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  1. Same yesterday with the chaos caused by the Robin Hood half marathon. Don't the organisers realise folks have things to do and lives to lead ? Let em run round Wollaton Pk lake a few times.
  2. I'd have thought that leaning forward would only you to force things thereby causing piles to appear ! I've got a little foot stool, and sit with my arms on my knees reading, or on my iPad ! Automatic seat cleaning ! It's a good job you weren't still sitting on it Lizzie, or you might have got more than you bargained for ! You'd be dizzy, wet, and oh, and that brush can be a bit unnerving, embarrassing, not to say a mite painful. Oh God, what a subject. Let's get on to bad driving, litter, fly tipping or vandalism !
  3. I've only quickly browsed through the pics, and couldn't see the long gone pub, Jallands. It was just up from Burtons. When I first went in in the very early 60's, they still put sawdust on the floor. They were also the only pub in Nottingham to sell draught Guinness !
  4. SQUAT ! I'd never get perpendicular again ! I'd end up rolling on the floor on my back in filth and fluids ! I did see something similar in Greece and Brittany, but I suspect they were of 19th century origin. I'd like to think we've progressed as a society since then.
  5. Chips, chips and more chips !
  6. In yesterday's Evening Post, a 23 year old guy who'd been banned from driving 9 times, yes 9 times, was only jailed for 2 years, and banned for 44 months. He was in a stolen vehicle, no insurance and driving while disqualified. He drove through red lights, hit bollards and lost a wheel, carried on speeding, and narrowly missed workers in a section of road works. Just how long does it take for a dimwit of a judge to finally see the light. The guy should have been jailed ages ago, and banned from driving for life ! Truly unbelievable !
  7. I think I was still there a couple of years ago, as I remember walking past it, and a couple of derelict buildings full of empty Fosters cans !
  8. Hartcroft and Stevenholme were later additions as far as I can recall. I knew at least two people who had moved in there, when the properties were almost new. Up to you Ben !
  9. More at the boys house than in the class. Not a good idea !
  10. Same on Final Score on Saturday afternoons. They're very knowledgable, but it just seems strange.
  11. FLY2


    You're lucky it didn't all end up in your lap Jill. There's currently a product called Toffee Waffles which you place over your cup, and the heat melts it, and then you eat it. I've seen them in Tesco's and Lidls. Yumminess ecstasy.
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    A quick dunk, and straight in ! I never give them chance to get soggy !
  13. FLY2


    Shortbreads ! Dunkilicious in the extreme !
  14. Just remembered, the cement mixer thingy was called a rumbler. It was rough inside, and just rubbed the surface of the skin off.
  15. That's exactly how things were in dads chippie ! I've spent hours of my childhood helping by putting spuds in the cement mixer looking thing that removed the skins. Speck them manually, by removing the 'eyes', then tipping them into the automatic chipper ! Happy days.
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    Butter Crunch, Malted Milk and half covered chocolate digestives.
  17. Well this afternoon, we can sit back and relax in the knowledge that Forest will still be in the playoffs at 5pm this afternoon.
  18. You've lost me there B. I can't recall any York bound diesels. Unless it was a special working. Although I do remember a couple of Southern Region class 33's on a special around here.
  19. Ben, wasn't there a coal merchant operating from the bottom of Landcroft Crescent in the mid to late 60's ? I often saw at least one lorry parked up there at times.
  20. I'll take a walk to the lakes over the weekend weather permitting.
  21. Brilliant details Col. It was your domain. I just used the area for spotting purposes.
  22. Bestwood Rd, I mean Ben, not Moorbridge Lane. It ran through Bestwood Village as you know.