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  1. I was at NHR from c.1980-1990. David Lloyd was there, as was his now partner Paul Robey, Rob Wagstaff and Andy Miller. This was a great training ground for radio and TV. Mark Shardlow BBC sports presenter was there too. Very happy days and I'm still and Honorary member after all this time. Happy days!
  2. Went to Firbeck from 67-72 I think... photo attached with Mrs Langsdale, some of those I remember, Brian Hatton, David Lock, ? Goldsmith, Yvonne ?, terry Jacks... will scratch my head a bit more!
  3. Tim - I knew your dad and mum (Val) very well. We were all at Palin St Baptist and youth club together. My cousin Janice is still a close friend of Val - who I was sorry to hear is not to well. Your mam will remember me. Terry

    1. timgnottm


      Terry, mum passed away on Tuesday after a long battle with Dementia and Parkinson’s. Janice does know through Marie Chaplin. Best wishes, Tim

    2. PeverilPeril


      Tim, I'm sorry I misread your first post. My mum suffered the same ailments. I have such fond memories of your parents. Good people and I will always remember them.  The hikes, badminton and laughs. Terry

  4. John was my mum and dads best man at their wedding in 1959. Looking at some of the scout references some of you may remember my dad, Eric Garratt. He passed away in 1991. I was looking for John as, sadly, mum passed away yesterday. I saw thought I saw John in the chip shop a few years ago... if someone does have his contact details I’d be grateful, cheers, Tim xxxxxxxx
  5. Hi Sally, I have only just come across this site. I thought you might be interested to know that 'Aspley Hall Estates Limited" still exists. And I am a Director. The Company was set up by the late Lord Mayor of Nottingham, Alderman Taylor. He set the Company up for the benefit of his children - both of whom have sadly passed away. I think the Compnay was set up in the 1930's so it may been after your ancestors? Regards, Tim Garratt