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  1. Hi all, Look ... I'm really sorry if I upset anyone with my post yesterday, that wasn't my intention at all. One of the members has replied with this ... "I suspect that he chose this easy going forum for his groundless rant on purpose. On a lot of other forums the responses would have been a lot less polite...." This is not fair, I'm a bloke who keeps myself to myself and I certainly don't shout about my sexuality, I'm just a normal, easy going bloke who has a major interest in local history, and I certainly didn't post this to "an easy going forum for his groundless rant on purpose". I was a little harsh on reflection saying that some posts were a bit homophobic, what I should have said was there were a couple of post in the past that made me take notice. The two posts were ... The post about public toilets, a couple of people mentioned that they had closed due to "Inappropriate activities". Maybe I'm being a little sensitive but no one actually said that they might have closed for other reasons. Yes I know "Inappropriate activiites" have happened in male public toilets in the past but it just made me feel a little bit uneasy and maybe it came across to me as a little one sided. I read a recent post yesterday about improvements to the Forest. I noticed someone had said "Homosexuals and Lesbians will be getting their own toilets next". I don't quite know what this meant but again, maybe I'm being a little over sensitive but it made me feel a little uneasy and made me take notice. I will say again, I really didn't want to offend anyone with my post. I have noticed that a few of the replies have been quite harsh, and some of the replies have been quite supportive which is nice. I'm just a bloke from Basford with a keen interest in old railways, world war two, old industrial staff and old Nottingham in general and I find this forum very useful and an interesting read. I hope we can forget this matter now and move on, I hate confrontation and again I'm really sorry, I'm probably being a little over sensitive. Hope no one hates me too much, and if anyone wants me to leave the forum, I will go. Thanks Tim :-)
  2. You know ... When I made this original comment I knew this would be the sort of response I would get ... As I said ... I didn't want to ruffle any feathers ...
  3. That is homophobia of the highest order ... Would the moderators please delete my profile from this forum ... I will NOT be using it again ... I'll find a local history forum where people are more tolerant ... Goodbye !!!!
  4. Hi all, I don't want to ruffle any feathers here as I'm quite a newbie (only posted a couple of items) but I'm a bit of a lurker on here and read posts in the forum most day's as I'm very interested in the history of Nottingham - particularly old railways, Nottingham at war and industrial stuff. What I have noticed on the forums over the past couple of months is the homophobia there is on this forum, granted there isn't a lot, just the odd comment here and there but as a gay man I do notice it and find it a bit odd in this day and age. To be fair, the comments are few and far between and most people wouldn't notice it. I know people have 'freedom of speech' and I accept that, I'm in not the sort of bloke who makes a big issue of my sexuality - I'm just a normal bloke who happens to be attracted to the same sex rather than the opposite sex. As I say, I love this forum but there have just been one or two comments that have gone against the grain in the past couple of months. Thanks for listening !!! Tim :-)
  5. Yeah I'm interested in any type :-)
  6. I work right near junction of Nottingham Road/Lortas Road ... Interesting ... Of course, I know all about the caves being used during WW2 and the gated entrance to a former cave/shelter in front of one of the houses opposite Rock Cemetry on Mansfield Road ( wouldn't mind a trip down those stairs)... I'm more interested in structures that were exclusively built or used as air raid shelters ... Loving this topic already !!
  7. I've always had a fascinating interest in the home front during WW2 (alongside my fascination of disused railways) and reading one of the other topics which mentioned a few remaing air raid shelters in Nottingham, I wondered if anyone knew of any other locations in Nottingham where you can still see intact or remains of old shelters (I'd love to see an Anderson shelter that might still remain in someone's back garden and better still be able to go inside !!). I live in Basford and not spotted anything obvious on my travels. I'm originally from Ilkeston and know of the old shelters at Stanton (although I've only ever seen them from the road at a distance (long mounds rising up with the odd ventilation pipe sticking up)). Anything like that in Nottingham ?? Timbo :-)
  8. That's the one ... Looks quite spectacular from tesco on Hucknall road shining in the sunlight ... Does anyone actually know what it is ?
  9. That will be it ... Whatever it is !!!
  10. No ... If you imagine what a spoil heap looks like at a pit ... It's like that !!!
  11. Been looking on google maps and somewhere at the back of the bakery at Watnall there is what seems to be a coal yard (somewhere around the former midland railway line) and it looks like there are piles of coal but there also seems to be a pile of something white there as well which covers quite a big area but it doesn't look very high ... Maybe it could be that and it's grown taller !!!
  12. No it's not the water tower ... I was bought up in Ilson so I know the water tower and tv mast ... This looked more like a pit tip and it was a little further west than the water tower and tv mast ... Like a pit/waste tip but it was white :-)
  13. Hiya all, don't know if anyone can help me out on this one ... Anyway, decided to go a walk today in the lovely sunshine along the old Leen Valley line that runs parallel with Hucknall Road. Once you get to Bulwell golf club/Tesco you get a very good view over to Kimberley and beyond into Derbyshire and I noticed something I'd not noticed before ... What looks like a massive white pit tip on the horizon must of been somewhere near Kimberley/M1 area. I've walked and driven along Hucknall road thousands of times and I've either not been observant or its a new tip or something ... I was taken aback because of the sheer scale of it on the horizon !!! Any ideas anyone ?