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  1. they are trying to build a tesco in sandiacre , it isnt needed but i am sure after they pay off the local council they will get to build it anyway. its not a small store either, so we got beeston, long eaton and toton now they want another massive store.. its just so wrong that are allowed so many superstores all so close to one another, then there are all the smaller tesco express stores all over the place.
  2. i read somewhere the other day about there being places on peoples property in stapleford, not sure where i read it, maybe a leaflet through the door of a local councelor i not to sure. buy=t it got me thinking.....i do however have old photos of the old tunnels under chilwell army barracks..
  3. brilliant venue, during the 80s it was great on a saturday for hip hop. to see the guys/girls breakin was amazing. there was a few months back a reunion, some videos are on youtube if you search ng83..
  4. i worked in nottingham as a bouncer for the last 10 years. i have worked at the horn in hand bar risa jongleurs waterfront the horn in hand (again) eleven bluu flares reflex trent bridge inn just to name a few, became head doorman after years of hard work, i had so much fun and met so many great people. i will dig some of my old pictures out..
  5. this is the oldest working school in n ottingham and tonight at 7pm there is a school meeting to discuss the posibilty of moving the school into the former site of frederick harrison school on wadsworth road, this is just around the corner. now many parents are against this move for many reasons they are also angry the school have been telling the children about such a move before its been talked about with the parents... its a shame being such an old school you dont have a secion just for the school..i am sure there are pictures out there...
  6. i dont intend entering anything it would be nice to know where they are though
  7. here you go this is one of my many folders
  8. i would be grateful if anyone has any old maps of stapleford, bramcote, sandiacre. i have heard there are old coal mine enterences in properties in stapleford so would be great to find where they are..
  9. pictures on request via email PM THE MEMBER IF INTERESTED i have a female corn snake in a 4 foot vivarium complete with water bowl hide decorations light its in as new condition and the snake sheds regular and eats regular too, i feed her 1 large mouse every two weeks ans she is happy with that. £120 or near offer.. thanks.. collection from stapleford
  10. Richard here and i live in stapleford, i have done since i was 6 months young. i am 40 this year. for the first 6 months of my life i lived with my parents at balloon woods flats, we was there why the was still building the house we moved into on perth drive in stapleford. i also have many old and new photos on facebook of stapleford and local areas. i have a big following too, so any old pictures, maps and info on stapleford and local would be great..thanks and i look forward to using this great forum..