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  1. Hucknall Road, at the side of Bulwell Forest Golf course, The Railway is the GC/GN connection between Bulwell Common & Bestwood Junction. The bus is a Midland General B8 to Mansfield. I did remember the B8 going through Bulwell Market, so what was this doing there? What the DMU is doing there is also a mistery. It must be a mid 60's photo. Moor Bridge is just beyond the railway bridge.
  2. They had a garage on Highbury Road just past the junction with Picadilly. They did private hire as well as the Bestwood bus. I left Bulwell in 1972 so I don't know what has happened since then. I remember that they had some double deck buses for the Bestwood trip.
  3. Not Quite Rob I must have been in front of you. I had two years at Stanley Road. I was the first boy sent out for talking in the first asembley at the new school! The lab was not at Spring head that was the Medical place. The lab was almost oposite Bagnall Road (?lane) behind the old office block. It was on the Babbington Colliery telephone exchange.
  4. Thanks Robert, from reading your posts on all sorts of subjects I think you must have been a near contemporary of mine both at High Pavement and the NCB. I was at HP 1953-1959 then at NCB No6. Area Laboratory on Cinderhill Road 1959-1969. before further work at NCB Eastwood Hall and national HQ i London. Brian Wakelin.
  5. I went on the train to Kings Cross once, it went to Grantham behind a N2 tank, more coaches were added at Grantham and A4 60010 (I think) Dominion of Canada to London. don't know what year proberbly about 1959.
  6. I used to walk past those old cottages, are they still there?
  7. The map is not complete it misses out some freight only lines. It must date from the early 1930's as on the left hand edge it shows the narrow gauge Manifold Valley railway to Hulme End. I would emagine that it accompanied an LNER timetable.
  8. Thats right, Great Central, Midland & Great Northern.
  9. Were there two shops, Pearson Bros opposite the Odeon and Pearson & Pearson on the same side as the Odeon?
  10. Part of the railway bridge on Highbury Road near the market fell onto the tracks, I remember one way traffic while it was mended. I am not sure if it was the bridge structure or just the parapet that fell. I was at school at the time and I think there was some damage to the Art Room wall.
  11. The Great Central originally hoped to build their engine sheds at Bulwell, but something stopped them and they went to Annesley. My family always called it the Forest. What about the rhubarb that was grown where the Laquered knacker was built? (Golden Ball).
  12. That was the Palace, I cannot remember it open, just with locked gates.
  13. Thanks for the info, I have only recently found the forum. I left Bulwell in 1972 and haven't been back for years, many memories have been stirred.
  14. Wasn't the Olympia converted into Woolworths? What has happened now?
  15. There was a regular service but not very frequent from Basford & Bulwell (Basford North) to the Vic via Gedling. It was the same price as the direct route via New Basford. I went on it quite a few times. You couldn't do the round trip without changing at Victoria. I once got on the wrong train at London Road High Level, didn't realize until it stopped at Ratcliffe on Trent. I had to get off there and get a train back to Victoria. I then went home rather late, on a 17 bus.
  16. There was a murder at one of the shops in Albert Street, late 40's or early 50's.
  17. I think the cobbles are still there, they just covered them over with tarmac.
  18. Next door to the schools. Big steam hooter for shift changes, or tea breaks.
  19. I was another MAYC member at Wesley Church Bulwell late 50's early 60's. I remember well the London Weekends. Small world!
  20. Bournmouth had a turntable at Christchurch. The crew had to push it round.
  21. Re: #12 The Coaches have either been turned round or changed. The signals were interesting all the mine line & loop signals were upper quadrants. The three from the sidings were lower quadrants, proberbly GCR originals.
  22. I went swimming (almost) at the Northern Baths from Highbury Junior School on Albert Street Bulwell. We Walked!
  23. Thanks for the info, I found it on Google Maps, I left Bulwell in 1972, there have been so many changes, roads that I never drove on, trams I have never seen. Yet remembered as a child and young adult. So many memories on this forum I am glad I found it.
  24. My father used to get petrol at a garage alongside the 44 trolly terminus at Bulwell Hall Estate, I think it was called Bell's. Is anything there now?