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  1. Hi Peter Richardson Yes please would love a copy of the picture of tyreman terry please ? ( as in your post Dec 2019 ) how do we arrange this please ? I used to run the place until its demise in the 70s Regards "Eric"
  2. I had got Glebe st mixed up with Orange st in a earlier posting of mine re "Globe Petrol" etc . The Tyre place was "n t s" or Briggs Tyres I had been told his son worked there before I now remember after all this time ....
  3. Sid Wheeldon ...yes for sure That was it !! it was not "Wilf" after all It was Sid Yes I did take over from that time to the end of Arkwright St .....
  4. On rethinking it might have been 1971 I started... Was his name " Wilf "or something like that ? I was chasing petrol accounts he had left behind and I think he liked the "New Bridge Inn" next door also ?
  5. Hi Denshaw I was there until the close in the seventies I think about 1973 to 76 ish I remember Glebe st with Briggs (NTS) and a petrol station selling "Globe petroleum" Cheers !
  6. That,s the one Thanks I have seen this photo before but not as far to the right capturing the "Tyreman" sign ! Thats my window display with 5 1/2j wheels I put the duckhams oil sign out and thats my fiat 500 parked by the pumps (super regular and derv) amazing ! .
  7. I ran "Tyreman Terry" Arkwright st for a few years (until it was demolished in the seventies ) and was at Broxtowe lane until its demise if anyone is interested I could give all info on this ?