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  1. I remember many years ago the long departed Eddie Waring commentating on a Rugby League match when the player was clear and running for the line came out with "I gu ta our 'ouse 'e's dropped it".
  2. The fair used to be on a bit of waste land on the right hand side of Main Street just along from the market we called it Bulwell Wakes. This is late 40's early 50's. My mum used to take me. The fair wasn't very big. I just remember as a young child of 4 being taken to see the floods in Main Street March 1947. there was a rowing boat on the water!
  3. I don't think there were any gates that closed over the main road, it was quite wide and in those days not very busy (see the photo)the tracks had gates. A diagram I have seen confirms that it went under the GCR where there was a connection. It also connected to both the MR & GNR near Bestwood. The track was lifted about 1951 but I think the rails in the road were there a while after that.
  4. I didn't know the A60 much from the road to Papplewick from Mansfield to Redhill. I did go to Sherwood Lodge when it was the NCB Divisional HQ. and went up Burntstump Hill a few time en route to Calverton Colliery from Cinderhill.
  5. I worked in central London for 19 years commuting from St Albans. I loved the museums and churches and wandered about alot but it was always nice to get home. The pay was good down (or is it up)there.
  6. It went to Watnall Colliery & Brickworks (the 4 chimneys). There was a colliery line there as well which went from Watnall to Eastwood connecting all the Barber Walker pits in the area.
  7. The Digby Colliery Co. owned, Digby Colliery also called Giltbrook Colliery, sunk 1866 closed 1928, New London Colliery nearby sunk 1876-1878 closed 1937, Newthorpe Colliery sunk 1863 closed 1888, Speedwell Colliery closed sunk 1870 1888. The company then built Gedling Colliery between 1900 & 1902, The company was taken over by B A Collieries Ltd in 1937. B A Collieries also owned Babbington/Cinderhill Collieries sunk 1843, and Bestwood Colliery sunk 1873/1876 and were building Calverton Colliery when the industry was nationalised. They also owned Bulwell Colliery sunk 1869 and clo
  8. I never went in the Old Town Hall, I walked past it many times, I never went in the Three Horse Shoes either, I wasn't much of a drinker, I did go down the steps a few times when I was young. I remember Steggles pork butchers on Main Street, I reckon thew were the best pork pies in the area.
  9. That's where my Dad got his petrol, I remember it was "Regent" run by a Mr Bell. The L plate trolley, is war time utility one 4wheels the 44 opposite is a 1951/51 6 wheeler, There was 102 of those KTV 500 to KTV 601 the first 25 were 8 foot wide the rest 7'6" wide. The wide ones had the area between the back wheels painted black the rest were green. The wide ones were usually on the 38/39 to Carlton. I cannot recall seeing them in Bulwell. The 4 Wheel trolleys were usually on the 40/47 Wilford Road routes. The City boundary was here and just beyond was where the railway line crossed to go to
  10. I remember AMR I bought railway books from there it was run by a deaf/dumb bloke called Jack Gibbons, I went on a number of trainspotting trips and got to know Jack quite well, I never came across any funny buisness though or heard of any. Brian.
  11. After my Dad got a car we went to relatives in Mansfield from Bulwell through Bestwood & Papplewick up to the ramper then on to Mansfield, there was a tree at a road junction after Newstead Abbey that my Dad called the Table top tree, it was cut flat at the top. Sometimes we went to Mansfield via Hucknall and Annesley past the top of "Mutton Hill" and on to the A60 just south of Mansfield Cemetry, many of my relatives in there.
  12. My father always refered to th A60 between Redhill and the edge of Mansfield as the Mansfield "Ramper", was this a common description or was it a Mansfield description (dad came from Mansfield) or was it just my Dad. I assume ramper ment that you could drive fast!
  13. The write up in pictures past is of course wrong we have established that it was the Nottingham to Pinxton line not the line to Derby. A good photo though.
  14. What a great map, I drove about the area in the early 1970's but didn't look very closely. There was a lot that went on in that part of the world. There was Bennerley Ironworks and later on the same site Bennerley Opencast disposal point, there was a colliery line between Awsworth station ond the Midland railway line this connected a number of collieries, Awsworth, Speedwell, Giltbrook, New London, Lodge. The Nottingham Canal shows up well on the old map. Finally much of the area was opencasted, then the new road was built. Quite a industrial history. Incidently I think a length of the new A
  15. The 2-6-2 tanks repalaced the 4-4-2 tanks, later we got the 2-6-4T but I am not sure if they were the Stanier or Fairburn type. I think the passenger trains were always worked by Mansfield shed.
  16. Sorry I don't know them. Although it is not the most common name there are quite a lot about!
  17. The conveyor belt was to take Linby waste to the tip at Newstead, Linby tip was full.
  18. rob237, RobtP. Your profile gives your birthday as Sep 19xx, I was born Dec 19xx, we must have been in the same year at High Pavement. I am Brian Wakelin, I was in 1D, 2D, Sci 3B, Sci 4A, Sci 5A. 1953-1959.
  19. There was a line the other side of the road by the Forest. It was the Great Northern Railway Lean Valley branch. When The Great Central Railway was built through Bulwell Common the conecting line pictured was built. the junction was to the right of the bridge. The GN line lost its passenger trains in the 1930's the line over the bridge never had a regular passenger service but there was the railway staff train called the dido that went that way to Annesley loco shed and yard. The Flying Scotsman loco once came that way on a special train in the 1960's.
  20. Re B8, I am sure my dad took me on a B8 to Mansfield when I was young, my Grandad & Grandma lived there. We went quite often on a Sunday morning it must have been late 1940's. We usually took a Trent no.61 but I remember the blue B8 we caught it at the same stop as the 61 on Highbury Road and it literally went round the houses. I cannot remember exactly where but it cetainly went to Linby and Blidworth. Perhaps the route was changed to Hucknall Road later. Dad & I also went to Mansfield by train from Bulwell Market at the time the Tilbury 4-4-2T were running the service because I re