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  1. I am dgbrits wife from nottingham living in California. I wish to thank you all for your kind words. Derek will be truly missed.
  2. Last year my bill was $334,000 yes I'm worth it lol
  3. I'm shaking it boss. Paul Newman Whos the best pilot you've ever seen, The Right Stuff You mention Hitchcock.... Chulla. We have a friend whos husband wrote the screenplay for the Birds amongst others, He past away about 8 years ago Evan Hunter, Ed McBain + a few other names he used for his books.
  4. Hi Chulla I take a pill that is about the same size but solid my trick is a big gob full of water/liquid pop in the pill and swallow all in one go, 9 pills all at the same time inc the monster. I went for my Colonoscopy last week & everything is ok one pollop that came back benign was removed so the operation & chemo did the trick. Don't have to have another for 3 years which sounds encouraging.
  5. Drill through to vent it and the pain will go away quicker than Antib Its because the puss has no where to go so it builds up pressure and you get swollen & pulsing Wont give Antib here as when you really need them you have built up resistance. Ps if its a upper tooth its more dangerous than a lower as it has a direct route to the brain. Anesthetics don't work when its abscessed. Ps if you have a puss bleb on the gum you can always pop it & that will vent it (Not Kidding)
  6. Its funny but when people drop off posting for a bit you wonder what happened. I know Mudgie has had a birthday last month and has been busy with his painting. Pixie has disappeared also ? But its good to see Ash back & running around. Watch out for them speed cameras on your new transportation.
  7. No need to make do anymore just got our pension increases me 25p the wife 12p Ps. that's a WEEK .
  8. Chulla Cobalt blue if I remember.
  9. dgbrit

    4k Smart TVs

    Whats wrong with Amazon don't they have the best price? And the best return policy. Ps . That Cessna plane is a 336 not 422 the predictive text changed the numbers no idea why.
  10. dgbrit

    4k Smart TVs

    Mick2me its the Sacramento Frys or the Concord one if I fly in with my mate. 25 miles either one. Get to fly his Cessna 422 Skymaster just like the one in Bat21, Love that airplane.
  11. I am now a registered drone pilot with the FAA, Mandatory here if you want to fly up to $25000 fine if you don't have the license. My son and I build & fly the racing drones they do about 65mph and could do some damage if they hit a person. I call it my flying house brick.
  12. Thanks Chulla that was the guy i had to replace the boot lid on that NSU as it had a dent in it so the new one arrived it had 19 dents in it was easy to fix one than 19 the owner agreed, Funny thing I nearly crashed it moving it into the shop it had a funny way of changing gears no clutch pedal, put it in reverse and hit the gas nothing happened tried another gear .......nothing plenty of revs still nothing. Even more revs still nothing until I let go of the gearstick & it took off like a bloody rocket almost drove it into a brick wall. Finally got it sorted the clutch disengaged when y
  13. dgbrit

    4k Smart TVs

    I saw 55inch 4k at Fry's $699 & it was a LG which is the brand that I think has the best picture But until my old one quits not spending the money. I can already see the raindrops when watching Barclays premier league footy.
  14. I used to do the bodywork for Crown Motors in Bullwell they were the NSU dealers. Nice cars first Wankel engine I ever saw. It was owned by a pro cricket player.