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  1. I go to Liverpool every year to visit my hubcaps,bloody bindippers the lot of 'em.
  2. Ah Shipstones..............anagram,Honest p1$$!
  3. I remember seeing Reg Guest at the Grey Goose pub,Gedling.In his intro he informed the audience his real name was Goode,and his drummers real name was Norfolk,they were going to be know as Nofolk & Goode,but after saying it quickly,they decided not to ,
  4. I married a sneinton girl,Carole Marsden,her dad was "Tishy Marsden",he was a well known boxer in his day
  5. Whenever we were sulking,mam used to say "you've got a face as long as a gas mans mac"we never did understand,until later we remembered the gas man use to come and empty the meter,and his coat was nearly touching the ground!,happy days .
  6. hiya mega,yes it had the three balls hanging outside,the proper name was Ernest Whiting &sons
  7. does anyone remember "Uncle Ernies",the pawnshop on Carlton Road,junction of Handel Street.When i was about 4 mother used to take dads best suit in to pawn on a monday morning,and redeem it on Friday for dad to wear at weekend.