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  1. I thought I had when on holiday in the Isle of Wight. In Godshill I found a fiver. Dead chuffed until we got back to the car in Shanklin and noticed a parking ticket. £60 quid cos I parked in the area designated for coaches. The fact that there were none in didn't matter, however it only cost me £30 as I paid within 14 days.
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    Mrs J, can we have less mention of Colin Firths simmering manhood. I nearly choked on my cake!!!!!!
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    Love most Westerns especially if you look beyond the settings and appreciate the situation, also ANYTHING with Jodie Foster in it. I know she bats for the other side (allegedly ) but she is gorgeous and that accent WOW! She could talk to me for ever.
  4. I used to be an advocate of euthanasia until I reached 60,now I'm not so fond of the idea.
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    You're right, I don't like any of the Bond leads. However, I will watch anything with Kiera Knightly in it , even Pirates of the Carribean. Sod the storyline .
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    I can't stand Bond films or Science Fiction. Avatar was innovative in the characters but was so anti American and Global Industry that I soon got bored.. America might have ridden roughshod over lesser nations and races, but where would the world be without their aid and resources. To be No1 in the world after only about 250 years of formation is nothing short of remarkable. I prefer films with a good storyline, I'm not really bothered about special effects or endless action. Probably my favourites are Sergeant Yorke, The Usual Suspects, The Ladykillers, League of Gentlemen (original) most black&whites, Clint Eastwood films, always varied subjects and good stories,eg Beguiled, Play Misty for me, Grand Torino, Unforgiven etc etc.
  7. I think it is now used as a Pre School Playgroup / Nursery.
  8. Brilliant! Especially the bit about the Welsh.
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    Same with "Silence of the Lambs" I read the book first then saw the film. If it had been the other way round, I'd have been a bit jumpy.
  10. I tell them it's crap that blood is thicker than water, and to get in the real world.
  11. Trouble is if the a***holes are close family, they will gang up on you. I don't get on with one of my brothers in law, but if we cross swords, they all back him and gang up on me.
  12. Does anyone remember Nottingham Folk Club. It was on either George St or Heathcote St and held on a Sunday night. There was a guy called Quentin Hood who was always the star attraction. He was quite good.This would be about 1966 or 67. They didn't serve alcohol so we always left before 10.30 so we could get a last pint or two in. In fact , many pubs closed at 10pm in the 60's
  13. Seems a bit unfair to me that Notts CC have to battle all season against relegation because their two world class bowlers were on England duty all summer. Rob237 would be pleased, NCCC escape relegation, England win the Ashes and Notts win the YB 40 Cup.
  14. I thought at first it was Patti Smith who did a great version, but then I remembered Sam Fox did some publicity stunt with Hawkwind. Actually her voice isn't bad, it must be those great lungs she had.
  15. Let's momentarily get back to Pet Hates. As well as youngsters who talk with an inflection at the end of a phrase or sentence , equally irritating are those who finish every sentence with "YES". These are nearly always insecure types who need convincing that they know what they're talking about. Salesmen or Managers who realise that they were promoted beyond their capabilities and need to convince their underlings who is in charge, and who knows best. By doing this, it assuages their already inflated egos.
  16. "Gimme Shelter" from this ordeal.
  17. Even if it was spelt correctly , he'd still look a tw*t.
  18. Is that "The Last Time" this subject will be mentioned.
  19. Any more of this, and I'll get my ya yas out!
  20. Re # 141, Ain't no sunshine now she's gone, Ain't no stoppin' me now , Re # 142, No Ashley, not know alls, it's knowing right from wrong. re # 143, we had one at Plessey years ago. Straight from Manchester Uni and couldn't even use an electric drill. He soon left and went selling bibles. Re # 145, Nice one BasfordLad I like it, I li li li li like it.
  21. What about the use of double negatives, such as " I ain't not got no money". That really pi***s me off.
  22. Thanks Beefsteak , I can now impress the wife with my vast knowledge . That should get me a couple of Brownie points.
  23. What is the difference between a cooker and an oven? I'm only a mere man, what do I know about these things ?