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  1. Well I'm visiting the area tomorrow & Wednesday to have a look around at the various places where my relatives lived, plus the Notts family history society, archives and Ruddington framework knitters musuem. Hope the rain stops for a bit!! Paul
  2. Hi Stu Thanks again. I will try contacting the farm at some stage. I know there were farmers in the earlier branches of my Lamin family - this missing branch is my first priority. I then have to fathom out why my great aunt left part of her estate to a nephew who was not a son of her direct sibling (unless she had a mystery brother/sister!) - it must have been another Lamin branch. I have emailed both churches to see if they hold records for the 1890's, my next step will be the county records office. Paul
  3. Thanks, Stu - that also looks interesting. I live in Orpington, Kent, but plan to visit the records office & hopefully the area (the grandparents are burind in Red Hill cemetery) sometime in the autumn. Of course, I still have the problem that there appears to be no record of Henry Lamin in the 1891 census, and his wife, Elizabeth, was from Balbriggan, Ireland. Unless I can find a marriage record (if indeed it was in the UK) I think I will be stuck as far as her side of the family is concerned, as I have no maiden name Paul
  4. Thanks Zab, that looks very interesting Paul
  5. Hello I am researching some of my family history - the Lamin side - and in the 1901 census my great garndparents (Henry and Elizabeth) were residing at 201 Red Hill, in the parish of St Paul. I am having trouble finding earlier details as my great grandfather is very elusive, missing from the 1891 census, and my great grandmother was from Ireland. I suspect they married in the first half of the 1890's, and probably in the Daybrook area, which brings me to my question: according to Wikipedia, Daybrook St Pauls was built between 1892 and 1896. Does anyone know what the parish would have been be
  6. Hi Stu This may be possible. I've unearthed a John Lamin (born c1781) from the 1841 census, Bestwood Park, Lenton district (that year has no further information) with his 3 sons and 2 daughters. He was a farmer. In 1851 John Lamin had obviously died and it was his eldest son John jnr "farmer of 370 acres employing 4 indoor, 2 outdoor labourers", by 1861 the acreage had gone up a bit & they were shown as living at Bestwood Park Farmhouse. Still investigating Paul
  7. Hi Stu Thanks for the information. All I can really remember about the house was that it was large, with a good-sized high-walled garden, and that it was on the main (presumably Mansfield) Road. I also remember the buses, even if I did think they were trolleybuses! My great-grandfather was a joiner, although his father was a farmer, so anything's possible. I'm still delving, although have just had a setback - a marriage certificate which I thought was for my great-grandfather has arrived - and it isn't! There appear to be no records for him between birth in 1866 and the 1901 census, when he
  8. Thanks Limey I guess 50+ years are playing a few tricks. I suspect I saw the trolleybuses in the centre a few times (they weren't in our locality at the time - Hayes (Kent) - so it was much more interesting!) Paul
  9. Our posts crossed in the ether! Yes you are right. My great aunt (the one I *did* know about) later moved to Edwin Street, Daybrook. I have the estate agents notes from when the house was sold after she died in 1987 (for £13000), and it sounds like it was a similar type of property, although smaller. Thanks for posting the link to the photo Paul
  10. Hi littlebro Many thanks, that's just what I needed to know. One lady - who I didn't know much about, and doesn't appear to be on the 1901 census, and seems to have been another aunt to my mother - maried someone who lived in this road. As her family lived in Red Hill, that seems fairly logical regards Paul
  11. Hi Mick2me Yes I as looking for how to and decided it was as easy to reply Paul
  12. Sorry all, the heading should be Parish, not Paris! Paul
  13. Hello Whilst researching the Nottingham part of my family history, I have come across a branch of the family who, in the 1901 census, lived at 2 Enfield Street, in St Stephen's parish. I can't find the street on a current map and haven't (yet) found it on the excellent map posted by bamber. I'm still looking though! Does anybody know definitely where the street was? Many thanks Paul
  14. Hello I've just joined the forum after I discovered the 1940's bus/trolleybus map. I'm currently researching family history. My grandmother was a Lamin, the family lived in New Lodge, Red Hill for a long time (some are buried in the cemetery there). I'm curious about the trolleybus routes. I can distinctly remember going to visit my great aunt in about 1957, in a big house which had electricity but gas lighting. Might have been the same house. Anyway the point of posting this in the "bus routes" thread was that I am sure trolleybuses went past the house. I was a transport nut from an early ag