attending the weekly quiz we would chat about Forest and then our other great interests, especially railways. We both had a vast collection of railway books which we would often lend each other. It transpired that our railway interests were similar, and spent many hours recalling our train spotting experiences over a couple of large whiskers. Bobs main interests were cricket, at which he often umpired locally. Nottingham Forest, the East Coast mainline, the ex GC mainline through Bulwell Common and Nottingham Victoria and amazingly, a vast knowledge of Nottingham Corporation bus routes. Over the next few years we ran the Moot House quiz together. He would set the questions for a few months, then I would do likewise. As you all know, he attended High Pavement Grammar School and was very well educated. He had a wide knowledge of most subjects. His main feature was his wicked sense of humour. He was always one for the quick one liners. He was never rude, but tolerated fools very lightly indeed. He was not very PC, but was always kind, helpfull and generous. He loved his Real Ale and his beloved Park Drive cigarettes and liked the social life in Bingham. I left Saxondale in 2001 and sadly lost touch due to my work commitments, and frequently travelling abroad. It's a pity I didn't manage to contact him through this forum as I'm sure we would have had plenty to talk about. I now live only yards from where he used to lark about as a schoolboy, Bagthorpe Junction and the "Rathole". I can guarantee that Bingham is much the poorer for Bobs demise. He will be very sadly missed. Cheers, Tim C (Basford Red)