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  1. We have visited recently, and I know they have done alot of maintenance work but a real lack of a Robin Hood theme, we was abit underwhelmed by the so called upgrade. Massive screens inside showing history videos, I really feel they lost the plot and what a real waste of money after lasting just over a year.
  2. Hi Not really a pipe dream if you can use Independent retailers for some items when possible.
  3. I take your points on board with regards to convenience but do we really want to see the same shops in the same towns every time with go anywhere, and the prices are not always cheaper and can be more expensive with bigger Pet stores.
  4. Sadly the individuality these small shops give is being lost to the same old high street giant stores we find all overs clone after clone.
  5. I know the point that was made some small Petshops were poor for pets , but it's sad that some shops that treated pets well have closed and provided a nice friendly personal service not a faceless large superstore.
  6. https://www.google.com/search?q=bulwell+pet+shop&rlz=1C1CHBD_en-GBGB779GB779&oq=bulwe&aqs=chrome.0.69i59l3j0j69i57j0.1600j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 I can only think of this one
  7. Kayes Pet Centre started in 1940''s More Info in the link from the Post https://www.nottinghampost.com/news/nottingham-news/tea-shop-owner-breathes-new-1435609
  8. Hi Maidenhead Aquatics outlets have been around years and on a recent visit to one outside Nottingham their fish standards in health very good in general.But these are bigger places incorporated into garden centre.
  9. Yes very true some small shop indeed was poor but do the bigger type superstores do any better sadly not from what I have seen.
  10. Sorry to hear that anyone that does have a small Pet shop near them needs to support these Independent retailers
  11. Hi All I went to a local Pet Shop today Aspley Pet supplies to buy a few tropical fish always been a keen interest of ours , i took me a good look on Google to find a pet shop let alone one that sold tropical fish, noticed Kays Pet Centre closed down a while back fond memories in the 80's hehe of the place.I know the big superstore ones are dotted around all over won't mention their name but the little Independent shops are all but gone what I can see.Was a real trip down memory lane buying fish from a small pet shop. Is there a Independent one near you?
  12. Hi I have always been interested in hosting just wondered how much bandwidth and disc space the Nottstalgia forum uses, sorry just being nosy 8-) Mick Kind Regards Burt
  13. Hi All Have some fond memories of Kimberley arcade and the game machines in the 90's, would like to hear of your experiences of the place. Cheers All