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  1. As Col says. By about 64, the impresario, agents and other hangers on were thankfully beginning to lose their grip and influence on artists song content. Rock & Roll had been going for a good few years, and now was the time for the singer/ songwriters , beat and blues groups and rock music to prevail. Thank goodness.

    Just watching Lynyrd Skynyrd doing Freebird live from Atlantic City on utube.

    That kiddies is how it's done !

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  2. Yes Col, I know Frankie  V did a lot for charity, and I admire him for it, but it was just his looks and song content I struggled with.

    Anyway, back on topic regarding lyrics. I liked Leroy Van Dyke's 'Walk on By' also two covers by Gregg Allman, namely, Steal Away, and The Dark End of the Street. I love songs of clandestine and illicit associations. That's life !

  3. Of course groups are valid B. Most of the chart entries over the last 50 years have been done by groups. Especially in the 60's.

    Some fantastic stuff. Someone mentioned The Hollies, who I consider to be probably the best group other than the Stones and Beatles.

    Then Manfred Mann. Great talent. Then at the other end of the spectrum. Freddie and the Dreamers.

  4. I don't mind good pop songs from any era, but it's the banal mind numbing stuff like Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep and other such ridiculous so called 'novelty' songs. 

    This has developed into a good topic, as long as music snobbery doesn't creep in. Music provides something for most people.

    Those who say they dislike any form of music must be bereft of emotion. They should check their pulse !

  5. Well there's nowt as strange as folks eh ! A newbie posted once, and I knew it was someone from FFGS, so I replied to their request via pm, as some details were personal. That was six months  ago, and the PM hasn't even been read yet. This is probably the third time this sort of thing has happened. Very odd.

    So much for forum etiquette !