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  1. here is some trivia,anybody know who the four mavericks were?this western series ran from 1958-1962.gord
  2. this thread is very interesting.i used to buy my records from goodchilds on arkwright st, anyone remember them. i also bought albums from a guy on the market near the palais and hindleys. gord (the dude from niagara)
  3. is it just me, or does anyone else have trouble finding the park and ride in the south end of the city when visiting nottingham? gord (the dude from niagara)
  4. i worked in mr. burrows dept, anyone remember me.gord
  5. radfordred, thanks for posting ruby and the romantics, you are right it is a great song, brings back a lot of memories.later that year i got dumped, and the big song was andy williams cant get used to losing you, another good song, which seemed to fit.gord(the dude from niagara)
  6. in 1963,i was going out with a great girl called sandra. our song was, ruby and the romantics our day will come.it didnt, we split. gord
  7. hi danny,it was not me that you met on the tour bus.hope you had a nice time, on your visit to the falls.gord (the dude from niagara)
  8. this topic has probably been done before,if it has i apologize. i am new on this forum, so i wouldnt know.what is the greatest rock album of all time.my choice, pink floyd- the wall.let me know your choice. gord (the dude from niagara)
  9. hi cliff ton,thanks will try fopp.are select-a-disc still open? lot of record shops closing down. gord
  10. i will be in nottm sometime in the middle of august.i was originally from lancashire, but lived in nottm 1955-1966.then moved to canada, been here ever since. visit nottm for a couple of days every two years.gord (the dude from niagara) ps thanks for the information
  11. i will be in nottingham on holiday soon. can anybody tell me were i can buy jazz cds and records. i used to get them at the music inn at the arcade, but they seem to have gone.gord
  12. hi from the dude from niagara