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  1. C&A were still operating in Switzerland, Italy, Germany and France a month ago.
  2. Hopefully he's basking in unbroken sunshine, convalescing with a quadruple G & T in his hand.
  3. Remember seeing Marina in an episode of Pointless a few months ago. Facially, she looks exactly the same. An amazingly funny lady. She used to live in Thorne, north Notts at one time.
  4. So sad. She was brilliant as Pearl, trying to keep track of Howard's antics. Always one step ahead !
  5. Hide Away...... Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Titch.
  6. The little white dot in the top right hand corner of the tv screen, immediately before adverts come on when watching ITV. I used to think it was an indication to put the kettle on !
  7. Think I know the pic you're referring to DA. Is it the one of a 9F, a B16 and an O4 ? It's in virtually every book I've seen on the GC in Notts.
  8. Think you're correct there DA re 9F's not fitting on Vics turntable. They didn't have the same problem at Annesley I don't think. I'm pretty certain I've seen them turned there. Glad you've bought The Back Liny. It'll keep you busy for days. There's also three other good books by Reed covering all areas of Nottm. Check them out on Book Law's website. Best of luck.
  9. I'm not surprised. He's been on 13 hours already today. LOL. Well done ! Even succumbing to the word games. Just saying !
  10. The lard / fat for dads chippie in the late 50's was delivered in blocks about as big as a small suitcase. Yes, heavy indeed.
  11. FLY2

    Ginger Baker RIP.

    My thoughts exactly.
  12. FLY2


    Clotted Cream for me !
  13. Sometimes one needs to take more than two. It all depends on the strength of course.
  14. Burtons Arcade was often a Saturday afternoon treat for me too. The cheese aromas, fish smells, hanging poultry. Fascinating for a small child.