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  1. wel one gud bit a news...no smokin in de pubs after July next year....dats real good news man ! it sure gonna save a lota lives , dat is for shaw.
  2. Uhhhhh? wat as a horse got to do wid it ?
  3. Dis as got to be da sadist tred on dis forum man !
  4. me no like dat side o de city ! Shrewod and Arnold a lota bettar !
  5. It crap...even me coud do a better one !
  6. uhhhh what gives man...dem boys look to yong to av bin in the u s Union solders
  7. yae, turn on de lit for dees poor blacks and dis guy and weep for dis guy ! dats right ...sons a bit holow dont you !
  8. wel if yo lose in dwe bowl aree mw be de boss then !
  9. Nottinhm is gud place to live !
  10. Heey man looks like old Edwin got promoted to Super Nottstalgian....what de pay rise, and wen I be a bos ?
  11. Dat way outa order man....when de boss gona ban some o dees guys !