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  1. I went to colleycate infants and trent bridge juinors and then on to roland green.
  2. Yeh i lived on 3 hague cottages orange street until it was demolished Hi norma iv just put some more names up. What was your surname? Do you remember the house fire where 3 children lost there lives ??
  3. Family names that also lived next door and several doors down wher the blagdens. Selina and george . Can anyone remember a fire at hague cottages where 3 children died in a fire i probly was about 3 then ????
  4. my parents were dorothy randle and trevor randle. the blagdens were my relatives too.

  5. hi everyone susan randle from orange street. never thought anyone would have commented lol. my brother was micheal randle and my sister was christine.
  6. hi i was born at 3 hague cottages orange street 1961. would love to hear from anyone . the old meadows nottingham