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  1. I first started wearing wranglers in the mid seventies and always got them from Jeff's. They used to sell seconds, labelled as"irregulars", with a small fault in the dye or stitching getting you a pound or two off the price. I remember jeans were a lot tougher then. You literally had to break them in like shoes when new. They gave me saddle sores between the legs. Also used to go to the wrangler shop in Calverton if someone had a car.
  2. That reminds me somehow- the rec on Heathfield Estate had a shelter on a concrete hill in the middle. One night in the early sixties someone broke in and painted ROCKERS right across the back wall. (It was at the height of the mods and rockers craze). The daubing must have been there until the late eighties! It was an ugly white scar on a quiet little suburban children's park and the council never gave a toss. they employed a full time 'parkie' in the old days as well.
  3. Can anyone remember waking up one morning in the mid to late seventies to find "APRIL IS A WHORE" painted over factory walls all around Basford in thick white paint? It was there for many years afterwards. I think the council were too mean or broke to remove it. I always wondered who April was, who she upset and how she felt about the graffiti. Does anyone else remember it? I didn't dream it all did I?
  4. Choo Choo Toffee Crisp For sixpence a bar!
  5. I remember Batman cards, related to the Adam West TV series. Most of all I remember the soccer star collections that changed season by season. Do you recall taking a pile of 'swaps' round the playground at playtime and exhibiting them to fellow collectors? The fellow addict would mutter ''got! got! aint got!'' at each card and then offer you some of his own swaps in exchange for your ''aint gots''. In each series or 'set' of cards there were always one or two that were reputedly 'rare'. This could have been a sixties kids urban myth. However a card known to be 'rare' could be worth several of
  6. The Royal George (Canning Circus) and the Hearty Good Fellow.
  7. Alright Martyn. I used to deliver papers for 'Lauros' in the early 70s. They were Sid and Stan and the other brother John who ran the post office side. The sister had the wool shop next door. Next to the grocers shop you mentioned was Marsdens with the old style bacon slicer. We used to play on the banks too after the line was closed down by Beeching. Do you remember the kid getting his leg severed further down the line when some old disused trucks were somehow got moving by his mates? That would be in the 60s.
  8. The only staff member I remember was the doorman. He was youngish though older than most customers, not very big and a very smart ted/rockabilly. His arms were covered in tats and his legs were crippled somehow though he was very mobile. Quiet chap.
  9. Teds were in a big revival during the 70s. Ask any 70s punks.
  10. Anyone caught up in the Nottm punk scene in the late 70s? (Yes there was one). Go down Sandpiper or even Katies in Beeston? See the Clash at the Palais in 77 (oh yes!) What about Sham at Pipers when they had to use the black guys from ad lib next door as stage security? Remember the Bollocks court case centred around Virgin window display in Nottingham? Bash any teds or hippies? Get bashed? Love to hear. Remind me of fun times. Punked 4ever.
  11. It was a dedicated teddy boys pub in the late 70s.
  12. The Ad Lib club was next door to the Sandpiper punk club in the Lacemarket. Everyone from Sham69 to the Lurkers appeared there. A right cellarful of noise with sweat running down from the walls and ceiling.
  13. Grew up on Petworth Drive in the 60s and 70s. Spent all my spare time on Heathfield Park and went to Heathfield Primary School.