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  1. Hi Mudgie49, Yes I will admit to being at Beeston Fields Secondary Modern school. My years of learning started in 1947 and lasted until 1952, it was a tough school with a reputation for doling out the cane (of which I had my share). Teachers of that era I remember included:- Mr Roberts (headmaster), Mr Cottam, Mr Connop, Mr Houghton, Mr Hill (metalwork), Mr Wilcox (may have been Wilcoxon in woodwork) Mr Long, Miss Gresham, Mr Appleton and many more who's names elude me at the moment. When you were there did they still have the annual staff versus pupils football and cricket matches?
  2. The pub I have found out since was called the GREEN DRAGON INN, sorry for the mistake.
  3. Can anyone help with the exact location of the Green Dragon public house at Chilwell. I believe it was the location that the bare fist boxer Bendigo used for his training headquarters.
  4. As an 11year old lad I can remember helping my dad to erect the first Ericsson social club in 1948 on Grassy Lane. My dad Tom worked in the stores at Ericsson for 24 years so I bet he new David Swift but sadly he's no longer here for me to ask. I served my apprenticeship at Ericsson and remember well the inter-departmental competition that was held annually between the departments, these being held in the club. The competition included darts, dominoes, cards(whist),billiards & snooker. They were friendly yet were a very competitive Knock out competition with a trophy being presented to the
  5. How many remember working at Ericsson's. I served my apprenticeship as a wood machinist from 1952 - 1958 in N2 department. The wood-mill as it was more commonly known as was one of the best equipped wood machining workshops in the area in the 1950's & 60's. It also provided the apprentice with one of the finest apprenticeships any young man could wish for, very comprehensive with the company taking a direct interest of the progress being made by its students. Ericsson's was, in my opinion one of the best employers in the area.
  6. Does anyone remember the level crossing into Beeston Rylands pre 1969 (year the bridge was built). Going into the Rylands, on the left would be the signal box and the station would be on the right. After crossing the railway a large building on the left was the Co-OP skin processing plant (Skin Yard to the locals) which had a particularly pungent smell on warm days. Next door to the skin yard was another large house which was being used for meeting rooms in the 1940's. At the side of this house was an orchard and as a young boy in the 1940's I remember a crashed aeroplane in that orchard. I re
  7. I have placed a post in the general chat section about Toby's, maybe I have placed it in the wrong section. I do remember Toby's well, still have some wine glasses that were bought from there in the 1950's. When did the shop open, and when did it close? This shop was a sad loss when it finally closed its doors. The quality of its goods was always top drawer, however, they did have sales of seconds when bargains could be found. Any other memories of this Nottingham store.
  8. My mother used to refer to any illness someone had as DIDLUM TWINK. Conversation went along the lines of "has anyone seen whosit lately" the reply would be "Nah not seen him, think ayz got DIDLUM TWINK" Has anyone else heard this phrase, perhaps revealing what treatment may be available for the illness, maybe DIDLUM TWINK was the last stage of having partaken of two much falling down water at the local hostelry.
  9. The cinema near the priory island I did not count in as being in Beeston, I considered it to be Lenton Abbey. However the cinema was called the Astoria (later to be called The Essoldo) and it was here that I went to see Bill Haley and the Comets in Rock Around the Clock. What memories!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Beeston had three cinemas, the Majestic on Queens Road, the Palladium And the Palace on the High Road. Does any one have memories of these cinemas?
  11. The Royal Oak on Villa Street has now been replaced with an Indian restaurant. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh god help this once great country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. I remember both the paddling pool and the lido very well. The paddling pool water source I believe was the Tottle Brook which is still to be seen winding its way through the Highfield's grounds. The Lido was at the Lenton end of the Park, it was open from late spring to early Autumn and had a reputation of being cold. It was the venue for our swimming lessons from school (Beeston Fields) which I attended on a regular basis irrespective of weather conditions? The paddling pool did have a problem with broken glass but that could be overcome with wearing plimsolls. The Tottle Brook was ideal for
  13. The skin yard at Beeston took some beating for its pong. This was a building at side of the level crossing at Beeston Station. Disappeared in 1969 when the road bridge over the railway was opened. Level crossing disappeared at the same time.
  14. also known as a technicolor Yawn
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  17. This phrase was heard in my classroom at Beeston Fields school when the teacher ask if anyone new where one of the pupils were, that was the reply. The teacher then wrote the word on the black board. Can anyone translate it.
  18. How many remember swimming in Beeston canal at Beeston Lido. The sign Beeston Lido can still be seen vaguely on the Nottingham portal of the canal bridge at Beeston. I remember learning to swim at Beeston Lido, the lido being closed by the local authority in 1947. However, swimming at this location continued for many years after the lido's closure. Do you have memories of those happy summer days when time seemed to stand still, I would like to here about them if you did.
  19. I remember helping my father to erect the steel frames that were to become the "new" social club on Grassy Lane Beeston, the year I think was 1948. I started working for Ericsson's on new years eve 1952 as an apprentice in the wood mill staying there until 1959. I recall the inter-departmental competitions that were held in the social club, darts, cards, dominoes, snooker and billiards being the main items of the competition. I also recollect the wonderful cricket pitch and sports field on Meadow Road. this cricket pitch dates back to the mid 19th century and I believe it was one of the early