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  1. I love to listen to someone playing guitar. The last time I went to hear someone playing was in, The Sir Walter Raleigh pub on Raleigh St about 8 years ago. My nephew gave me his electric yahama. But I cannot play it. I am going to look for a teacher in a couple of months to show me. It is so relaxing to listen to.
  2. The other side of that house sticking out, wasn't that the old sawmill? I'm sure that was a wood yard years ago, but could be wrong.
  3. Yes your right Mick. I work for a company down on that road. It is Old Basford.
  4. Me & my sister got caught playing nick from school by the schoolboard officer one afternoon. When we went home, the schoolboard were there talking to me mum. Me & my sister got a slap & made to go upstairs. We took my pillowcase & put some clothes in & ran off. We went to the cemetry & went down to the sunken part. There were parts like caves. We stayed there till it was dark & then started hearing all kind of nosies & got really scared. Then we heard people talking, not sure who it was, we couldn't really see. We ran all the way back home & got a right shouting at. We were about 13 yrs old & knew a few kids that used to go in there & walk around.
  5. Yep thats the one I've been trying to find out if the nuns still do the teaching there. Sister Francis used to scare the living daylights outa me lol Me & my sister got the cane across our hands a few times lol
  6. Thank you for the lovely welcome I used to live on, Marple street off woodborough rd. I have find a couple of pic's a few hours ago. I lived at the top where the steps were. Before that, I lived on Manning street off woodborough road. Now it is all St. Anns & the old streets have gone. Not like it used to be lol I remember when we all used to be able to walk into each others house & my mum used to bang on the livng room wall for her fiend to come round for a cuppa & she used to do the same lol
  7. Me & my sisters went to St. Bernadette's. I started there in 1971 until my 5th year. But being honest, I missed nearly the last two years. I used to nick off with my sister & go into town or a mates house O_o One place we did go & sit for hours is, on top of the mounts lol
  8. Anyone go to this school back in 1967ish. Me & my sister both attented this school. We wasn't cathoics, but my mum is & she got them take us on. I remember the nuns & a german male teacher. The headmistress was, Sister frances. I cannot find anything on the net about the school & the nuns, only details of the school today. Would love to hear from anyone that went to the school. We didn't stay there long. We were always on the move & to a different school.
  9. Aup, I found this site by trying to find pic's of an old street I used to live on. It's funny how ya start getting that bit older, ya start to look back on ya childhood. Looking forward to having a chat with ya soon. Teresa.